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  1. kaspro

    Best config for mac

    Can someone give me the best config for mac? Everything works great exept the mouse, when i move to the map , theres some lags. Mouse is not souple for playing.thanks
  2. kaspro

    game musics

    Hello dont have musics on mac ?? I have latest version on sierra
  3. I talk about a remake where you can play with other players on ps network, a total remake, the game had billions sales on playstation
  4. It's my dream to see this game on ps4! Do you think it's possible, have you heard something from ea?
  5. What does it change?
  6. The last version.. i play on mac but i think change nothing... maybe map problem only
  7. red alert crash during tower defence maybe there too may units 0X0056CC6F (playing on mac)
  8. I tried all resolutions and lots of config ... Little latency on the mouse movement..
  9. hello i have some trouble with mouse, i play on mac os and everything's great except with my mouse ,the cursor is not precise and it's hard to choose units ,to build and doing everything else...i know everybody plays on windows but if someone could help me it's great ! Thanks!!
  10. kaspro

    About tesla

    Excuse nyerguds i did a bad traduction i though it was ironic
  11. kaspro

    About tesla

    Thanks funky and iran , nyerguds you serve nothing stop comment my topic
  12. kaspro

    About tesla

    Can someone telling me why there is a little latence when there is electric animations, when tesla coil tesla tanks or shock troopers fire?
  13. Upload sorry , dont you have nothing else to do ??
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