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  1. Download Tiberium Crystal War 2.0 Test from the link below: http://multiplayerforums.com/files/file/2186-tiberium-crystal-war-2-test-client/ http://www.indiedb.com/games/tcw-w3d/downloads/tiberium-crystal-war-2-test-client Hello everyone, Tiberium Crystal War 2.0 is nearing a first public release however we still need to do some real balance testing with more than 10 players at a time. Most units, buildings and code are in place now and are functioning properly. I am hoping that by releasing this Test Installation we will see some players join up from time to time to REALLY test the balance of the game. We can hopefully pin down any major issues before we do a full public release upcoming January 2016. Notes: There is currently no launcher available for this test version so you will need to edit the shortcut properties on your desktop and/or startmenu and change your nickname. Next go into your StartMenu and run the TCW2 Configuration utility to set your resolution and options. After that you can simple double click on the shortcut called Tiberium Crystal War 2 Test to have it join our test server. Thanks everyone for joining and testing the client. Be sure to register on our forums to report any issues you may have: http://www.multiplayerforums.com You can join the IRC channel on IRC.CNCIRC.NET in #MPF-TCW and #MPF-TCW-Test Thanks again.
  2. C o m i n g - S o o n Website: http://www.tiberiumcrystalwar.com IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/tcw-w3d Forums: http://multiplayerforums.com/forum/14-cc-tiberium-crystal-war/
  3. Grey Goo is a big flop, a waste of my 45 euro lol. Nobody seems to play online too.
  4. I still play Renegade to this day, we have an active server for it too. You should check it out and make a return Our website is http://ren.multiplayerforums.com
  5. Some info below about the mod, website and stuff: http://www.tiberiumcrystalwar.com/ (Official Homepage) || http://www.indiedb.com/games/tcw-w3d (IndieDB Profile)
  6. Tiberium Crystal War 2.0 Public Testing I've decided to make the TCW 2.0 testing public. It is very timeconsuming to find people willing to test and get them to be active on the forums and all. So i figured it would be nice to just make it a public thing. You can now download the client through SVN and join the testserver. I hope you like trying it out, but keep in mind that the game is not finished and you may of course give suggestions. I encourage everyone who decides to download it to register on our forums and report any issues or questions. For more information, how-to and the Test Client, please read: http://multiplayerforums.com/topic/4649-public-tcw-20-test-client-changelog/ The channel on irc is irc.cncirc.net in #MPF-TCW and #MPF-TCW-Test Thanks.
  7. www.ultraaow.com - Visit our Website | www.multiplayerforums.com - Sign up Now UltraAOW NewMaps: Mother of all Battles Week In the "Mother of all Battles Week" we will set the max player count to 126 temporarily, we hope to see some great battles going on between Nod and GDI Also, in this weekend you can win several game(collections) on Steam! More info below... All you have to do is be a member of our forums and play as much as you can during the week(end) days. When? Starting on the morning of Friday the 13th of November 2015 we will temporarily replace the rankings on UltraAOW NewMaps with a clean one. During the weekend, week and weekend after till Monday the 23rd of November 2015 it will collect player statistics and at midnight Dutch time GMT+1 it ends. After the event the statistics will return to normal and proceed where they left off. Where can i lookup my stats? Here: http://ren.multiplayerforums.com/ranks/NewMaps/(will be cleaned when the weekend event starts) Rules of Engagement? Most important rules: You cannot ever cheat on any of our servers You cannot use advantage skins or models You must be registered on our forums over here You must have a Steam Account to receive the Prize Anything you *think* is inappropiate should not be done, if in doubt: Ask a moderator or admin Other important rules you should know about to avoid being (q)kicked, banned or excluded from the contest: Please click here to review all server rules: http://multiplayerforums.com/topic/36-newmaps-42-server-extended-rules/ Other Requirements: TT 4.2 The Tiberian Technologies Update 4.2 for Renegade is required to play on the server. You can download it on their official website if you do not already have it. It adds lots of extra's, bugfixes, anti-cheat and a ingame automatic map-downloader, awesome stuff! The Prizes - The players in the Top 3 with Most Score will receive on Steam the game Age of Empires II