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  1. Will anything from the beta be added to the full RA release?
  2. I'm not really sure what you are trying to say. Do you think something is wrong with posting about this personal project?
  3. Good suggestion. Problem is that RA has been like this since the start, and its a big part of the current gameplay. I don't want to do huge changes like this, it would change the game too much. My thought currently is to change infantry to get a more important role while keeping core gameplay the same. For soviet i'm thinking of makeing flamethrower infantry and tesla troopers "heavy" infantry that cant be crushed and has more hp. The tesla trooper already has this function, so it will just be making it more suitable for this. For allied players I'm thinking about buffing the rof and range of rocket soldiers, and maybe reduce the price a bit. This way these units become more viable to use. For example: the shock trooper en tesla tank requires a tesla coil to be build, forcing a player to build this outside the normal tech steps. Same for the demo truck requiring the missle silo. I'm considering to move them to the normal war factory + tech center requirement to make them easier to acces. Same for a few other units and buildings. Well the helicarrier, phase transport and supply truck can easily be added to the game since they are fully coded etc. Only thing is that in its current form the heli carrier is useless. Its super expensive and requires the tech center. By this time you also have cruisers, so why bother with it. I'm thinking about making it like a mobile early game helipad. Convoy truck could be a usefull light apc for soviet if priced right. Using directly copied stats wont work for it. Well mostly minor stuff. Like some buildings having more view range than others without a clear reason, some buildings using light /heavy armor while others use wood/concrete etc. These features would be nice, but I'm not sure if thats something I shoudl do. I want to keep the game as much to the original as possible. I would like to fix things, not change the game. I will keep you comment on removing stuff in mind. Maybe there are some uses to be found for the stuff I'm thinking about removing. If you have suggestiosn let me know. Stuff I considere useless is: Fake buildings, sandbags, barbed wire and anti infantry mines. I will be posting the proposed changes to the rules step by step, so you will be able to see and comment on them. I'm almost done with the tech tree tweaking, so that will get posted soon Anyway thanks for the feedback!
  4. Red alert is a great game, and I love playing it. After playing this game for years I realise that there is a lot that can be improved. I love the core gameplay and strategies the game offers now, and this is something that can't and should never be changed. What could be improved is all the underpowered and useless units that are unviable to use, even during casual matches. I'm going to attempt to work on a "balancing" patch to make all ingame units usefull in some way. I know changing the game in any way is a really sensitive subject. I consider this a personal patch where i just share the progress for who might be interested. I understand there are many purists who like the game as it is, and thats fine. The main aims for this project are as follows: 1. Preserve current build orders and strategies. 2. Buff underpowered units/buildings to make them usefull, no nerfing. 3. Tweak the tech tree for easier acces to unused units 4. Make it viable to use non tank build orders 5. Restore balance between allied and soviet side 6. Implement hidden AM units in a way that compliments the tech trees 7. Correct minor stat inconsistencies (example: light tank has lower view range than medium tank) 8. Remove useless stuff that can't be fixed (example: sandbags) Progress: Phase 1: Tweak tech tree > in progress Phase 2: Tweak units > not started Phase 3: Playtesting (map mod) > not started Phase 4: Evaluate changes, back to earlier phase if needed. > not started Phase 5: Publish patch (possibly as a full package including the game) > not started
  5. I'm considering a mod project for ra1 and am looking for a base version to start with. What version am I allowed to use? I dont want to risk offending people by using their work, so starting this topic to be sure. If possible I would like to have a version that includes fixes so it works on windows 10
  6. Have played c&c 95 with the new ddraw version the last weeks. Have had encountered 0 buggs or errors. So far looking really stable
  7. This where mapmaking becomes an art form. Great tutorial, I hope it will be an inspiration to many people on the forum!
  8. Zjorz

    Tech tree pdf

    Made a tech tree as for RA+AM as a reference chart for a balacing mod/patch i'm working on. Sharing it for anybody who might be interested RA1 3.03 AM tech tree.pdf
  9. I do think a standard combination of settings should be chosen for "ranked" play. I think it should be something like: 10k starting money 0 extra units No crates No undeploy MCV
  10. I dont think the resolution should be locked. Just look at how age of empires 2 has made a comback after so many years. People play it at different resolutions yet there is solid competetive play
  11. There are many fans of both styles of RA1 gameplay. Curious what ends up to be the most popular if we measure it trough a poll.
  12. One option I never see used for c&c is a neutral building that can be captured for a tech advantage. A neutral communications center that gets captured could allow a player to go for a early tech center/temple and be creative with his build order. Would be a cool twist to add to some mp maps
  13. I have the newest config and ddraw version mixed with the neyerguds singleplayer version. Will post feedback in the other topic after playtesting the campaign
  14. Used this with the "nearest" filter and the result has been great! Maybe worth including this as a preset for the config tool?
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