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  1. There is no server used, it's Peer-to-Peer (that means direct connection between players without any server in between). But I already tested that with you when I told you to type in the commands, one of the commands disabled Peer-to-Peer and was sending all your data through a server rather than directly to the players (That didn't work either). I guess you may have a similar problem as the chinese players, they have bad routes to certain locations which is causing lag (packet loss). But they also have another problem, the internet censorship (the great firewall of china) on top of that. They're using VPN's to get around the problem, but that is causing lag too
  2. You press "WIN + G" on your keyboard, then windows will ask you if it's a game, you click on "yes" and then you should be able to record. You can test it here in your browser too, it should also record your browser if you do it right
  3. Photon seems to have the same problem, was in a game with him a few days ago and it was slow at the starts just like all your games. He was about to ask his ISP, maybe figured something out, you should ask him. I will ask him later too when I see him
  4. There was no tag cause he posted it in the wrong sub forum (one that doesn't have tags forced!). I moved it over here without any tags, didn't know what game it was about. @Lilly Blanche did a good job helping out with it thanks
  5. It will download the music, should be around 100mb
  6. Yes, it was fixed already an hour ago, try CTRL+F5 to refresh the site
  7. If you have windows 10 then start the game and press WIN+G on your keyboard. If you don't have windows 10 then try OBS
  8. Can you look inside of your game folder and see if there is a file named "except.txt" and upload it here?
  9. Not sure how you do it with AVG, may need to ask in their forums. The installation prompt shows when you click on a button in the launcher to start the game, it looks like this: It's a windows feature, reinstalling the game doesn't solve it cause the game installer can't take care of it. I found this video here randomly, maybe it helps:
  10. The Access denied error is probably caused by a security program on your pc, you need to add an exception for Dune2000Config.exe. The other error is most likely caused by missing directplay components, windows normally asks you if you like to install it. Either you clicked on no or something prevents windows from downloading the files. (dplayx.dll)
  11. which game?
  12. We added new downloads for Fedora and openSUSE today, please leave feedback in this thread. The RPM Packages were tested on Fedora and openSUSE only, but you might be able to install them on other distros too. CnCNet Multiplayer package for Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert and Tiberian Sun Red Alert Single Player Campaign Installation on Fedora 25 (64 bit) Installation on openSUSE Tumbleweed (64 bit) Downloads for Windows, macOS, Ubuntu and Mint can be found on our download page
  13. +1 I also disabled it right away when I saw it the first time.
  14. CnCNet Client Automatic map upload / download for dune 2000 (Thanks to shao and mk for the help) Right click on the map preview will now open the map editor for dune 2000 (editor must be located at: "Map and Mission Editor/D2kEditor.exe") Possible fix for mac/linux game files incompatible bug when starting a game Bigger server choice for chinese players