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  1. thanks for your work! i found that the damage of a weapon can lead to different effect of explosion. Each effect of explosion has its own sound. i modified the value of damage so that i make the rocket laucher more like it in c&c95.
  2. I have tried it, but i find the Report is only the sound of launching rockets, not the sound of rockets hit the target. Instead, i replaced the sound track by mixer thanks.
  3. if i rename the file to that name, that the sound of all weapons such as rockets and missiles will be replaced . i just want to modify the sound of rockets hit target by the GDI rocket launcher
  4. thanks for your responese how can i modify the sound when the missile hits the target? I have found the sound file 'kaboom1' in sc-Sou.mix which i want to use
  5. i have several problems 1. how can i play this mod in window mode 2. how can i modify the flame of flame tank to be same with the chemical tank rather than fireball, and the color of the flame is yellow . And what about the flame thrower? 3. The lazer of NOD lazer tower is not straight and too thick look forward to your reply thanks a lot
  6. thanks for your response Looking forward to the new version?
  7. thanks for your response! This mod is the best one which brings c&c units to RA1 i have played. i noticed that i have build a Com Center, but the 3 AIs don't build anyone.. in addition, i find some small problems in this mod: 1. the head of rocket lanucher of GDI vehicle can't rotate when rockets are launched 2. Nod SSM launcher. When the missiles are launched, there are always two missles on the ssm launcher. this looks unreasonable 3. the height of Hand of Nod is not high enough 4. the picture of war factory is unperfect look forward to your reply thanks a lot
  8. I like this mod very much. But i find in the skirmish NOD AI can not build the radar station so that it can not build more useful units such as SSM launcher. Could this bug can be fixed? And when the next version can be released? thank you very much! (my English is poor )
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