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  1. FunkyFr3sh

    Video Freezes and Cursor freezes in Menu

    If you got windows 10 then it's probably a different problem now, you need to download the updated config programs. See here: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/8821-cc-1-tiberian-dawn-installation-on-windows-10/
  2. FunkyFr3sh

    Some games don't conncet

    So it fails to connect to all players in the room, are you sure about that? If it fails to connect to a few players only then it might be a problem with either peer-to-peer or server connections. You could try to change your game port and see if that helps, Settings->CnCNet->Game Settings->Game Port (just raise the number by 1) UPnP is not really needed anymore, it's just a leftover from 2 years ago where a functional peer-to-peer connection was a must. Nowadays there is no more need for port forwarding and if the peer-to-peer connection fails it will automatically use a server (That means you don't have to change any settings at all, it should always work) If changing the port didn't help then you could try to disable peer-to-peer connections completely and see if it makes a difference, type the following command to do so: /nop2p
  3. FunkyFr3sh

    My game is immediately exit a lan game while connecting

    Are you trying to play LAN via cncnet or via the Play Offline button using the old in game LAN? You can also try the online mode and see if that works
  4. FunkyFr3sh

    I cant found the "save game"

    Save game only works in LAN (network game), not in online games (cncnet is using the online mode) Maybe it can be added in the future, I guess it will probably work
  5. FunkyFr3sh

    Trying to play red alert 1 online. Seems like cncnet5.exe crashes

    Cool! Thanks for sharing the solution
  6. FunkyFr3sh

    Updated Linux / macOS downloads

    I know about flatpak, but didn't had a closer look at it yet
  7. FunkyFr3sh

    RA1 Windowed Mode

    You can change it via advanced settings
  8. FunkyFr3sh

    Red Alert 'Play Offline' doesn't start

    Well, you could try it. TUC is using a older version of the game (2.0), while we use the latest version (3.03) so maybe it works. It's still odd that skirmish works fine, but for that we are using a very customized build of our own. There is no such build available for the campaign sadly
  9. FunkyFr3sh

    Red Alert 'Play Offline' doesn't start

    I don't really know what the problem could be, sorry... Does it also happen if you enable windowed mode?
  10. FunkyFr3sh

    cncnet unstabitily

    There was a netsplit yesterday (Servers went out of sync), it happens sometimes but it's very rare and will just fix it self. Should be working fine now again He's a ra1 player, it works quite a bit different there
  11. Not sure when grant is around, but if you played a test game and it works then I'm just gonna promote the new one quick if needed.
  12. FunkyFr3sh

    Red Alert 'Play Offline' doesn't start

    Try to start the game manually via ra95.exe or ra95p.exe or ra95-mod_launcher.exe in the game folder and see if that works. Your game is probably installed somewhere here C:/Games/CnCNet
  13. FunkyFr3sh


    http://funkyfr3sh.cnc-comm.com/files/ra-music.7z http://funkyfr3sh.cnc-comm.com/files/td-music.7z http://funkyfr3sh.cnc-comm.com/files/ts-music.7z
  14. E1 Elite reported a similar problem on PPM I guess @Ryrin Try https://github.com/CnCNet/ts-ddraw/releases