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  1. Can't even understand that conversation... we don't care if people don't play our maps. After all, they have little understanding of why they're made the way they're made; through what is not really any fault of their own. "....That is if your map is good enough to catch on, and you are truly talented at making maps then you don't need to force it on people" Once again, no one's forcing anything, and what's popular is not always what works strategically. People even bend the rules of games like Monopoly. Free Parking, not purchasing first round, and ignoring the auction rules are common... why? Because people don't like it. They then complain that the game goes on for too long, when it's the bent rules that make it that way, just like people will start to realise just how many useless units there are when playing mass tib. Competition isn't always fun, it often comes with some stress. Just look at how people react to the SCII ladder. Plenty of complains, because people want to be able to just wall up and be safe. But the direction of that game was absolutely separated better plays from worse players, and given people someone to strive towards... However, the co-operative mode (2 people vs AI in a mission like scenario) is FAR more popular. The inability to create a ladder is simply due to the CnCNet team obviously not giving that much of a shit. I've talked to people like Funky about this before, but he always just goes quiet. We were offered a ladder like RA1's, yet RA1's ladder is all the same style of map... if they style doesn't suit you, then your preferred stats are erased from the game. Which is why I advocate the archetype system, to make sure there'd be a spread of different maps, always in rotation. Everyone wins. But also, no one cares enough to implement it.
  2. AchromicWhite

    Its time for the new "unbias" cnc.net rankings!

    White has decreased in rank due to losing to SMT and via comparison like I can beat SMT and others that can beat white and so I now rank above white it becomes clear after a while even if 2 ppl don't face off he beat me b4 when I was a buggy spammer fair n square but im not longer that buggy spammer I play completely differently and much better now Can we stop these stupid ass threads? I bet no one told you i wiped him out, GDI v Nod on Heavy Metal. It's "unbias", but also written by 1 person. -.- There's almost no one that I have a 100% win rate against, because if I play a string of games, I start switching up strats to try new ideas out. In other words, I play to have fun; I don't play to be harassed about my abilities in forum. This is exactly why I never play you. I'm tired of being judged about stupid shit by people who don't even know what they're they're talking about.
  3. You know the meta from WWchat days? Everything was different, and I really only remember playing GA and TG, to be honest. No one knew how to play GDI at all. I'd be surprised if he was scattering tanks... is this something he said, or something you saw? If I accidentally scatter tanks it's always more of a problem than a help. They all bump into each other and stop firing. Tank micro is mostly about pre-positioning, from experience.
  4. AchromicWhite

    Should money maps be taken away or left in?

    I agree with all the above, other than; "I honestly believe that if CnCNet only hosted 1v1 matches like Wchat did back in the day, we'd all play a lot more games and a lot better games." Although, it's obviously a "belief". Many people like the less competitive setting. It's less stressful. I'd say it's for that same reason that SCII's co-op commanders mode has become their most popular mode (two people with crazy powerful armies and abilities take on AI missions). The quality would be better, no doubt. And as you stated, the problem is bigger than maps (sandbox settings mislead new players horribly). Even if we don't have a ladder, there should be a clear "competitive mode" and "sandbox mode", even if you don't call them that. Sandbox would allow any maps/settings, competitive would have most of, if not all, of the settings locked in, and a map pool only consisting maps that meet a certain quality.
  5. We don't have many high tier Nod players. They all stuck too mass tib too much, or seem to have left. I hadn't thought of using scatter on bikes. That might work.
  6. AchromicWhite

    A couple of dangerous 6P maps

    Very cool looking. I'll be interested to see how the community, as a whole, receives these. Most 6P maps have killed off the early game with mass tib.
  7. AchromicWhite

    Should money maps be taken away or left in?

    "Problem is your goal isn't everyone else's goal, and its not a pure science so its all based on an opinion at the root , so there is no real merit in your opinion/goal over other peoples opinions/goals on these matters." Look, I'm well aware of subjective vs objective, and yes, my goal is not necessarily other people's goal. There's multiple reasons for that; -Not all people like competitive 1v1 (which is why I don't think that we should get rid of money maps), -Not all people understand 1v1, which is part of what's required to make compelling maps (which is why I opened a thread about map design, and put the hard yards in to get discussion on the subject). I'm well aware that map design is more of an art than a science. Doesn't mean there is no structure to it. If I follow your argument though... we all may as well just not bother with design and just release maps with literally nothing on them. No tiberium, terrain or even start points... because that's just as good as any other map, but would save us time and energy. You can reply to this, but I'm done with this topic, now.
  8. Frank Klepacki live in concert, enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJClbTrY0VE&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR1a-Qmy3RyBpFBjH78UFKQiv528idHoqxkHlPYB3aJtskU_tx9BNO3SVnk
  9. AchromicWhite

    Should money maps be taken away or left in?

    I'm well aware. This is why I wrote a massive post explaining the terms upon what I consider to be competitive and why. I've talked about this multiple times. Let's take the most obvious example of the importance of map making in a older RTS game. Brood War. The developers didn't make good maps for the game; yet, due to what the Korean's cooked up, to push competition, Brood War became one of the greatest games of all time. I'm not arguing that any maps are objectively better than others, I'm coming up with how to make a map play better matches more frequently. And we can debate what makes matches better... but what clearly doesn't, is removing the skill ceiling. We want there to be room to always grow, and for those with better mechanics and strategy to be those who more frequently take victory, so that we all (new and not so new) have room to grow and compete as fairly as we can. No?
  10. He'd tech if the game went longer and you turtle up. Just move into SSM and chip you down. The units he didn't really use were flame tank and light tank. And Stealth, obviously. So tanks, I guess. He seemed to fill that void with turrets. On different maps, IDK if that might change. (if he can't creep, and needed armour).
  11. He actually changed his name a LOT. Bike, BMP He could turn up, and we wouldn't know unless we played him.
  12. Yeah, that's pretty much exactly what I remember of MrBuggy. Is there a video of this match? I wouldn't mind having a look, if it's around. The only other thing I'd add is that he usually expanded directly towards an opponent if he could (certainly vs GDI) and would use front line HoN and Turrets to good effect.
  13. AchromicWhite


    Wish we had it for TD... Needs to be added in. There's no reason why not, really. Heck, we have snow.
  14. AchromicWhite


    Jungle, nice!
  15. AchromicWhite

    Ferret's Map Workshop

    I like the gems treatment on teardrop