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  1. Hm your right, it works at 3200x2160. Not sure what you mean by unplayable though, it seems to work fine for me. Shaders.. is that an ATI/NVIDIA thing or a recent RA update?
  2. Haha, though it is a bit late, i was finally able to test this now that 4k screens are cheap. I always come back to Red Alert every 2-3 years as its one of my favorite games. You are right about the resolution not being able to go above 3000. I was able to get 3000x2160 to work just fine, but anything above that would load the game and just show me a fully shrouded map . I could still select the MCV but i couldn't see anything. Is this a limitation of the game engine or just something you have to redo for the mod? 3000x2160p is enough to show about 3/4th - 3/5ths of a MEGA (is this an Aftermath only size?) sized map.
  3. Any plans to update this to 2k or 4k resolutions? Would be kind of cool to see the whole map in one screen without scrolling
  4. Thanks that fixed it. Must have overlooked it since tracks are listed.
  5. Not sure how i can show you it but heres how it works: i can manually play any track up until track 20, selecting any track after that just plays bigfoot(the first track). So that means track 20-34 don't work when selected manually. Track 1 - 20 are fine and play what they are supposed to when selected.
  6. I remember there was a site somewhere that had pictures of all of the single player missions maps. This was handy for deciding on which path to take. Anyone have a link to it?
  7. I love this installer but what is with the music? It plays the first ~5-10 tracks just fine but after that the other ones just loop back to bigfoot(the first track). Is there anyway to fix it?
  8. I don't know who "hyper" or "alex" are but yeah it would be nice to have the functionality put back in, if possible. I like the compact version from redalert1.com and its also nice to have all of the cs/am missions without having to swap disks and all that.
  9. Ok, i tried the version from here http://www.shacknews.com/file/12204/command-conquer-red-alert-soviet-disc/ and it comes with a folder called xp patch, not sure what version this is but i think its the EA one. Yes the ai does ally back, and you can force fire on them and they wont respond untill you un ally. Heres a short vid i made, please excuse the choppiness as i made it on a slow fanless laptop : Red Alert - ally with the ai Basically i ally right away and then take over his buildings, and the other computers come and smash my base. You can tell they are allied with each other because they attack in unison and don't fire on each other. I Also attached the patch notes if anyone cares to know. PS i think its cool that people still play C&C after all these years... patch_notes.pdf
  10. ? Ive been able to ally with them before, but it wasn't using this version. I think westwood or ea included it in a later patch or something. Basically what happens is you ally with one and the rest with ally with each other, giving you a greater challenge. I might go find my old disk (non ea version) and see if i there is a difference. But i know for sure in RA you were able to ally at some point, as ive seen it with my own eyes lol.
  11. Im using the version from redalert1.com, and for some reason in a skirmish it wont let me ally. Tried a, ctrl+a and shift +a and a bunch of other stuff. Anyone else have this issue?
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