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  1. Do you have any compatibility settings turned on for the exe?
  2. Ah, thanks Nyerguds! Sorry for picking the wrong board.
  3. Well, you could tell me a living Generals fourm, for one. You should also realize that this sub-category is for all C&C games post-RA1. Which means Generals is covered. Also, I've gotten a lot of help on this fourm already for previous games.
  4. Managed to unpack them using FinalBIG but I don't even know where to start. I just want to play with the health settings. Anyone?
  5. Hello there, again! So after taking a break from my C&C journey to focus on my schoolwork, I have jumped back in with Generals. However, I wanted to change some unit stats and couldn't find any ini files to modify. I know every C&C game starting with Generals switched to SAGE but I'm totally unfamiliar with how it handles stats. Are there any editors or plaintext files I can edit? Thanks again, y'all <3 Edit: Seems like it's hidden in the BIG files. What is the best editor/unpacker for playing with those?
  6. Ah, so I can't just drag and drop the ini file into expand98.mix? I have to put the new rulesmd file in it's own mix?
  7. Hmm, are there problems with modifying the UMP's rulesmd.ini? I want to modify health values on some units but it seems it won't take it. I dropped the modified rulesmd.ini into expandmd98.mix.
  8. And then they made TFD even worse with the forced origin bullshit. Great job all around EA. I ended up having to borrow a copy of RA2/YR from a friend so I could use the patch. At least I got to see the cool installers!
  9. Thanks! Will this work with the ultimate collection on Origin?
  10. My adventure through the C&C games continues! After finishing TS/FS and just an hour ago, RA2, I've started up Yuri's Revenge and have been having a grand ol' time (especially because it is INCREDIBLY easier to get it running on windows . But, I found out that in the mission Hollywood & Vain, the three hero units you can find originally had custom voice work until EA got a bit antsy and patched them out, fearing lawsuits. The C&C Wikia says that there is a way to restore these old voices, but I can't for the life of me figure it out. Can anyone give me a hand with this? I know there's something in XCC Mixer I have to play with but I'd rather not fool around with anything that isn't an INI unless I know what I'm doing.
  11. I can confirm that the patcher helped even more. Might be a good idea to pack in a pre-patched exe if it detects Vista/7/8? Only issue I'm having now is that for some reason, scrolling is a bit weird. Might be because I'm in windowed mode.
  12. Hey, that did it! And it's running pretty damn good, all things considered. Some slowdown every now and then (does this have the patched bytes for graphics on here?) and my mouse sometimes flickers but the damn thing plays in 8.1! Thanks :>
  13. Got a DLL error with that one. "One or more DLL files were missing or damaged. Please reinstall."
  14. I'm using the freeware installer (http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=41) for TS after not managing to get my TUC copy on Origin to not work on Windows 8. I set up a Virtual Machine to use XP in VMWare and the game runs perfectly fine but there are no videos. I do have two mix files in my SUN directory (MOVIES01.MIX and MOVIES02.MIX) and both are 911mb and 472mb respectively so it is in there. Any idea what could be going wrong?
  15. ETPC

    Ant Mission Crash

    Excuse my false error report. I had been up for a long time and well, don't play red alert when you are really tired
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