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  1. Hey look, a replay system and a ladder with a standard pool of maps and more limited options than custom games. Like a sandbox mode and a competitive mode. Heck... these guys have really been thinking. But no, this is great news. Best news I've had all week after the train wreck that's been WCIII: Refunded.
  2. RA2 is a more popular game, but clearly they're just doing the originals, at least first. Honestly, I suspect that TS and RA2 remaster will come after. I don't think that their choice to do TD and RA1 remasters first was anything to do with the public's preference of game.
  3. You don't think that packeting should show if a game has naked ladies in the game, simulated gambling or is actually a learning game for kids? I'm all for letting the consumer know what's in a product. Not all regulation is a blight on the land.
  4. I only meant from legal stand points... There are actually laws surrounding stuff like this.
  5. Messiah, I didn't know you made YR stuff. This is very cool, well done man!
  6. Thanks for taking the time to get this. Thanks to Funky, too, for letting us test all of this over cncnet. I'm really interested to see how this stuff plays out as a more focused patch. I think the last one, while it had good ideas, were probably too much to really gauge the individual issues, because there was so much going on.
  7. Yeah, looks really good. Great QoL change, as you don't have to reload missions and such to play the alternate missions. The only thing that this may have an issue with is that some missions allow funds to carry over form previous missions... it was already an issue that you lost those extra funds if you hit "restart mission", so I'd like to know how they're going to deal with that feature in particular, or at least bring it to their attention that it could be an issue to look at. Other than that, it looks really nice. It's something that SCII and SCI both had, and I think it's a great addition. It doesn't really take anything out of the game and just lets people get in there and play ALL the missions without having to save near the end of missions or replay missions.
  8. Yes, we often use this resource to check values, so thanks for uploading this stuff... even if the website is literally just a bunch of folders xD (hey, if it works, right?) Part of the issue was that neither of the people directly working on the patch have hacking ability, and are relying on editors or begging other hackers to get in there and change the values. If you're offering a hand, we'd much appreciate it. Heck, I wouldn't mind chatting to you about it anyway. I know you might not be up with the current meta of play, but you've obviously got a lot of knowledge about the game in any case.
  9. Oh, no no. I love my same Kane time... I just don't think you'll get a better briefing scene from having new videos. My bet is that they'll maybe up the sound quality, and maybe use some modern tech to smooth some stuff out... but then, as I said, BW didn't even seem to take that route, regarding cinematics. Seriously though, he's getting greyer, haha https://scontent.fchc2-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/50248135_10155979228403730_5017122225271078912_n.jpg I don't think they could have the flame tank actually burning people in a cut scene, without raising the rating on the game. Could be wrong, though.
  10. I doubt they'll remake the briefing videos. It'd be a mess, old man Kane, haha. They MIGHT remake the cut scenes with the battles. Even SC:BW Remastered, with everything they got in that game, didn't have remastered cut scenes.
  11. So I just have to watch a deleted video. OK, cool. Again, it really doesn't matter, that's off topic anyway, as I was saying. Anyway, for your question... that's not really a community question, you need to get in touch with the mods over that. Being public with it only serves to bring out the public judges.
  12. That has nothing to do with this situation and is another situation which you're upset about. 1. I don't know the ins and outs of such a situation, and am not willing to take your word for it. 2. I'm not the judge/mod, I'm just adding my 2c of philosophy to the situation. (if you read my other comment, you'll see that it wasn't a personal attack against anyone, and stayed on the topic of the thread and question at hand). 3. If you have an issue with someone's behaviour, you should bundle the evidence and bring it to another mod and get that sorted, or learn to just live with the fact that it happened, and just move on. Else this just goes on forever, with no purpose.
  13. I don't think that people wanting to play against anyone should mean that they get less punishment for breaking rules. Popularity should not come into it. That's the only fair way to have rules. Maybe he should just ACTUALLY learn his lesson and stop doing things that get you banned. It's not actually that hard.
  14. Well done. I should take the time to bash through this. If I can get my video software working properly again, I'll make upload the plays!
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