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  1. AchromicWhite

    Its time for the new "unbias" cnc.net rankings!

    Well I've talked about making a standard for maps etc, before. And having a list of archetypes for the maps that we have. Some people kinda thought it was good... but no real move to make anything happen. We could maybe look at setting up a league or something. I don't really have a lot of time now, though.
  2. AchromicWhite

    Its time for the new "unbias" cnc.net rankings!

    No, sure... in some cases it's obvious. But we still don't know who plays better on what maps/styles etc. We also have no true standards to play the game by. So, there's that, too. I tried to fix that many times, but can never get enough voice forward to have the design team give a sht. So meh. It's whatever. That's probably the big reason I cannot be bothered pushing myself competitively at this game. There is no official way to see that you're getting better. There are a few silly tactics that mess it all up. There are little to no tournaments. No ladder. etc Eh.
  3. AchromicWhite

    Its time for the new "unbias" cnc.net rankings!

    It's hard to really rank people, because everyone's styles are good in different situations. Like, I've beaten Ferret, but never LoveHandles... maybe years ago with apaches, but meh. We don't have any points system to really see, so it's mostly speculation.
  4. They actually could. That's the sad part... I just never see it happening. TD would probably still need the APC looked at; but honestly, even just making it non-crusher would probably fix the issue with it. Little things like that would tip it to the point that's it's near ready for proper competition; but EA doesn't know that, and we'd still have to build it's popularity up, pretty much from scratch. It died off because of lack of care with the franchise, and not having a hard core fan base like SC had in Korea.
  5. As soon as you change one thing, you can often completely change how you play; depending on how complex the rest of the game is. We've all talked about the tweaks you could make to get the game to be near perfect... but to explain that to someone, they already need to understand the game, as is, to understand the changes. Now, is EA going to come here and learn the game and then make those changes? No. They are not. So, it's not going to happen.
  6. What other RTS ever even had a good E-sports scene? It's just SCI and SCII, and then just MOBAs, right?
  7. AchromicWhite

    Why do people still play TD when there's DTA?

    Yeah, as much as there's a flicker of hope inside me that this project will be awesome and revive C&C... my mind just doesn't believe it. I don't want to get my hopes up, because I just can't imagine EA, in particular, doing a good job. At this stage, I wish they'd just sell the franchise to someone who DOES give a damn. RTS games need a lot of love to even be good, let alone amazing. SCII has had SO much poured into it, and people STILL complain about it. If that was EA, they'd have scrapped it long ago; I doubt it would have even seen it's last expansion, due to popularity falling off during the HotS era.
  8. TBH, I'm amazed they had a crack at asking the question. TBH, if they don't know what should and shouldn't be in it, they're going to have a hard time making this project work. They're already on thin ice because of their history, not only with C&C but other games, too. I'd like to see them succeed. They really just need to go and look closely at what Blizzard has done with SCII to help bring it back, after it's big fall in popularity during HotS, and take a route similar to that. Part of the issue in saying "what should we NOT touch", is that we don't even know if their project is a true remaster or remake. We don't even know what we're commenting on. So we're all here just desperately trying to get their attention to make something that's NOT a piece of crap.
  9. AchromicWhite

    Its time for the new "unbias" cnc.net rankings!

    What about Ephraim? He mostly focuses on tanks, but he's pretty good. Solid macro. He's beaten me before. Not sure what his GDI v Nod is like. Oh... you talked about him. Yeah. Cn2 is good, too. IDK who's better between us.
  10. That can literally take years, in an RTS game, to balance. Because people evolve new tactics to counter stuff. Heck, SCII's been at it for near on a decade, and they still can't get protoss to open with a robo vs zerg. These games are complex and take a LOT of time and dedication... and IDK if you know; but EA is NOT dedicated to patching it's games over the years. They make something, try to sell it a lot, put a load of micro transactions in it... and if people like it, they continue support for a while. Once people get a bit bored, EA just moves on.
  11. Not sure what 12 means. But for F22 etc http://cnc.wikia.com/wiki/YF-22 http://cnc.wikia.com/wiki/Black_Widow_(Aircraft) I guess they just never made it into the latest parts of programming or something?
  12. AchromicWhite

    Its time for the new "unbias" cnc.net rankings!

    PHD has beaten me up, for sure. I've probably played less than 10 games against him, all up, though.
  13. I think things like this are fine, so long as they are an OPTION, and not something that is forced upon players.
  14. AchromicWhite

    Do you ruin balance by blocking base creeping?

    Medium tanks build slowly. So you need to have multiple barracks to keep up on having enough units on the field to deal with attacks. As you spread thin, making more refs, you need to make infantry from multiple areas to keep defended. Medium tanks can help out, but they're slow and need the support of the grens (this can also be dependant on bike/buggy ratio... if there are few bikes, the meds can handle them easier). When the bases push into each other, it's a bit different, and it's there that I think that Nod has the advantage. Turrets are insane... I think Obelisk is less powerful, due to it's cost (including PPs needed to make it work). SSM and artillery can be insane, though; zoning out grens is a BIG deal, due the MLRS not really being available.
  15. AchromicWhite

    Q Button WayPoint Attack

    Q sets way points for the unit. By telling your unit to attack first, you let it choose a target, and then use Q to make your tanks follow a set of positioning commands, while still locking their turret onto the chosen target.