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  1. Red Alert Improved OOS logs for disconnects Adjusted resign delay (2 seconds) Possible fix for Disconnect OOS
  2. Red Alert Fixed a bug that caused the game to go Out Of Sync when a player selected a MCV - To install the update manually type the following commands: /install update29 /restart
  3. CnCNet Client Improved AFPS warning Improved OOS logs "/afps" command now shows the AFPS for last game and last 20 games new "/scroll" command to enable alternative scrollrate patch for old computers (prevents lag in long games)
  4. I tested it, I tested a lot ... A server in china doesn't help, only chinese can use it (All other players have high packet loss to chinese servers) The only thing that works is finding a server outside china that can be used for all players. But chinese have packet loss to almost all servers outside china. Here you can see test results from all cncnet servers made by chinese players from cncnet: I have done it already, you can play Tiberian Sun or Red Alert 1 on cncnet if you want to try it.
  5. ra2ol is cncnet, they only modified it with new graphics and added account system (not sure what else) There are 2 servers in china, you can host a game on this server and play fast games with other chinese. BUT players from outside china can't play on this server, they will lag the game, make sure all players are from china if you use a chinese server. "China - beijing" seems to be the best server for chinese, "CDS_Global_Cloud_Beijing" doesn't work for all chinese I have been working recently on the problem and it works very well already (not perfect yet). It's only available for C&C1, Red Alert 1, Tiberian Sun and Dune 2000 though (no RA2/YR yet)
  6. I guess you'll have to wait a bit, hopefully we can figure these issues out soon. - TSpatch updated to 2.0 Fix for the too fast scrollrate issue Fix for the movie scaling bug where parts of the movie were not visibile
  7. you only changed the .pal? If you removed or added some shps then it would be tricky to update, need to figure out a good way for it
  8. Yes it's probably a windows 10 issue, there were all kinds of reports about similar problems. I do have windows 10 too, but no problems on my end so I can't look into it. It should work with default settings. What windows do you have?
  9. Ya that's a cool idea
  10. The c&c games we support are all P2P, that means players normally send directly to each other. But P2P connections are not always possible (NAT issues), thats why in some cases the data has to be send to a server and the server will forward it to the other player. The "automatic" connection type will try to connect players P2P, if it fails it will use a server for the connection of the two players that can't connect while all other players are connecting P2P. Automatic can mix up P2P and multiple servers inside of 1 game, a connection test on all servers decides which server is going to be used (the one with the lowest round trip time wins) That's how it works for c&c 1, Red Alert 1, Tiberian Sun and Dune 2000. Yuri's revenge is sending all data through servers (there is no P2P support atm)
  11. CnCNet Client improved automatic server choice for Chinese players - To install the update manually type the following commands: /install update26 /restart
  12. Check the main window, there might be a message from AuthServ telling you what went wrong
  13. Red Alert Improved out of sync error logging Fixed a popular game crash (0x004B06F6) Rage quit patch (Alt+F4) - To install the update manually type the following commands: /install update25 /restart
  14. The online version doesn't have a uninstaller, it's just a self extracting archive. Delete the folder and you're done (should be in c:/games/cncnet by default) To play the missions you'll have to download the other installer listed under "View all downloads", or use this direct link:
  15. Hey, the problem was fixed a couple days ago. Could you please re download the installer and run it again? you should be able to choose "patch existing installation", this way you don't need to download all the big files again.