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  1. Everyone's at home playing video games...
  2. Never forced anyone, never intended that, never said that. We're done here.
  3. It's aimed at balancing units that are either too weak (due to a range of reasons) or strong (again, for a range of reasons). So it acts exactly as a patch does, but is made by the community, hence "community patch". There was also work on an RA2 one, which was also called a "community patch" which was doing more or less the same thing, which is where we got that final bit of passion to make this happen. I guess we called it the same thing. "Its the cnc mod that causes further imbalance when compared with the original game, is that correct?" I don't really see how. We gave more counter play to the apache, because after playing for 20 years, the best strat I have vs apaches is to go all-in with medium tanks and hope they don't have enough money left over to defend. (In other words, ignore the apaches and just attack). (Note I'm not talking about apache cheese here... the cheese is very defendable). Or, take the MLRS. A unit that makes perfect sense to be a unit to tech into as Nod ramps up mass light vehicles... yet is just inaccessible due to price of tech. Those are just two examples. And note that unlike most mods, we're not trying to change the design of the game. We're not changing the role of units. If there is a specific part of the mod that you think makes something imbalanced, then this is a place where you can explain that, so that the community can test that issue and if they find that to be accurate, we can change it.
  4. The mod is more about balancing units (allowing a wider range of strategies, and reigning in a couple of OP units) than about balancing teams. It's just that GDI has more unusable units in the non mirror match up, than Nod does. The MLRS sticks out very heavily in that case. No one was ever claiming to be knowledgeable enough to make the patch (or mod) themselves, which is the exact reason we decided to let the community have their say, too. The original game was always meant to be available along side these changes. We never had any intention of barring people from playing that.
  5. Where did you learn of the release date?
  6. In legit wouldn't mind them making a load of new videos for the mission start and end videos.
  7. Hey look, a replay system and a ladder with a standard pool of maps and more limited options than custom games. Like a sandbox mode and a competitive mode. Heck... these guys have really been thinking. But no, this is great news. Best news I've had all week after the train wreck that's been WCIII: Refunded.
  8. RA2 is a more popular game, but clearly they're just doing the originals, at least first. Honestly, I suspect that TS and RA2 remaster will come after. I don't think that their choice to do TD and RA1 remasters first was anything to do with the public's preference of game.
  9. You don't think that packeting should show if a game has naked ladies in the game, simulated gambling or is actually a learning game for kids? I'm all for letting the consumer know what's in a product. Not all regulation is a blight on the land.
  10. I only meant from legal stand points... There are actually laws surrounding stuff like this.
  11. Messiah, I didn't know you made YR stuff. This is very cool, well done man!
  12. Thanks for taking the time to get this. Thanks to Funky, too, for letting us test all of this over cncnet. I'm really interested to see how this stuff plays out as a more focused patch. I think the last one, while it had good ideas, were probably too much to really gauge the individual issues, because there was so much going on.
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