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  1. OK, now i have understanding ! :-) greetings ICe
  2. Hey some GDI an NOD Levels from 1996. I found it on old CDs from my Basement. greetings Ice neue_Levels.zip
  3. These are Old Levels from 1995. Gdi.zip Nod.zip
  4. Ok a have some Savegames from 1995 an they doesnt work, the name for example (alt) Klausi or (alt) Test . Also all old savegame with the extension (alt) are doesnt work see attachment,plz greetings ice SAVEGAME.zip
  5. do you have nore campaigns for me ? greetings ice
  6. Hello, is there a way to convert old C&CMaps to play it in Version 1.06 ? greeting Ice
  7. Hi Chimas, i have copy the file into C&C folder, but nothing happend, i cant see new maps ... Hoffentlich verstehst du mein Englisch :-) Greetings Ice
  8. Ok the grey Text i understand, but de the text with the suffix dont. I have no idea what do you mean. Sorry im am a newbie in this ..... geetings Ice
  9. where can i download the rest of the missions ? here are only 3 Missions.... ? greetinge Ice
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