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  1. Do you have a copy of Windows 7? You could also dual boot windows 7 and windows 8 so you can play your old games without any problems.
  2. Go into your Red alert 2 installation folder and open ra2.ini in a text editing program like notepad. Scroll down and you should find game speed. I think that's the only way to modify it in single player.
  3. Interesting I did not know that!
  4. When will portable Red Alert start using this?
  5. I've noticed that whenever I try to change some the units spread in rules.ini
  6. I've been looking through the mix files in the Red Alert 2 files and can't seem to find the sound files for units where are they, and how do you access them?
  7. Isn't there some way people could customize the game before they started it?
  8. Reminds me of Counter strike players who hate any kind of change in a game, kills alot of great mods.
  9. I actually think the dos interface looks cool and represents the units better than the live action ones.
  10. Besides those minor imbalances Red Alert 2 still had much better balancing than Red Alert but let me be clear Red Alert 1 is my favorite C&C.
  11. Why? Because RA2 did that? Don't judge a game on the ideas and features of its successors. This is RA1. I'm not judging the game I'm simply suggesting ideas to make an old classic more balanced and interesting. Also what else would you do to give players an incentive to use the spy more in multiplayer? Also in my post about Red Alert 2 I did forget that the rocketeers and prism tanks were unbalanced.
  12. Thanks for your help but I figured out how to add music to other mix files myself even though you don't have to.
  13. That dos installer is really cool! I wonder if it is possible for modders to get it to work with newer source ports of Red Alert?
  14. The op actually brings a valid point I find the original Red Alert to be severely unbalanced towards the allies, now don't get me wrong I love Red Alert 1 more than Red Alert 2 but Red Alert 2 is a more balanced game. I think it would be really cool to add new features to this old game and make it somewhat more modern. Such as giving the Allies air support, making vehicles kill infantry faster, giving spies and thieves to the Soviets too. Giving the sam site to the allies and trading it for the AA gun for the soviets would also help make the game more balanced for the Allies. The medium tank for the allies could also be slightly stronger then it already is to give the Allies a chance against mammoth tank rushes and heavy tanks. I don't know if this possible but maybe spies could shutdown power to bases if they infiltrate a power plant.
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