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  1. New Twitch Livestream page live

  2. Missile Submarines can't attack boats?

    Very fun things start happening if you use guard mode with them though, they can even attack aircraft.
  3. Most Useless Unit in C&C?

    I've used Chem warriors on rare occasions. They have some uses on those stupid high-tib maps in Nod vs Nod at the very least, to hit bikes.
  4. Most Useless Unit in C&C?

    RA1's Mobile Gap Generator tbh. You can't even hack Rules.ini to make a proper unit out of it, it still does its dumb effects. At least you can do it with the Radar Jammer
  5. WTF. Just... WTF.

    It's fairly normal to use an existing multiplayer map as a template at the very least. Some are less edited than others though
  6. Care to test a red alert mission?

    Yes. If you use some scg/scuxxea in the 20-30 and 40-50 region it pastes over certain Counterstrike/Aftermath missions, which also works.
  7. Stealth tank in Spawn1.mix

    its the stnk.shp that Aftermath uses, which is the phase transport. try using the cc_stnk I think
  8. Care to test a red alert mission?

    If you give it a cmuxxxea.ini name then it will just appear somewhere in the Custom missions menu
  9. AI Won't build Structures

    Set Player= to the country you want to rebuild buildings
  10. Would this balance well?

    I feel like a chunk of the marketing was about being able to play against your friends, so I wouldn't be shocked if it was balanced around MP. Then again, remember these are the same devs that made Turrets cost $250 in the DOS version. I agree with the WF -> CY HP buff.
  11. Would this balance well?

    Turret doesn't need changing if you fix everything else. MLRS I would not make lower than $700-750. Minor HP Buff I can Understand Still going to advocate that Light tanks are fine as-is.
  12. Nod build orders

    3 Ref Nod can be super expansive, and just because you don't spam as many infantry as a GDI player doesn't mean it devalues from the build. Besides building a few Rocket Soldiers here and there doesn't hurt.
  13. That picture teaser looks oddly familiar
  14. Would this balance well?

    Arty only needs a ROT change from 2->3 Its Speed is fine.
  15. Would this balance well?

    Ehhh. Just making them super cheap would be better because...? Just go with walls only Yes to tech, no to everything else. Also no, just ROT. Yes, and make them $250