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  1. https://www.twitch.tv/jackoderp
  2. Very fun things start happening if you use guard mode with them though, they can even attack aircraft.
  3. I've used Chem warriors on rare occasions. They have some uses on those stupid high-tib maps in Nod vs Nod at the very least, to hit bikes.
  4. RA1's Mobile Gap Generator tbh. You can't even hack Rules.ini to make a proper unit out of it, it still does its dumb effects. At least you can do it with the Radar Jammer
  5. It's fairly normal to use an existing multiplayer map as a template at the very least. Some are less edited than others though
  6. Yes. If you use some scg/scuxxea in the 20-30 and 40-50 region it pastes over certain Counterstrike/Aftermath missions, which also works.
  7. its the stnk.shp that Aftermath uses, which is the phase transport. try using the cc_stnk I think
  8. If you give it a cmuxxxea.ini name then it will just appear somewhere in the Custom missions menu
  9. Set Player= to the country you want to rebuild buildings
  10. 3 Ref Nod can be super expansive, and just because you don't spam as many infantry as a GDI player doesn't mean it devalues from the build. Besides building a few Rocket Soldiers here and there doesn't hurt.
  11. Jacko

    GDI Missions 15

    You could probably remake it in Red Dawn and try it there.
  12. Jacko

    GDI Missions 15

    That's a BIG Nod base
  13. I always found EB to be the hardest EC is the easiest, because capturing the left base sends Nod into Low Power.
  14. The one advantage savegames have is you can visit mission branches where you chose differently before (8A/8B etc)
  15. http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/cnc95upd/cc95p106/
  16. Were you playing as Allies or Soviets?
  17. Something tells me your friend doesn't rate grizzlies very high
  18. Real maps have curves. This map is sexy af.
  19. I think he means accessing the Campaign files should you own them via the client.
  20. I can't remember why I use XP2 I'm pointing out that the DPI option fixed the issue every time for me
  21. Jacko

    Add new Hotkey

    Really? I didn't think it was possible. There already is a hotkey which selects only the units inside your visible viewport, you just copy the code for that and add an extra check so it only selects the ones which are of the same type of the unit you have currently selected. That's pretty cool actually.
  22. Jacko

    Add new Hotkey

    Really? I didn't think it was possible.
  23. Don't forget they both added a large collection of new Multiplayer maps.
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