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  1. This seems to happen on maps where you're building loads like GTK 3 way xtreme. I built a load of tanks and boats then suddenly they were all greyed out so I couldn't build anymore. Helicopters were still available but nothing else. My opponent carried on building tanks so it was only mine that was disabled. Can anyone explain how this works? Is there some kind of system that limits the number of units and buildings or is it a glitch?
  2. Nice one. I'll have to remember that trick. could come in handy.
  3. Just played a game against someone who brought 2 MCV's into my base. They were moving at high speed ie outrunning my light tanks and there were 2 of them. How do you make MCV's go fast like that?
  4. Looks fantastic. Awesome work you guys are doing. Love the idea of having a map preview, that will be really helpful. I can't get it to connect though. Is it supposed to connect to the usual red alert lobby or Can you only play against other people with the new software?
  5. Just wanna say this is a superb new feature. Makes it a lot easier now you don't have to constantly scroll up and down.
  6. yeah. version 3.03 This does seem to be intermittent. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Here's a quick video demo of the problem. Red Alert. Primary building bug.
  7. Not sure how to find that out. It's red alert aftermath, the one downloaded from www.ra95.tk about a week ago. Running on windows 7 (64bit). I've got a laptop and a desktop and it happens on both.
  8. Ok, thanks. Do you know if there's a fix for it?
  9. On Red Alert aftermath, after building multiple barracks or war factories you can't select the primary building. You click on it and it announces "Primary building selected" however it will nearly always just carry on building units somewhere else.
  10. Quite often when playing red alert aftermath the mouse cursor disappears making it impossible to carry on playing. The game is still running ok but the mouse cursor is invisible. re-starting the game always cures the problem but it just ruins the game currently underway.
  11. Just wondering if there's a fix for single player mode. When playing as soviets on Red Alert Aftermath. Level 7 is impossible because everything instantly blows up and it's mission failed before you can do anything.
  12. Ok thanks, that explains it. Thanks for the help.
  13. Strangely it works on the laptop today and now the error is coming up on the other computer when trying to log on using peer-to-peer mode. When trying to log in on my pc it works with peer-to-peer mode disabled but with peer-to-peer mode enabled get the error - "The CnCNet server seems to be down. You are in peer-to-peer mode, is your UDP port 8054 open?" works fine either way on the laptop. Yesteday the laptop wouldn't log in at all and the PC was working fine. What I'm trying to do is get the 2 machines connected up so that 2 of us can play at the same time against each other. Is this possible to do with both machines set to peer-to-peer mode?
  14. Never mind thanks for the help anyway. Guess I'll just keep restarting games when they crash and hope everyone updates soon.
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