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  1. well ive used another map Editor "read" in the C&C Folder and add a base , Units etc but its all so fair ! well its not as you can read in this thread: http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=2945.0 and my map is a privat map i dont like a official download i send you now my map in a privat message hopely you can put it in a whitelist to verify it
  2. OldSchool95

    New Update

    hello there is a new update which Shows this on my map :ranting: well thats pretty frustrated for the players they think its a unfair map with cheats and leave the round! Players can all so build cheat maps without Units then you havent seen this message before! so... that message bring only Trouble in this game!!! the Players rly think that has somethink to do with cheats could the admin delete this please ? because thats just a absurd message for fair good maps with starting from a base!!!!!
  3. funkyfresh why did you setup those information with the "WARNING" settings where it shows... are you really sure to play this map ? with the double click mind on rdy ??? after we talked in the lobby with a guy who thinks its a unfair map... a day later this setup ? its a absurd setup now people think for sure whats that and leave the game and by the way C&C has different settings to setup gamespeed the orginal speed is still 4! as the time maps show and as it is on the standart console ps1 but you can see it however you want install speed 20 please and play it on that level... many thanks you idiot!
  4. OldSchool95

    Unit queuing

    peace jacko ive just answer here for the reason what spam could be its not wrong to post by questions and comments like this here yea some Players are totally frustrated of the orginal Speed and just leave the game :/ you are right they cant live i mean Play without it :D i gues C&C net should install Speed 10 haha
  5. OldSchool95

    Unit queuing

    well funkyfresh i think most of the Players incl. you are on another skill (Play) Level first C&C which part anyway need tons of clicks but it going up into a spam by playing in a highspeed 7 because on this Speed Level is mostly no break it going up pretty fast into a spam of clicking constantly normally is the orginal Speed of C&C 4 (as you can see it on the time maps) strategies are more tactics, moves, etc... i prefer defenetly that highspeed 7 for those spam maps as p4 (unlimited Money) but on the standart maps (maps with a Limit of ore) is Speed 5 between the spam and normal Speed acceptable and im defenetly right with that mind!
  6. so far no more crash problems but today it crash again by building a M-24 helecotper with the same error message as you can see by my first post here
  7. thanks for the answers well echo i allrdy tryed with the Position but it didnt work only the mvc start there but you cannot control the base that you want jacko ive build this map 2 times now sov. base = Multi 1 allied. base = Multi 2 and on the second time sov. base = Multi 2 allied.base = Multi 1 but to start on the base that i want is not every time possible with the different Players in a 1v1 lets say jacko you join my game then we will start maybe on the first part of "Multi" all the time on the correct pos. if this not working then we Need to restart and try with the second Multi Option for this map then it work all the time on the correct pos. by choosing the second Multi Option map what could be the Problem ? maybe 1-8 start positions ? its normally a 1v1 map you can choose 8 start places but there are only 2 bases
  8. hey guys after ive build a great map with 2 bases one for russia second for allied is there a spawn Problem with the different Players cause to start allways from the same base/position any Option in the map builder? to Setup the spawn... i mean allways to start on the same base/position ?
  9. jacko i gues you never played on the orginal speed before...! :ranting: its not boring (yea you to good for that speed rofl) its more intresting the battles are longer the sound is more intensive the effects plus the moving targets have a better look and of course more tactics goes arround but this community push it up into a bad idea... with that high speed mind! i dont like it because many players leave my game for that reason and that makes me angry as i wrote it here for some months ago its em... lets say... the same when you play C&C generals or another part of C&C with a double speed! but anyway... i wont protest here anymore that was my last post about that standart 7 vanilla pro spam speed
  10. first sry for my english it isnt so fine... but i wanna add somethink again well the speed 7 is absolutly to fast its a bad speed for C&C many people are comlaining about the orginal speed 5 because they didnt know anythink about the orginal speed of C&C i didnt rode the massiv answers against me here its all bullshit and the people dont know or just think ahh the highest speed thats it thats the profissonal speed of C&C blabla its not true the orginal speed is 5 and its a great gamefeelin on it as it is on the other C&C parts ***k that high spam speed for spam noobs!
  11. allright if i have a Crash again then i will post it here thanks Iran
  12. hey Iran im surprised sounds good that you have the power to find out and figured the Problem im sure that has nothing to do with my Computer and the Ra95 Folder it would be nice if it has no more crashes...
  13. no it just crashed often by me... not by the other players
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