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  1. How do I add c&c 1 soundtracks to tiberian sun cncnet5 game?
  2. t42

    Spawnmap error

    Cannot launch game and getting one of the following error messages after launch attempts. "Acess to the path . . TiberianSun_Online\spawnmap.ini is denied" or ". . error in spawnmap.ini . ." Are there any ideas of how to remedy these errors?
  3. where can I find aud files command conquer red alert aftermath 1998?
  4. where are the red alert 1 aftermath aud files
  5. where are aud files located in command and conquer aftermath 3.08?
  6. The problem is that I cannot replace the original scores.mix in the Main.mix with an expanded scores.mix that includes additional aud files. XCC Mix Editor does not allow to save the modified Main mix containing the replaced scores.mix.
  7. problem to add main mix to red alert aftermath somebody advise?
  8. the game is command conquer red alert aftermath how i can add sountracks to aftermath?
  9. how i add music to red alert from retalation and tiberian dawn ?
  10. i have problems with mix files does not add the orginal tiberian dawn music to yuris revenge what do to ? i will need help please! can anybody advise ?
  11. Correct. I have followed the instructions found at: http://marshall.strategy-x.com/yrpm/guide.htm to create different expandmd...mix files but they do not show up in my YR mods and thus I cannot play the mix content during my mashed up playing.
  12. I have been trying to add more music files to yuris revenge mod mashup but cannot figure out how to make the new mix file to work in the mod game. Is there any step-by-step instruction available how to do this?
  13. t42

    Missing Sound in TD online

    Correct assumption. Adding the addon scores.mix with 43 .aud sound files as advised by FunkyFr3sh to the games folder does not any difference. Should the mix file maybe be named in an other way in order for it to work?
  14. Cannot get the soundtracks going in TD online games. The soundtrack listing seems OK but no music is played. Does anyboy know how to enable sound tracks in tiberian dawn online mode?
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