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  1. Is not the download offered on the cncnet site. I tried it multiple times but couldn't get it to work on windows 10. Recently I discovered the the Tiberian Sun Client. It's a much more advanced version of TS that combines many features of the multiplayer version with all the singleplayer content. I can really recommend it! http://www.moddb.com/mods/tiberian-sun-client
  2. RA1 editing factions

    Lately I've becoming interested in editing red alert 1. My main interest is in adding a third side. So far I haven't been able to find accurate information about editing factions/countries. Is this possible? If this isn't, is there a way to use a trick to get the same result, like replacing a country and using it as a third faction? Thanks
  3. Useless unit & structures

    I actually like the radar jammer. I usually build one and park it behind a tree near his base just before i attack. Most of the time it draws away a small group of tanks from the enemy base, giving me a slight advantage.
  4. Does anybody know where i can find a version that includes the singleplayer missions? I remember tore was working on this, but i cant find a link. Thanks
  5. When I used to play the campaign i was always wondering how these maps would be in multiplayer. Inspired by bmoellers map conversion I converted a campaign mission for multiplayer. The map includes changes to the tech tree to mimic the allowed tech for this mission. Depending one the feedback i might convert more maps. Let me know what you think. SM2B.mpr
  6. RA1 Removing special weapons

    Wow that actually works! I wasnt expecting that since -1 works for most units/building tech settings Thanks for the help!
  7. I was trying to remove the para drop and spy plane for the soviet player in multiplayer/skirmish I tried this: [General] ; special weapons ParaTech=-1 ; tech level when free para-infantry appears from airstrip SpyPlaneTech=-1 ; tech level when free spy plane appears from airstrip But it doesnt work for me. I havent been able to find anything else in rules ini that corresponds to the spyplane/paradrop. How can i remove them?
  8. I hope the ones on cnc comm can be replaced with this. These editors are vastly superior to the original ones!
  9. I'm tired of ORA-Break harassing me

    Maybe this is his way of telling he wants to be friends lol. He could be very lonely and desperate for attention
  10. There are a few core things to keep in mind: You cant rebalance units after they where like this for 20 years. It will devide the small red alert community The game engine has limitations In my opinion there are a few simple fixes that could rebalance gameplay. Use campaign unit balance: Rocket soldier & tanya allied only Parabombs for the soviet player Remove country bonusses. They give the soviet player another bonus they dont actually need. Just make every country vanilla/ without bonus. By doing this the game wont suddenly become balanced. It will just make the game a little less imbalanced. A few tweaks i would like to see myself (non balance related) All infantry selfheal, remove field medics Instant capture engineers remove sandbags/barbed wire attack dogs buildable via soviet baracks, remove kennel Remove redundant stuff like: camo pillbox, ranger, yak
  11. Useless unit & structures

    Regarding the ranger vs APC Ranger: cost 600 150hp armour light movement wheeled (slower on most terrain) APC: cost 800 200hp armour heavy movement tracked (faster on most terrain) can crush infantry can transport infantry Same: Speed View range Weapon and damage Even with the lower cost the ranger seems like worse choice 99.9% of the time
  12. Useless unit & structures

    About the field medic, how do you use them? Build a pack of riflemen and surround them with concrete wall?
  13. Useless unit & structures

    True, but 2 camo pillboxes cost as much as 3 normal ones. The 3 normal ones will do 1,5 times the damage 2 camo pillboxes do for the same cost
  14. Useless unit & structures

    Hey guys. I was brainstorming about a private patch to polish red alert. One of the things i want to do is remove units and buildings without function. What units and structures are never used in any tactic? So far i came up with the following list: Allied: Field medic: useless in a tank centered game Ranger: a crappy version of the apc without transport functionality Camo pillbox: more expensive pillbox with the same weapon. Waste of money Sandbags: crap version of walls that have little use yet are better Fake structures: waste of time to build. Nobody cared about a fake radar or naval yard Soviet: Barbed wire: same as sandbag Kennel: never seen anybody build this or a dog, EVER Iron curtain: way to expensive for what it does. Yak: does way to little damage vs buildings. Mig is superior and costs just a little more Soviet mine layer: nobody bothers with anti inf mines since inf is easy to kill Let me know what you think
  15. Only played 2 or 3 times

    Noob, I didnt play for half a year and my play didnt decrease. LOL