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  1. ok so ive had to reinstall the mod and it wasnt launching properly and i wasnt sure if i was supposed to extract CR mod into red alert online or give it a folder of its own.. so i tried both and the folders look different and contain files of different names. the one with its own folder had a ra1multiplayerlauncher and the one extracted to my red alert online folder just said launcher. im clicking on everything and i havent gotten to launch properly. the reason i was asking whether or not the link was to the latest version was because it was all like 18/2/13 latest version....19/2/13 RPG now has 5.5 range! now...when are we going to get to try your other new mod? i dont mind if its way pre alpha or skin and bones. ill report bugs on here. let me test what youve got. gimme gimme!! i need i need!! heres the link to that poll. i dont believe these results really represent squirty dumplings because nobody was really aware of it until afterwards. if anything i think it speaks volumes that it was in there. http://media.moddb.com/images/members/1/131/130224/profile/BestCNC3ModWestwood.jpg :mammoth: http://poll.pollcode.com/64555738_result_paused if you decide to add that mortar and that sniper to classic revolution mod i will give you a hot backrub with some oil.
  2. this mod is friggin sweet. are you still working on this mod? i have an older version and im wondering if there is a newer later version of it? mad props for all the work on it. especially the graphics on the guy that hops out of his truck. do you guys still play this online? i checked moddb for it and i didnt see an actual page for the mod but i did see it was being voted on for best C&C mod! anyways if there isnt a page for it we should throw one up. something as good as this should be available for fans to enjoy. kind of went limp when mods for command and conquer came up empty also, since the resources are different, would i need a special editor tool to make maps? don't feel discouraged. people do play this, even if they don't post in forums or vote in polls. you should be proud. not everyone can say they've made something so awesome that people around the world can enjoy. thank you for making this
  3. so the game ran fine for a long time but then i started getting video errors every time i start multiplayer games it crashed. fiddling around with the settings in cconfig gave me all kinds of errors. so i tried a reinstall and now i get appcrash as soon as i reach the main menu heres the latest error code its giving me now the exception unkown software exception (0xc0000008) occured in the aplication at location 0x77da4c53 edit: pffft.. nevermind. the problem is with the computer not the program.
  4. no need for cncnet? mmmm..i know you could play without. but cncnet is where the players are and it wouldnt hurt. would probably help. i was trying to do this too. its an extra device. so someone who has a phone and a computer can play someone. or so 2 people can play on their phones because computers are too big for pockets. and theyre heavy. i would totally support cncnet for phones
  5. i was surprised there wasnt a topic on the newest soon to be CNC game. so i made one. it looks cool. your thoughts?
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