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  1. I'm on a 50" display. Wouldn't necessarily want to run it in 3840x2160... (Although, that would be amazing to see. ! lol) Maybe 2048x1536 ?
  2. Thanks Shaggy, I tried and tried and somehow got it working at 1920x1080 fullscreen. Is it possible at all to run the game at a higher resolution? Anything above it crashes the game internally. Anyone know?
  3. So is 64-bit Windows8 possible to run this 16-bit game?
  4. Main Execution for Tiberian Sun has stopped working. Everytime I launch it. However with the -win also after -ui it loads just fine, but, in a corner lol *edit nvm, it crashes on mission start same message.
  5. Wow thanks that solves the mouse problem too! Is there a way to run it in windowed mode? "-win" just forces it to run in a corner in full screen.
  6. I'm checking back in the "Newer C&C games" board every day in case it's out lol Would it be posted there when it's out?
  7. Oh man, didn't realize Windows8 caused so many problems. Hope the fix will be out soon? Been missing this game crazy.
  8. Hey guys, nice community you got here. I just got a 4K UHDTV and been trying to setup TS to work properly at 1920x1080. I've read a ton online and got it all setup well except 1 huge problem: On gameplay, when I move the mouse, the mouse blinks/flickers and the game runs slow, (the faster I move the mouse the more paused-slow it gets). When I stop moving the mouse, the game operates perfectly! Clicks also work just fine. But it's impossible to play like this. lol Windowed or not, different resolution, tried that all. I have the Win8 fix copied. What could this be? Anyone run into this problem before? My windows is at 3840x2160, but I don't think this is the problem especially when I'm trying to play it fullscreen at a much lower resolution. (btw, game crashes with internal error if I try to run it at res 3840x2160 lol Also tried the res down, same error at 2560x1440)
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