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  1. Why is stnk.shp that comes with spawn1.mix an APC rather than a stealth tank?  I noticed that all of the custom missions that use the Stealth Tank have a completely messed up APC graphic instead of a C&C1 stealth tank like it should be.  An example is Flame Dancers Set 2 Mission 13, in the enemy base to the left right at the start.  The Stealth tanks appear as APCs that have a very buggy animation... Is something wrong with my spawn1.mix?


    its the stnk.shp that Aftermath uses, which is the phase transport.

    try using the cc_stnk I think

  2. 3 Ref Nod can be super expansive, and just because you don't spam as many infantry as a GDI player doesn't mean it devalues from the build.

    Besides building a few Rocket Soldiers here and there doesn't hurt.



  3. It's possible and not that hard to add but unless this has overwhelming support from the community it won't be added.



    I didn't think it was possible.

    There already is a hotkey which selects only the units inside your visible viewport, you just copy the code for that and add an extra check so it only selects the ones which are of the same type of the unit you have currently selected.


    That's pretty cool actually.

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