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  1. FunkyFr3sh

    New cnc-ddraw release (Red Alert 1 & C&C95)

    New stable release https://github.com/CnCNet/cnc-ddraw/releases Changelog Support for 16 bit color depth games Several bug fixes and improvements The following games should be working with this release (and probably some others): Dune 2000 Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge Nox Note: For better performance this release was built with visual Studio 2017 (v141_xp) and requires now at least Win XP SP3 Instructions Download cnc-ddraw.zip and extract it into your game folder Disable all compatibility modes for all of the game executables Start the game Hotkeys [Alt] + [Enter] = Switch between windowed and fullscreen mode [Ctrl] + [Tab] = Unlock cursor [Right Alt] + [Right Ctrl] = Unlock cursor
  2. Nice! Thanks for reporting back. Have fun playing
  3. FunkyFr3sh

    all clients errors

    Well, it's not crashing anywhere inside of the code of the cncnet client, it's something going wrong somewhere in microsofts .NET framework I guess. Did you double check and made sure that your anti-virus doesn't block anything?
  4. Make sure you allow it in your anti-virus, otherwise the game could fail to start. Double check its logs to see if it deleted a file and restore it
  5. FunkyFr3sh

    RA1 freezes in game-menu

    Did it also happen with the default settings? I see you changed the resolution, enabled windowed mode and it looks like your disabled the window border? would be nice if you could attach your ddraw.ini and redalert.ini to your next post in case it only happens with these custom settings All compatibility modes needs to be disabled btw, otherwise the game doesn't work properly
  6. FunkyFr3sh

    all clients errors

    Could you upload the log file here in the forums? You can find it in your game folder: CnCNet5\Logfiles
  7. FunkyFr3sh

    RA1 freezes in game-menu

    How exactly can I reproduce this? I mean, how did you install the game with missions but without the game videos? Are you trying to play missions or are you talking about the options menu in a multiplayer game?
  8. FunkyFr3sh

    New cnc-ddraw release (Red Alert 1 & C&C95)

    Can you use discord ? New test release is out with support for 16 bit color depth games https://github.com/CnCNet/cnc-ddraw/releases Support for 16 bit color depth games Some games that were tested: Dune 2000 Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge 'handlemouse' must be set to 'false' for Tiberian Sun / Red Alert 2. Don't use the games built-in windowed mode, use the cnc-ddraw windowed mode instead (Alt+Enter)
  9. FunkyFr3sh

    Yuri's Revenge works in CnC Net, but doesn't without it.

    Make sure you don't have any compatibility modes enabled for any game executables. (game.exe, gamemd.exe, ra2.exe, ra2md.exe ....) Get ddraw.dll from here https://github.com/CnCNet/ts-ddraw/releases Try the latest release first, if it doesn't work, then try through some older ones
  10. FunkyFr3sh

    Tiberium Wares

    We don't support that game here but you can have a look at https://cnc-online.net
  11. Both are working fine, both got the high quality status now
  12. FunkyFr3sh

    Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert crash on Linux

    glad to hear you got it working Currently we don't have a donation button on the website. It will return at some point, might be the best to just check the website again in a few months if you're still around then
  13. FunkyFr3sh

    New cnc-ddraw release (Red Alert 1 & C&C95)

    auto is using direct3d 9 now, I didn't try recording with it yet. Maybe you need to use "game capture" for it to work with obs
  14. FunkyFr3sh

    G-Line ??? Please help

    To get your g-line removed you'll have to check this here (we can't help with it) https://gamesurge.net/utils/gline/
  15. FunkyFr3sh

    Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert crash on Linux

    It should update automatically on startup. If it doesn't, type "/reset" to force it