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  1. Render options in RA1 Which is better?

    GDI is very highly compatible, it almost always works for anyone without any issues. It also supports windowed mode and stretching, alt+enter and other cool features. OpenGL is slower than GDI on windows, it's mainly useful for Linux/Mac. Some screen recording programs require OpenGL too. It also supports windowed mode and stretching, alt+enter and other cool features. DDrawCompat is by far the fastest, very useful if you don't need the extra features of GDI and OpenGL. With this renderer you can run the game at very high resolutions even on older computers. It also doesn't slow down the game with screen recording programs as much as GDI/OpenGL are doing (Tested with OBS) For playing I use DDrawCompat, since I don't need windowed mode nor the other features. For streaming tourneys and testing I use GDI+Windowed mode The native one was DirectDraw just like in TS/RA2. RA1 is using wrappers too, but the RA1 ones are working perfectly without any side effects. TS/RA2 can have problems with alt+tab for example, in RA1 there are no such issues
  2. Need del maps function

    You can click on the "Cheats" button in the bottom middle, in there you will see some of the code and there is a "Explorer" button to find the map file quickly I can maybe add a delete button
  3. Use P2P to improve connection

    Currently chinese will always use servers since p2p is too unstable for them. But I might do some more testing later
  4. can support 12 or 16 people in one game?

    No, that's not possible, don't think it will ever work lol
  5. best render mode in mental omega

    The best one is the one that works the best for you! For me DDrawcompat is the best on windows 10. There are many differences... TS-DDraw is using opengl rendering for example, while DDrawCompat is only modifying some parameters passed to the real DirectDraw dll
  6. Windows 10 Fall Creators update issues

    All installers were updated and are working perfectly now on windows 10 Fall Creators, except the Tiberian Dawn Single Player installer. Is that the one you were trying?
  7. Are there any videos in counter strike and aftermath?

    The PC version doesn't have these videos, however, nyerguds ported them to PC and you can download them as add-on here: Optional Extras: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/1165-how-to-install-red-alert-1-on-windows-xp-vista-7-8-10-linux-mac-32-64bit/ I think the missions have a prefix (AM/CS), this is how you can tell what is what
  8. Why wont any of the games scroll away from the starting area?

    Never heard about this. Are you trying to play the games online? did you use our installers? Did you try windowed mode? Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 have right click scroll, did you try to scroll like this?
  9. [Red Alert] Gold Medal Challenge V2 Rules

    sure, i added your account again
  10. C&C Tiberian Sun - PT-BR Colours don't match their names

    Wow, thanks! I just fixed it quickly currently there is no support for automatic detection of PT/BR, so if you would make a PT-PT then it would still default to PT-BR for anyone in portugal. I will have to see if this can be fixed in the future. If you want you can create the PT-PT already and I will include it, but until it's fixed everyone will have to switch to it manually. @The3X just pointed out how to create a translation. Just create the file and afterwards restart cncnet, it will list it under Settings->CnCNet
  11. New cnc-ddraw release (Red Alert 1 & C&C95) is out Now with working mouse cursor on Windows 10 Fall Creators update Red Alert: http://downloads.cncnet.org/addons/ra-config.7z C&C95: http://downloads.cncnet.org/addons/td-config.7z
  12. CnCNet reaches 800+ Players Online

    No idea how it got popular there... Yes you need YR for MO.
  13. CnCNet reaches 800+ Players Online

  14. Windows 10 Fall Creators update issues

    Uncontrollable fast mouse cursor. (Red Alert / Tiberian Dawn) This should be fixed now Will update all installers soon
  15. Well, that's odd... I don't know what is causing the issue on your end, so I don't have a solution for it. But you could try DDrawCompat that is currently not listed, to enable it you'll have to join the online lobby and type the following command: /install ddcompat Make sure you don't open the config program afterwards, it would overwrite the changes Another alternative is "DxWnd+Windowed Mode", the random crash that happens for some players didn't happen anymore once window mode was enabled. I don't have this crash, so I could never test it sadly