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  1. AchromicWhite

    (cn2) Teardrop

    So is this map being released? You done anymore testing, yet?
  2. Yeah, there was a (maybe) bugged secret. But anyhow, some guy finally got them all. It's cool, because it shows us that there's almost always more to a game than meets the eye. It's funny because it invalidates all 100% Doom 2 speed runs. https://www.polygon.com/2018/8/31/17807464/doom-2-last-secret-discovered-map-15-level-15
  3. AchromicWhite

    Joe Bostic (Westwood Studios) – Interview

    Mostly stuff I'd kinda heard about before. But always cool to find these little gems
  4. AchromicWhite

    Path and Beyond No water

    Neat layout. I like the open areas vs choke points.
  5. AchromicWhite

    Cave map RA1

    Yeah, I third everyone else! I really like the layout! The only thing that might be an issue is the amount of resources. Maybe drop some ore Ore around (larger fields of gold).
  6. AchromicWhite

    How can new people learn? (standard of play)

    Well something to that tune is the idea. Just anything that shows the difference. There even used to be a "hint/tip" for RA1 that said something like "pros play with these settings... 10000 credits, bases on" etc. Even that is something. Just, we know how much maps can mess this game up, so it's an important part of it.
  7. AchromicWhite

    C&C Red Alert: Able Archer

    Well done man. Looks like it really took some time! ❤️
  8. AchromicWhite

    How can new people learn? (standard of play)

    I don't really see how that'd help very much. I'm not trying to tell people that they can't play like that, if they like it, go for it! Many of these people never come and play with the rest of the community, they're just playing friends. Fair enough. I just think there should be an intuitive way to let them know what a standard match set up, is. So that they can make a decision between the two.
  9. AchromicWhite

    C&C:Rivals change

    I mean, at least they seem to be trying to do something? OK OK... at least we know that they're watching the backlash. https://forums.cncnz.com/topic/21461-command-conquer-rivals-to-introduce-fair-play-changes/
  10. AchromicWhite

    (RA1) Icon pack/Modern vehicles

    Wow, pretty much going for that total conversion... kinda makes me want to get back to modding. I just have a bit of other stuff to get through, first, but
  11. AchromicWhite

    How can new people learn? (standard of play)

    Not entirely true. I remember some guys that had only been playing closed games... they finally came out of their shell but had been only playing with 9999999 credits. They'd even built their own metagame where they all just made 3 barracks at the start and pumped rocket soldiers like no tomorrow. The thing is, that's not their fault. There's no way to know how much you should maybe start with... or even there abouts. Heck, even we've argued that 10,000 MAY be too much. I agree that Bases, CTF, tiberium and crates etc are part of the game, but they're not part of a standard competitive match. Obviously CTF isn't, tiberium is just if tiberium spreads or not, and crates can literally be "oh, I got a commando with my scouting infantry, RIGHT outside your base... lol GG". That has no place in a standard match. Yes, people prefer them because they feel that they're getting more to start with (feels safer... less things to worry about early on). Newer players play defensively. They're thinking about a later time when they'll have the most beautiful base and a giant army. For those who know RTS, they know that matches really aren't like that... but that's why it's important to let people play how they like, but by still showing them that there's a clear difference between that and a standard match, and having a system that automatically sets up a standard match if/when they're ready/willing to learn.
  12. AchromicWhite

    (RA1) Icon pack/Modern vehicles

    Oh, you'll have to replace the shadow pixels with dark grey as they pass over the vehicle's flat top. Because it'll show as shadowed ground in game (like, it'll show the cell the vehicle is standing on).
  13. AchromicWhite

    How can new people learn? (standard of play)

    Yeah, I've approached Grant with just a message to keep it in mind. Not sure if he's that interested in knowing more. It's tricky and I'm not sure who the best person to really approach and how to package the idea. Yeah, my thoughts are to just do what we can for competitive mode. In some ways we're bring true to the original idea... in that we're trying to give a fair set of maps with interesting ideas in them.
  14. AchromicWhite

    How can new people learn? (standard of play)

    Regarding a proper competitive match system, yeah, the two big factors are settings and map. Regarding map balance... I've come to the conclusion that it's near impossible to actually balance a map, which is why I'd rather just see a map archetype system to list the maps into different categories. We'd soon find which categories suit what side better. This would not only help up to make more balanced maps, but also have us know, before a match, if one side might be a bit favoured. You could then play a few maps against someone on a range of maps to see who's better. (utilise different skills on different maps) Sep. Helipads just changes if the helis start on the pads when built, or if you build them separately. Because multiple pads makes them build faster, it usually doesn't make much difference... but it does mean that you can make just a pad and a transport, rather than needing to have spend money on the fighter, before making a transport. I think people can just choose how they like it, I don't see it as an issue either way. I think the new cargo plane is fine. If we wanted to officially go back to the original than we should play low resolution and only play WW maps... etc. I'm never conservative for the sake of being conservative; I try to go with what will give the best results. I did actually think about someone who might put the money lower when there opponent didn't realise... it could be an issue. I actually originally thought to just lock this at 10,000, but when I did a discussion on it, a couple of people said that they liked the idea of playing 7000 etc. It might be true that lower than 10,000 might work better. IDK. Maybe it should be locked at 10,000. It's a tricky one. The original client allowed 0-9999 credits. I thought that now allowing less than 5000 would probably be about right. Yeah, I usually have to be the maker of a match to get it set up right. Nice to see someone having a crack at TD. It's a cool game... more diverse than RA1, IMO.
  15. AchromicWhite

    How can new people learn? (standard of play)

    Yeah, so the idea is that you'd only be able to change credits and sep. helipad. The rest would not be changed in a standard match. As it stands, you can just turn the credits up to 99999 turn on crates and Cap the Flag and whatever. You can just make a mess of it if you don't know what you're doing. Which is fine for having some sort of friendly sandbox mode... but as soon as you want a match with some integrity, it's just a mess.