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  1. How to record games

    tell us your pc specs, it depends on your hardware/OS which recorder is good. If it's too old then you can't use real time x264 encoding for example
  2. Attention to the Chinese Community

    That's nice, any chance you guys can also host the v3 server too? It would help a lot for testing. V3 is the future for chinese, it will make it possible to connect chinese with the rest of the world. With V2 it's not possible, games will lag if not all players are from china.
  3. Lag in the game during explosions and the like (Yuri Revenge)

    I just had a look, the game reads the following setting: [Video] UseGraphicsPatch=Yes It's loaded and also used
  4. Can't login to Server since yesterday

    Reverted to an older version for now, thanks for reporting
  5. Can't login to Server since yesterday

    What windows is it? Do you have any other security program installed besides Malwarebytes?
  6. New Laptop, CNCNET not working to full capacity!

    Try to replace the cncnet5.exe in your game folder with this one: http://downloads.cncnet.org/cncnet5.exe Start cncnet and when it shows you the message about the failed update, copy it and paste it here. Also, when the map download fails, what Httpstatuscode does the error message show? Note: You can press CTRL+C on any messagebox to copy the whole text quickly
  7. Lag in the game during explosions and the like (Yuri Revenge)

    I guess the graphics patch is just not working, it's already weird that it's called "Videobackbuffer" in the client since the game actually has a setting with this name, I guess this bug came from porting the client from tiberian sun where the game doesn't have a "Videobackbuffer" option and so they called the graphics patch that way. I don't really work on YR, so you'll have to wait for someone to look into it. I can suggest you to try one thing meanwhile, enable DDwrapper in the client. Now go into your game folder and look for aqrit.cfg, open in notepad and set NoVideoMemory=1, make sure all other settings are set to 0
  8. Lag in the game during explosions and the like (Yuri Revenge)

    Do you have any compatibility modes enabled for game.exe or gamemd.exe that could be missing on gamemd-spawn.exe? Did your singleplayer game also lag like this without the graphics patch or why did you apply it?
  9. CnCNet Update Changelogs

    CnCNet Client Removed old server list for chinese players Improved error logging Red Alert Fixed M.A.D. tank bug from previous update Improved error logging
  10. MAD Tanks Detonate Error! They Don't Detonate Anymore!

    There was no update for it yet, but it will probably be released today or tomorrow
  11. Map database (over 30000 maps)

    I may add a search function into the cncnet client later so you can select maps from the online db just like any map you already have without the need to download it manually
  12. Please do something about recon errors

    recon error doesn't mean cheat. I've been doing some research recently with red alert 1 and most recon errors were caused by a silly bug that happened when a player selected a mcv (happened over 100 times per day...) I added support for recon error logging for all games, YR support still has to be added via the YR client (server is done already), once done we'll probably going to be able to tell why it happens
  13. MAP - "Water Fort Oil"

    http://mapdb.cncnet.org/search.php?game=yr&age=0&search=water fort
  14. Too easy getting kicked for spamming

    I think 5 lines or 2 commands are the limit within 5 seconds. Used to be 6 lines and 3 commands but we changed it cause some guys kept spamming commands for hours all day long
  15. Having a problem starting up

    Check your anti virus logs and see if you can find anything there