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  1. If you don't mind my adding to this, What about adding the Tech Level Option in the skirmish menu? just a suggestion. Second Idea! The random map generator. is there one? is it possible to make a random map that's editable in Final Alert 2? Thanks for any replies
  2. No problem i had to modify the map a bit to make it work for the N64, first i had to replace the broken bridges with just rivers because Nyerguds conversion tool will convert every part of the terrain except bridges for some reason =\. But mainly i had to change everything that was Multi6 over to Neutral including triggers and teamtypes because sadly the N64C&C has only 3 working houses which are GDI Nod and Neutral
  3. This is a good, interesting and a tough mission! Again if anyone wants to play it on the N64 in 3D just pm me or any other C&C95 map too you can also ask
  4. So weird, it's set to sticky but when i went into the level it worked just as you described here, weird
  5. If anyone wants to play it on the N64 just give me a shout(pm me) i haven't played it yet but i took a pic of the game at game start
  6. Awsome thanks will do!
  7. Hey everyone, you know how you can set a mode for vehicles like guard, sleep, hunt etc. Is there a mode where a tank will sit it's place and act as a stationary turret. The closest one i found was 'sticky' but with that it only shoots at you if you shoot at it first, i want something that won't move but will shoot at enemies in range Thanks!!
  8. Just got done inserting and beating another interesting mission
  9. here's the before and after of the map made by darkstar where i had to invert some of the cliffs to make it 3dizeable after:
  10. Thanks Nyerguds. And darkstar what i did was just replaced all buildings with the house named 'Special' back to gdi so it should still work alright hopefully. I'm also taking Covert Ops missions that were originally non MCV maps and making them mcv maps with tiberium and enemies that build and attack etc.
  11. Well most of them can be modified so that they work just with a few missing small aspects of it overall it's pretty the experience will be simular Because of the complex cliffs on the map some of the cliffs had to be turned inside out if you know what i mean, so the cliffs were not moved but just reversed in the exact same position otherwise it would of taken me much longer to do, but it turned out great the entire map
  12. I JUST found out what was wrong with it... Nyerguds had mentioned that in the N64 C&C the only 3 usable houses are Neutral, GDI and NOD so anything set to team 'SPECIAL' won't show up so i am now looking at the map in the map editor and seeing a refinery in the GDI base that was not there when i played it on the N64 but it was because it's team was set to Special, it's an easy fix i guess what i'll do than is just change it's team to GDI or Neutral EDIT: I love the 'Replace' Function in notepad. i've just replaced all Special own stuff to GDI and i'm going to insert it into my official work in progress alternative N64 Rom mod i'm working on, not yet sure what level it's going to be yet, perhaps i'll put it in the place of nod level 11 or 12, im about to make the 3d terrain for it, ill upload it and show you when i'm done
  13. Ah yes, see i was playing the original, and i had 1000 credits and 3 engineers by the time i got to the base(one was used to capture a transport helicopter) so even with capturing the Conyard, Weapons factory. comcenter, even if i sold both the communications center and the factory i still wouldn't be able to build a refinery so i decided either it's not winnable or there's a hidden 2000$ crate somewhere or something... i barely had any men to spare so i decided to edit the ini and turn the light tank into an MCV, than by capturing and selling the GDI construction yard i'd have enough money to buy the refinery :P. was i missing something? also i didn't read the briefing text so maybe i missed something there
  14. ahhh ok now ic here's another good one buy darkstar called 'Power Keg'
  15. Does anyone know who made the map called "MattAttack - Defend The Obelisk" I find it interesting on the N64
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