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  1. This is a map taken from the map package from this forum in Single Player maps pinned and called "Extended Operations *OCTOBER UPDATE*" and put into the N64 Thanks to Nyerguds i was able to convert the .bin file to a .map file(which is what the n64 uses) also thanks to Nyerguds he was just able to make a custom height map for this map for me which creates 3d terrain like the N64 starndard maps have you can see this in image 2:
  2. Hey guys i just recently found out how to insert almost any map made for C&C95 into the N64 3D C&C. Heres one from this mappack i just inserted: I think i'm going to write and post a tutorial on the forum here to show you all how to do it, who thinks i should?
  3. That no worky either i had tried that already i can't convert my mod over to Ares until i figure it out i thought would be more ra2 modders who use them together but i havent been able to find anyone else thats done it yet ill keep checking different forums
  4. I already had tried that, see the part that confuses me is syringe doesn't run on it's own it has to be run in the command prompt with gamemd.exe like this "C:\Westwood\Red Alert 2YRnewSGC14>Syringe "gamemd.exe"" So i'm confused how i could get cncnet to run one itself with one thing while also getting that one thing to run with another..
  5. Im sorry can you help me? I don't know windows commands system very well, is there anyone whos done this who can show me pictures or commands
  6. I know it can be done with command lines, but can the command lines but is it done in with Tab? or some other way? if so ^ what command line goes here? Syringe? Thanks!!
  7. Wow, it works!! I downloaded the file you gave me replaced the current exe and the buildings now can change images Thank!!!!! much appreciated
  8. The latest one that's downloadable through this site and the CNCnet site which is the most recent no?
  9. I'm using 1.12 and the Image= tag only works for vehicles I've tried it with Infantry buildings and aircraft many times it just ignores it, is there a fix that i need to update it further?
  10. I forgot to mention this is map specific modding for online play, would there be a reason it works for the entire game but not when applied to a specific map?
  11. does the Image= only work for vehicles? Other than with vehicles this is ignored when I use it with buildings, infantry, aircraft or is it something else?
  12. Yea I love it i've been playing it, me and my neighbor are going to try using cncnet tonight see if we can atleast get cirtain maps working without sync errors
  13. Because Red dawn is the using the red alert engine, couldn't it be united to be exactly like the way cncnet is with Red alert? possibly getting a lot of players like red alert has?
  14. I know this is done is skirmish with the paranoid=yes thing, but for some reason this doesn't apply in online games so i'm wondering if it's possible to either choose which cps ally or have them all ally for a harder lan match against AIS I tried adding [Multi3] Allies=Multi4 [Multi4] Allies=Multi3 Doesn't work... yet: [Multi2] PlayerControl=yes works ;=) Thanks for any help!!
  15. lol I knew i'd get the business for bringing up Tibed Still i don't know I also have a huge Red Alert 2 mod which I used tibed to do almost all of the Ini editing, although it did cause a few small problems and leaves a lot of extra ; code everywhere, it makes it so much easier to move around and very user friendly and just.. more organized, maybe it just needs to be updated? and it has a lot of descriptions too, Does anyone know of a notepad like program that let's you do more organizational things? Quitting Tibed would be hard I think, but I know it's best not used, Im thinking the program just needs updating and more work maybe Do you guys remember a program called SunEdit 2k or Tiberian sun? when I discovered that program as a kid I fell in love with it, until it started crashing my game
  16. Nevermind i fixed it, Tibed must be programmed to screw with you, it added extra code by itself...? [u2] Primary=parabomb
  17. So after making a map, I was using tibed to make some changes to the techlevels and whatnot, saved it to the map, got into the game and the changes i made worked everything going fine, then I noticed the spy plane is dropping a nuke, but I didn't tell it to do that, I even checked after and all the spyplane settings and weapon were normal, Anyone know why it would do this? thanks
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