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  1. FunkyFr3sh

    C&C 1 (Tiberian Dawn)

    You can patch the game or download the full installer from @Nyerguds He didn't update his installer for Windows 10 yet, currently it's broken because it enables some compatibility modes that cause the game to crash. Right click C&C95.exe, go to properties->compatibility and make sure everything in there is disabled. You might have to update the config program too, otherwise it will re-enable the compatibility modes: http://downloads.cncnet.org/addons/td-config.7z The new config program can also fix the bug with the uncontrollable mouse cursor that some users have on windows 10
  2. FunkyFr3sh

    RA Custom Map Keeps Crashing on Start

    You probably just have multiple versions of the map and loaded the old unmodified one I guess. If the address is still "004fef6c" then that's the case, if it's different then you got a different crash.
  3. FunkyFr3sh

    RA Custom Map Keeps Crashing on Start

    I found the crash in the database, [General] GrowthRate=0 GrowthRate can't be 0, you'll have to change that
  4. FunkyFr3sh

    RA Custom Map Keeps Crashing on Start

    @Tor_Heyerdal Crash seems to be related to the GrowthRate of the ore, did you maybe change that? Can you tell us the name of the map so we can search the DB for it and have a look? Or you can also upload it here in the forums directly
  5. You seem to have a rare bug that no one else reported yet in all the years, the chances are low that someone will be able to help you with it. If you are sure that you did everything correctly (just extract "OfficialCnCTiberianSun.rar" and apply TSpatch on top, DO NOT add any other patches such as No-CD patch), then you'll have to test around on your own and see if you can figure out what the problem is. There is probably something special about your PC setup. Maybe you got some virtual CD drives or encrypted drives? Anything that could be confusing the game while it searches through your drives to find the CD?
  6. FunkyFr3sh

    video options help

    So it will minimize the game on game start? Can you go back into the game when you click on the taskbar icon? Are you trying to stretch 640x400 to 640x480? Is the mouse just too fast or is it uncontrollable? Does it look like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSswLamFvnU When you reinstall the game, do you use a old installer or do you re-download the lastest one from the website?
  7. FunkyFr3sh

    2018 UPDATES

    The launchers were updated again recently: https://forums.cncnz.com/topic/21420-bibbers-fixed-ultimate-collection-launchers-updated-to-v120/
  8. FunkyFr3sh

    Latest instructions to patch Win10 & setup CnCNet??

    All downloads can be found here: https://cncnet.org/download No instructions needed!
  9. FunkyFr3sh

    Standard/competitive multiplayer settings

    Nope, there is no attack move in dune 2000. BTW, You can (and should) watch some of the better players on Shao's channel https://www.youtube.com/user/radim22/videos
  10. I also use "OfficialCnCTiberianSun.rar" for testing. TSpatch works fine with it. I never heard about a problem where it still asks you to insert a CD even though the No-CD option is enabled.
  11. FunkyFr3sh

    Trying to play with 4 friends over multiplayer

    There is no limit, I guess the 4th player probably just had a unstable connection. Did you get a warning prior game start about him having a unstable connection? Lag can also be caused by bad settings, he could try to enable "GDI Mode" in the config program and see if that helps.
  12. FunkyFr3sh

    CnCNet not working alongside Origin

    What error do you get? Look if there is a file named "ddraw.dll" inside of your game folder. Delete it and try again.
  13. FunkyFr3sh

    Increase Build Queue Amount

    There are no build queues in Tiberian Dawn at all. Are you maybe talking about the dawn of the tiberium age mod? Also, why did you post that in the "Red Alert" section of the forum?
  14. FunkyFr3sh

    Standard/competitive multiplayer settings

    Setting your resolution too high makes it really difficult to play the game, everything becomes too small and you'll get a lot slower. It's the same in C&C1 and RA1 too, most players use lower resolutions, otherwise they'll have a hard time keeping up with the good players. Having more items in the sidebar is a nice advantage though. 1920x1080 is most definitely too high, try 1280x720 instead!
  15. You can try the official freeware release "OfficialCnCTiberianSun.rar", it works fine offline: https://cncnz.com/features/freeware-classic-command-conquer-games/ Extract it somewhere and then afterwards apply ts-patch on top of it (This is required for Windows 8/10, otherwise the game will not work)