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  1. Display settings for TS in Windows 10

    You mean Default TS-DDraw IE-ddraw ddwrapper DxWnd? Check this: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/2606-tiberian-sun-patches-fix-for-the-windows-8-10-menu-problems-and-more/?do=findComment&comment=62239
  2. Still all 4 not working The ip from your screenshot doesn't match any of the servers BTW
  3. Want the menu in English

    Default settings are usually good, you can raise your resolution if you like, you need to try and see which one is the best for you. I like lower resolutions, because I find that higher ones are making you slower (it's difficult to click on the tiny units!). But some players prefer higher resolutions because you can see more You can install the music inside the game lobby with the following command: /install ts-music
  4. RA 2 and generals?

    You could try to post in their forums and see if someone knows the solution for your problem. Tell them how far you get with the installation and what error message you see, make sure you give them as many details about the problem as possible. I find that a bit harsh, maybe leave the ", genius." part out next time (he was very friendly and is new here too)
  5. Map Whitelist requests

  6. Want the menu in English

    The game launcher and config program will always take the language of your operation system, you can't change this at the moment. The CnCNet game lobby can be changed, via Settings in the top left, then click on CnCNet and in there you'll find the language setting
  7. CnCNet issue with Mental Omega

    You might have more luck asking in the MO forums, we don't really have anyone here giving support for MO.
  8. Using a Custom Map

    Data/Maps You need to have atleast the .map and the .ini with the [Basic]Name= inside (.mis is optional)
  9. Minor issue with ultimate collection

    That's normal if the map is smaller than the chosen resolution, only the first few missions have this problem. It's a side effect of the high resolution patch (Red Alert 1 got it too) You can change your resolution to 640x400 via the config program if you prefer to play without the high res patch Did you maybe enable any compatibility modes for ra95.exe in your game folder? Or did you allow origin to "update" the game after you applied the patch? (don't !) Try to remove all compat modes from ra95.exe, the patcher is already doing that but origin likes to revert that changes if you don't stop it from doing so. If origin "updated" the game, then you'll have to run the patcher again since the only thing it did was reverting some of the changes made by the patcher (Leaving the game in a broken state)
  10. All of them were just added for compatibility reasons ddwrapper can be used for black screen problems (Issues with the graphic drivers) - it should be using GDI rendering with Force DirectDrawEmulation and comes with a very good performance IE-ddraw was the first solution for the problems on windows 8 (same problems windows 10 got too) - it should be using OpenGL rendering and comes with a bad performance (don't use it unless everything else fails) TS-DDraw was specially made for Tiberian Sun, if it works then this might be your choice - It's using OpenGL rendering and comes with a very good performance DxWnd is slow like IE-ddraw (don't use it unless everything else fails) default is using compatibility modes provided by microsoft (very good performance) If default works then stick to it. If you try to use a screen recording software that only works with OpenGL, then try ts-ddraw. if you badly need Alt+Tab working, then go for ts-ddraw or DxWnd.
  11. Minor issue with ultimate collection

    Did you already apply our patches for the ultimate collection? Tiberian Sun: https://downloads.cncnet.org/TSpatch.exe Red Alert: https://downloads.cncnet.org/RA1installer.exe C&C: http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/cnc95upd/cc95p106/

    The first one to start cncnet in LAN mode will become the server, only this 1 PC will see the server window. All others will automatically connect to the server. If you have problems running the server on this PC then try to start cncnet on another PC first. You can also play together in online mode if there are issues with LAN
  13. Shadow Generator Towers not working at times?!

    It is indeed sometimes not working, I think it's related to low power (It doesn't recover after you build power plants) But it could have been a spy too, spies look like your own units. If he managed to place a spy in your radar then you're screwed
  14. Map Whitelist requests

    Added it to the list. Will be pushed out on the next update
  15. Map Whitelist requests

    Yeah, you can do it quickly with the /map command I posted. Once you type that command you can click on the -WARNING- Button and check the mods of it. The checksum in there will be the same, so you don't need to compare that one again