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  1. great! thx no i have the problem that the game is too fast. I found the fixed launcher fix and the shortcut solution with the -SPEEDCONTROL shortcut. but if i start the game with the fixed launcher shortcut, the game doesn't start at all :-\
  2. hey guys i just bought the ultimate collection on origin. I never played RA2 and i just wanted to play single player mode. I'm wondering how I can use resolutions like 1920x1080 and is there maybe an unofficial patch like for Red Alert 1, Tiberium Dawn, Tiberium Sun etc? also when I change the resolution in the main menu to 1024x768 the menu gets all distorted and the colors are fucked up i'm on windows 10 pro Don't wanna play online right now, just the campaign thx in advance
  3. puntja

    config editor crashes

    do i have to put this in the RA Folder?
  4. to bad.. the map is down just tried to redownload it again
  5. puntja

    config editor crashes

    hey guys.. when i try to go to the advanced configurator, i always get this crash: (see screenshot) i also can't save the config. I get a similar crash I'm on windows 10 pro. any ideas? edit: i just realized i had the same exact error on my old computer! I also posted here in the forum, but nobody could help. https://forums.cncnet.org/index.php?topic=3835.msg29232#msg29232 I'm having a new pc and a fresh install of windows and i'm still getting this error
  6. ok the game was in black and white because all sliders were to the left I still can't edit the options in the config editor though. I always get the same erros. And also the game crashes randomly (it just freezes) and the game is slow :-\ [Options] SlowerScrollrate=No Width=1920 Height=1080 MouseWheelScrolling=No PlayEnglishIntro=No SkipScoreScreen=No ShowAllMusic=No VideoInterlaceMode=2 GameLanguage=1 VideoBackBuffer=Yes HardwareFills=Yes RandomStartingSong=No UseSmallInfantry=No NoCD=Yes CounterstrikeEnabled=Yes AftermathEnabled=Yes Resolution=0 GameSpeed=0 ScrollRate=6 Brightness=0.5 Volume=0.183 ScoreVolume=0 MultiplayerScoreVolume=0 Contrast=0.5 Color=0.5 Tint=0.5 AutoScroll=no IsScoreRepeat=no IsScoreShuffle=no PaletteScroll=yes [ConfigTool] UseRAAspectRatio=No ConfigToolTab=1 [WinHotkeys] KeySellOf=0 KeyForceMove1=18 KeyForceMove2=18 KeyForceAttack1=17 KeyForceAttack2=17 KeySelect1=16 KeySelect2=16 KeyScatter=88 KeyStop=83 KeyGuard=71 KeyNext=78 KeyPrevious=66 KeyFormation=70 KeyHome1=36 KeyHome2=103 KeyBase=72 KeyResign=82 KeyAlliance=65 KeyBookmark1=120 KeyBookmark2=121 KeyBookmark3=122 KeyBookmark4=123 KeySelectView=69 KeyRepairToggle=84 KeyRepairOn=0 KeyRepairOff=0 KeySellToggle=89 KeySellOn=0 KeySellOff=0 KeyMapToggle=85 KeySidebarUp=38 KeySidebarDown=40 KeyOption1=27 KeyOption2=32 KeyScrollLeft=0 KeyScrollRight=0 KeyScrollUp=0 KeyScrollDown=0 KeyQueueMove1=81 KeyQueueMove2=81 KeyTeam1=49 KeyTeam2=50 KeyTeam3=51 KeyTeam4=52 KeyTeam5=53 KeyTeam6=54 KeyTeam7=55 KeyTeam8=56 KeyTeam9=57 KeyTeam10=48 [intro] PlayIntro=no
  7. hey guys. Everytime I play the game crashes after a few minutes (main executable is not responding). any idea what I can do about it? I'm on windows 7 x64 ultimate and any help would be appreciated
  8. I have the same problems. Game works when I use TS-Draw, but it crashes after a few minutes :-\
  9. I installed it 3 times already :-\ Always the same problems Edit: I just deleted the Redalert.ini I can edit the configurations now and save it, but now the game is in black and white
  10. ehm ok.. and what can I do now to fix this and get this game working? :-\ Because I don't understand what you're saying
  11. Hey guys! When I try to configure my RA, I get this strange error message. Also when I try to save my config, another error pops up. I don't know what to do :-\ Can someone please help me? I'm using windows 7 x64 ultimage. If you need any more information please let me know
  12. I downloaded the Patch and now the game ask me to insert a CD :-\ Have I done anything wrong? Edit: My fault.. I installed it over the TS installer from here. but is the TS installer outdated? Because I don't have the TSLauncher after installing and I can't select other resolutions than 640x480 and 800x600
  13. Hey Guys! Can I download the Movie Files somewhere else? Because downloading them with the installer is veeeeeeeery slow and it takes forever :-\
  14. works just perfect! thx alo!
  15. thx alot.. but i feel kinda stupid now how can i play the map? i've never downloaded a TS map before .. i put the .dpr file into my TS folder.. but i can't find the map edit: ahh.. this a a map for the DTA MOD? i was actually searching for a Tiberium Sun map just tried the map in DTA it's great! just what i was looking for but i just figured out this kind of maps doesn't fit soo good in Tiberium dawn hehe
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