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  1. I'm normally using a USB dongle, until a few weeks back used to tether (cable) through my phone, the problem seems unrelated to the change this started happening some time after changing to dongle but other sites are fine. So what does the live stream button do?
  2. Before I logged in the other day my speedtest came back as 3.18MBps down and 0.86MBps up, yet I am dropping out of every game within two minutes of game start. Also noticed since the 'live stream' sticker appeared consistently this is a problem whereas before that sticker appeared I rarely dropped. So how fast do you need to be, considering I find it ridiculous that above connection cannot play a game that is 18 years old.
  3. I wasn't trying to imply that anyone is unreal, just be nice to know that these logs are being analysed at some time or another.
  4. Does anybody from the project actually read this thread?
  5. Also crashed again later, with a games are out of sync error followed by a packaged retrieved too late when I pressed continue and the game closed.
  6. Is this the file you need? Happened when I was selecting some planes, not sure if it was just me or everyone. ra95crash.zip
  7. I find this happens mostly when starting a game with 6 or more players after a countdown about the connection, games with less players and the very occasional large game are fine, it might be if the game cannot synchronise everyone's connection at game start.
  8. I find that if I go into a game and it says connection is 'bad' or 'very bad' as does happen sometimes, I can leave game back to the main lobby, then immediately go back into the same game and my connection is suddenly 'good' or 'very good', why would this be?
  9. Wouldn't it be better if a resigned player simply gives control to the computer rather than everything just blowing up? It would be less annoying this way especially if it is your ally in a 2v2 match.
  10. It's happened twice now, first my team mate then my opponent, all of a sudden all their units and buildings exploded and they were gone but nobody shot at them. Why? It seems they left the game two seconds later but last I checked if someone drops out their command goes to the computer, doesn't it?
  11. Bases were enabled, also this does not establish why it gave me the option of starting with 50 units then changed it back one game later
  12. I saw one person opened a game with 50 starting units instead of the normal max of 12, the game was cancelled, when I then opened a game I had the option of starting with 50 units for each player and successfully so, after that it went back to max of 12. I'm unfamiliar with this, what exactly happened and why?
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