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  1. Well he clearly got it for flame tanks in that game... with all the flame tanks yet lack of obs/stank/SSM.
  2. Always cool to see a new modder/mapper around. I'd love to see what sort of ideas you bring. I think the best work seems to be made when people put their ideas together fluently. Much like Tore, I'm sad to hear that you didn't have a good time with the OpenRA community. I will warn that there have been some trouble makers here, but the mods seem to do a pretty good job keeping a lid on them so that we can work on stuff. So if someone is out of line, just slap the "Report Post" and it should be dealt with pretty promptly. I did write up a very large post on mapping (it was for TD rather than RA, but you might find it interesting and get something out of it). it can be found here: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/8062-understanding-map-design/ Welcome to our forum. -AW
  3. AchromicWhite

    (cn2) Teardrop

    Not gonna lie, I came here all "Oh, a Cn2 map! Let's see what this master's whipped up!"... and then I was kinda just disappointed xD I'll give it a crack sometime. You never quite know what you have until you take it out for a spin. Peace bro.
  4. AchromicWhite

    Ferret's Map Workshop

    I'd really like to see how rush down rampage would play in TA. It has that fast paced feel to it. Not sure if you've ever played TD on it, it's pretty cool. https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/7619-whtrush-down-rampage/?tab=comments#comment-58437
  5. AchromicWhite

    Ferret's Map Workshop

    Neat, you got Trichotomy up and running!
  6. Oh you tagged all our names by the maps! Nice man, thanks for the shout out!
  7. AchromicWhite

    (Wht)Zodiac - 2v2

    Glad you're enjoying it.
  8. AchromicWhite

    (RA1) Icon pack/Modern vehicles

    Cool stuff. Would be good to get previews of all of them, but I know it does take a little bit to mock them up.
  9. AchromicWhite

    What are your favourite maps on cnc1?

    I'm kinda surprised that people could tech all the way to SSM, but maybe that's just that some people are left alone during a FFA. I think the way that GDI works benefits from being able to access tiberium, especially early on. You can make quite a few refs and then quickly spend the income be making a few barracks. If you play a "nod style" and go strait to vehicles, they pretty much all build slower. I'd think that AGTs would work quite well on a map like this, but I do think that turrets are the best defence for their price.
  10. AchromicWhite

    Tiberian Dawn Commentaries Anyone?

    Yeah, I'd be happy to jump in for some games. I wish we had a true spectator mode for C&C95, maybe I should try make some more 3 player maps to help making maps that work well 1v1 regardless of spawn points. Lovehandles usually mops the floor with me, lol. But it's always fun.
  11. AchromicWhite

    (Wht)Zodiac - 2v2

    Yeah, I think I'd have to redesign it from the bottom up, for a 3v3. Even just the amount of resources, I think, would be an issue. There might not even be quite enough for 2v2, tbh. The design, regarding expanding, is that you can choose between the middle or the edges... so I think it'd just throw it off. I could look into making a 3v3 map, but I think I'd have to come up with something pretty different.
  12. What games are people playing, where you have extra $$$ just lying around to throw into random AA in your base JUST IN CASE they have flyers? Heck, when I play against Nod players that haven't thrown down an other strip in a while, I get jittery that apaches are coming, yet even mustering enough AA to deal with that properly, is hard.
  13. AchromicWhite

    What are your favourite maps on cnc1?

    Yeah, it can become imbalanced in other ways if you choose this route. Similarly to how having crates on imbalanced the game. Everyone CAN get a good crate, but not everyone WILL etc.
  14. AchromicWhite

    What are your favourite maps on cnc1?

    I've made them buildable with an editor, years ago. The thing flew around like a helicopter. Entertaining, but not much use, given that it hovered next to it's target and dropped the bombs... next to the target, lol.
  15. AchromicWhite

    What are your favourite maps on cnc1?

    Wait... is there an A-10 just in the middle of the map? O.o