HD Edition: - The players in the Top 2 with Most Kills will receive on Steam the game Unreal Tournament 3 Black Edition: - The player with the Most Played Games will receive on Steam the game-pack Sanctum 2 Complete: - The player with the Most Points will receive on Steam the game-collection Commandos Collection: - The player with the Most Deaths will receive on Steam the game How to Survive: The Map Rotation SeasideCanyon Canyon_Falls Country_Meadow Nightfly2 Bio MtPass Stockade Atoll Tropical Tech_City LittleHillRumble2 Mines BlazingSands City2 Oasis_Flying HillBilly_Valley Urban_Warfare Terrace Aftermath River_RaidTS Tib_Field Lake_Garden Death_Pass City_Flying_SE SeasideSunset BoxedInV4 Cold_Valley MetroTS Gobi MtPass DesertTunnels TheCanyon GreatWall Dawn_Raid Dusk Cliffs RiverValley Vile_Facility DomesV2 Gigantomachy Fortress2k4 MPF_Meadow Mars Tib_Forest Land_Day Basin MPF_Snipers Winter_Assault Lunar_Landing Last_Stand BattleForMidway Damm Arid MPF_Big_Walls Cold_River Great_Mountains Nova Night0X Sand Hidden_Valley Country_Side Bridge Industrial_Strength Battleground Heightfield City_Flying_Re Forest_Falls GreatUnder [Ocean_View] Plunder_Valley TCW_Spikewar MtBog Pacific Alpine Caves Detroit Blizzard Killer_Cove_v2 Cold_Waters Airai MPF_Valley Forgotten_Town Secretbase Orca_Heights Bridge_Control Cracked Arctic Death_Trap_snow CloseCombat FalcWhore Bunkers Cold_Wall Colossus2r1 Sidewinder Desert_Seige2fx Deth_River River_Canyon Cairo Conquest_Winter ULake Divergence BunkersTS BasinTS High_Altitude Infinite_Isle Flooded Tib_Pit_3 Winter_Assault FieldTS Underpass MPF_Under Skull_Isle SunFusion River_of_Hope Backstab Winter_Field Ravine Active Server Plugins Of course the server will run our own MPF_NewMaps.dll plugin which adds additional functionality to the server such as Veterancy and Special Crates & Power-ups. Other plugins running on the server are for example the Team Donate and !ammo purchase ability every minute. Type !cmds for a list. You can also type !swap to change teams with someone on the opposite team, or to balance the teams. For a full list of modifications and adjustments please visit our Website. Thanks Thanks people for reading this and maybe joining up. Let's kick some fkn ass!
  8. It is not online again i believe Can someone investigate?
  9. Currently streaming @ http://www.twitch.tv/mpforums again For anyone who may be itnerested.
  10. http://www.indiedb.com/games/renegade-imperial-age/videos/trailer-by-griever Have fun watching It is for a game based on C&C Renegade, called Imperial Age. It is free, standalone, and kick-ass of course. Feel free to download while on the site We have many players ingame every day! Join us Hehe.mp3
  11. I'm streaming a bit off and on from now on, but from 7pm till 1am or so i'll permanently stream
  12. Streaming Tonight 7PM GMT+1 (Dutch Time) I will be streaming MPF's Imperial Age tonight at around 7 o'clock GMT+1 Dutch Time. Where to watch? Watch on Twitch.TV/mpforums Thanks Thank you for watching and enjoying C&C Imperial Age. PS If you do not already have C&C Imperial Age you can download it off our official website. You can also find very useful information there about the game. Cya ingame!
  13. Winners Mother of all Battles Weekend As you can see on the ranking statistics for last weekend 3 april to 6 april 2015, we selected the following winners: - Number 1 with most Score: Manuel857 with 301843 score. - Number 1 with most kills: itoxics with 564 kills. - Number 2 with most kills: Darkzero with 528 kills. - Number 3 with most kills: NFHAVOC with 410 kills. Now some other notices: Manuel857 let me know he does not want to claim his prize and said i should give it to the person next in line. So the player NFHAVOC will receive the Ultimate Collection for Command and Conquer. In addition to this NFHAVOC is supposed to get a copy of Killing Floor for having the 3rd most kills but i think that's a bit unfair so we will give the third copy of Killing Floor to the person with most kills after NFHAVOC which is: - Number 4 with most kills: geko400ri with 389 kills. Congratulations everyone And thank you very much for playing on our server! The winners will be contacted shortly about their prizes Cya at the next event coming soon PS: The ranking stats have resumed normal operation where they left off on friday the 3rd, so your rank is not completely lost from past month View your rankstats here: http://ren.multiplayerforums.com/ranks/NewMaps/
  14. TrickyT is the lucky/skilled winner of the month March 2015: The Command and Conquer Ultimate Collection with all the C&C Games in it for Origin. Congratulations man And thanks for playing on our server
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