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  1. I only got to play C&C Sole Survivor a little while before the servers went down and didn't get to try all its modes but it was pretty cool having every unit controlled by a player. Plus some of the more elusive units made an appearance. Isn't it the only game where you could play as a Viceroid, or at least the classic style Viceroid? Hopefully it wouldn't be too big a project to build it into the remasters.
  2. Awesome! Looks and sounds like a C&C. Should be cool to once again skillfully control an individual unit in a huge team or in a huge free-for-all!
  3. Just be careful about combining diet soda with those! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igSE5_Nce28 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8r6P0HiPwU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wfppG7Tt0k https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwNxIS4mlQU
  4. That is pretty damn awesome. I liked the whole load of new scenery with the dam, bridges, shoreline, and even some new ridges. I tried making the truck(train) larger with Image=MGG but there's trails if you select it.
  5. Ah, the map render image I recreated bit by bit didn't show trees. But copying the terrain section from the original sole map .ini worked fine. Thanks. New test2 versions will have that.
  6. For smaller maps I recommend copying and pasting the rules from xsbcrate.mpr For larger crate maps where people want to build everything with big naval battles here's a set of rules xslcrate.txt
  7. Here's an enhanced version of the popular crates map "Break Ownz at Crates" which people like to play with bases on, units 0, money 0, tech level 1, and of course crates on. This one is named XS-Break Ownz These Crates? And is designed to be played the same or any way you like. England & Spain are replaced with GDI and Germany & Turkey are replaced with Nod. Units have Sole Survivor stats except infantry are still crushable. The Ore Truck and Mine Layers of very limited usefulness that people would get from crates are now Flame Tanks and Mobile Rocket Launchers. Each player also starts with one missile launching gunboat as well as single use spy plane, custom paratroopers, chrono, and iron curtain. Soviets get medium tanks (with sole stats) instead of heavy tanks. This map like most of mine requires C&C1 gfx in spawn1.mix automatically loaded by CnCNet. xsbcrate.mpr
  8. Sole Survivor was a massively multiplayer game based on original C&C, Tiberium Dawn. Servers went down over ten years ago and it was never included in any C&C collections. It was up to 50 players but you had to pick only one unit to play as, any unit in the original C&C. Team CTF was the most popular mode. Stats were modified from TD values, designed to even up units, and most were given more hit points, Red Alert 1 is limited to 8 players but you can have multiple units in this version recreated for RA. Two or three per a player will probably make for most strategic and skillful games. Ants with their stats are substituted for viceroid and two of the four dinosaurs. All other TD units are present as well as some RA units. Thanks to Myg whose sole server work I got most stats from and Nyerguds whose Sole Survivor map render images I recreated map35 going by. More info and variations of first test map available at http://xo.cncguild.net/sole.html I do not know exact numbers for weapons, warhead percentages, and structures. I have approximated weapon firing rates and ranges closely but do not know if damages or %'s were changed. If anyone has this information or where it could be found in sole.exe with a hex editor I would appreciate it. Variations of Free-for-All or Capture the Flag are attached here as well. Each one is a different theater. These are all self-contained map mods that do not modify your game. Just play the map and it has the custom rules within it. xsole35j.mpr xsole35w.mpr xsole35d.mpr xsole35t.mpr xsole35s.mpr xsole35b.mpr
  9. Eisengeist

    AI buildings

    When I played over a decade ago I don't remember AI building any helipads or airstrips. But now at least with Hard AI rules they build plenty. I've seen them build and quick sell Tech Centers, so I guess they get construction options for vehicles at least. I've also seen them capture and immediately sell mine! :mad: It was their target immediately and repeatedly when I customized paradrop to include engineers in a map (with TD style single capture). [AI] AttackInterval=2 AttackDelay=3 AutocreateTime=4 InfantryReserve=9000 BaseSizeAdd=999 RefineryRatio=.26 RefineryLimit=6 BarracksLimit=1 WarRatio=.26 WarLimit=2 DefenseLimit=6 TeslaRatio=.16 TeslaLimit=20 HelipadRatio=.1 HelipadLimit=5 AirstripRatio=.12 AirstripLimit=15 CompEasyBonus=No Paranoid=no PowerEmergency=90%
  10. I'm kinda sorry I never tried any of their stuff, but there was a good 9 year period where I didn't mess much with video games at all so no wonder I missed out. Anyone have any suggestions?... Since they're where I guess most of Westwood went and my favorite C&C games are 1: TD, 2: RA1, 3:TS. The only other one I played all the way through was Renegade which was a fun close up 1st person different experience of TD's stuff.
  11. https://www.google.com/search?q=e%3Dmc+hammer&biw=1093&bih=517&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&sqi=2&ved=0CCkQsARqFQoTCJPVnfCO_cgCFQGmHgodqS0MYw
  12. Depending on whether you have the full game or a multiplayer/skirmish install, there's ra95launcher and ra1MPlauncher. One gives the option of play offline and the other gives offline skirmish using CNCnet's setup. Or regardless of version click play online but then choose skirmish instead of logging in. CNCNet's skirmish will fix Allied Nations' bonuses instead of Germany being the only good one and it loads spawn1.mix which is required for map mods like my XO that use C&C1 gfx.
  13. It's always been messed up in rules.ini which has never been alterated in any newer official version of RA. 1.1 is slower ROF and weaker armor, while 0.9 is better. However, last I saw CnCnet's spawn.xdp overrides it and gives 1.1 Firepower instead to all six allied nations, unless you specify your own bonuses in map, then those will take priority.
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