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  1. (Wht)Elevation

    I enjoy the matches more than banter, really. So when matches have less to offer I find it boring.
  2. (Wht)Elevation

    The issue I find with aggression in FFA is that you can, say, make some flyers and knock out WFs of BOTH your opponents... putting you ahead. But then they're just pissy and kill you because they have more stuff at that point, and while either 1 couldn't kill you, both can. That doesn't happen in 1v1. You CAN over commit to harassment and wiping out production, but they wont have 2x the amount of stuff. You just allocate enough to defend, after your harassment, and then stabilise. If you can do that, you win. FFA has it's own strategies etc, but they're ultimately political. I guess it comes down to what people like, but I'm more of a math and numbers type of guy when it comes to RTS. If I can annoy my opponent (use their emotions by making an aggressive move in game move) into making a bad move, I'll do that, but that still comes down to what I wrote above, about allocating resources between the harassment and defence.
  3. (Wht)Elevation

    Well, it brings a feeling of stability. Which, is true to say that it's easier to defend, because you don't have to worry about infantry in the earlier parts of the game... but it also messes things up, like not being able to scout. That's a BIG one, because many attacks are best defended by scouting and reacting. Further more, it means that people just choose defence as their opening strat. So FFA games are turtle fests. Whoever attacks just dies, because it's almost never worth attacking... even econ play gets messed with crates on, because people can get insta scout crate and 'nook drop you. It's the resources that's the issue with map size, there' no room to spread the fields out.
  4. You can never be QUITE sure, though >.> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jaAeTaG_ms
  5. Command & Conquer: Dawn of Tomorrow teaser thread

  6. (Wht)Elevation

    If there were bigger maps, I'd have a go. I really don't think I could fit enough stuff on the map to make it work. I'm well aware that people play it competitively, but it's a lot like playing paper, scissors, rock competitively. You CAN do it, and it's fair, but that doesn't make it worth while. Not sure how else to explain it. What bugs me is, so long as people play on tib maps, they'll never transition to playing real 1v1.
  7. (Wht)Elevation

    Yeah, I played today. Everyone just wanted to FFA with extra con yards and crates etc. Competitive seems dead
  8. Not being able to build units

    I've had it before, but it's super rare. I only stay in the game if it's a team game, or I'm mopping up (already won). Else I'd just quit and say that it'd bugged. Ask for a rematch.
  9. (Wht)Elevation

    Yeah, that's be 6am here. Fuck that, frankly.
  10. Personally, it wouldn't bother me either way. There's no very many hotkeys anyway, everything I use (other than numbers) fits to the left of E-D-C anyway. Oh, I kept 'H' as base key, and I use 'F' for alliance. But I use them rarely.
  11. (Wht)Elevation

    Mostly follows a basic design. The major design point is that the field is divided into 2 areas (Paths). So you have to delegate your resources accordingly. Minor design points would using the terrain running down the middle of the map to help capture resources, and that expanding north gives easier refinery placement, while moving into the south gives better attack advantage (southern advantage). (Wht)Elevation.ini (Wht)Elevation.bin
  12. How do I get the side buttons on my mouse to work?

    I think the game is just not programmed to use them.
  13. C&C95 v1.06c revision 4?

    You mean how it's in the top left corner? Not sure what you mean by the "map screen". It's an issue with resolution... and given that the res is set before the game launches, I doubt that'd be any simple fix. I'd personally rather them work on more useful stuff, which can be done a lot quicker.
  14. How do I change a unit's display name?

    Using shorter names helps a lot to stop crashes.
  15. Tech level 3 has buggies, right?

    Yeah, just tested it in single player... sold barracks before placing helipad. Could still build orca.