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  1. OmegaBolt

    YR Red-Resurrection has arrived!

    Because I much prefer them. Don't think I've ever made a mod that didn't use them. I never liked the almost textureless, blue glass effect on the vanilla Allied War Factory in particular. There aren't at this time. Someone was working on a small campaign but I believe they stopped. If you want to look out for missions like that it'd be best to join the discord I think.
  2. OmegaBolt

    YR Red-Resurrection has arrived!

    Yes, units have specific, clear roles of course. You can see information on all of them on the website (or offline manual included with the mod) http://omegabolt.cncguild.net/
  3. OmegaBolt

    YR Red-Resurrection has arrived!

    There are lots of videos on the mod's YouTube page, this isn't the only one. Some are 7 minute 1v1s that are competitive, some are longer team games. People enjoy different kinds of games, there's no way to cater to everyone in one video. You also don't see as much content in a shorter, serious match. The reason I chose to give Grant that video is because it is the most popular one in recent months. So it must be doing something right. I didn't lose out on much money, and there were gems nearby. I didn't lose anything of value. It also wouldn't have shown anymore unique strategies... using the miners and infantry, to clear out the enemy and recapture the artillery was as valid a strategy as any other. If I'd built up some siege units or something instead that would've been a lot slower and you would've simply watched me base building until T3 where real siege units are available. Some kind of miner assault is always more fun to see IMO. However, I also wasn't playing towards the camera or something, I was just playing the game normally - which is something I prefer to watch in other people's videos and a more realistic look at the mod anyway. Uhh planes are not useless against structures. The bombers of course are more effective against larger buildings because of their attack pattern, so not good against the small artillery bunker, but 4 can take out a War Factory on T2. If you play really well you can lock out of a player from building vehicles very early on. They're VERY powerful, which lead to so many complaints against them during the beta. Kind of funny that you even say that. The attack-move kind of gameplay was as avoided here as possible in the engine - again, its quite funny that you say that. I personally think that means you haven't played or seen much of the mod, because simply building a single army and attack moving will not win you the game at all. I explicitly gave every country units that worked better outside of the main army group, gave every country weapons that are best used for side attacks. There's quite a bit of splash damage dealers, making grouping your units inadvisable - even basic MBTs have splash damage as a way of ensuring they are both good counters against groups of light units, but also not cost efficient against other MBTs. Lots and lots of development went into trying to steer away from classic C&C unit blobbing and make every unit have a particular role.
  4. OmegaBolt

    YR Red-Resurrection has arrived!

    Uhh, well don't we have a weird comment here. I'm not sure what your problem is. First its a 2v2 game, so it's just for fun. Doesn't matter how good I am or not, I wasn't trying to show off - just display some casual mod play. Secondly, using the miner worked, so how was it idiotic? You can hardly say that if you don't know the mod and unit capabilities etc. I don't mod for top RA2 players, I don't think the base game is very interesting.
  5. OmegaBolt

    YR Red-Resurrection has arrived!

    What would I learnt to play before modding? The base game is no fun. 😛 Been modding it since I first got the game basically, 13 years ago now. Any examples? The new units added since 2.1 were added over the course of a years playtesting, with games every week with about 10 different testers all playing - I made very sure all units were used and had a place.
  6. OmegaBolt

    Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge Support

    From what I remember the resolution selection is limited and odd in EBFD. But yes of course I would like both games.
  7. OmegaBolt

    Grimson's Workshop

    Player 0 seems to have it especially tough. The positions get loads of Tib and buildspace while 0 gets neither...
  8. OmegaBolt

    Command & Conquer '95 v1.06c released!

    Is it possible to add a tag which makes sure that when the player captures a sides building (e.g a Barracks owned by Multi3) it says either "GDI/Nod Building Captured"?
  9. OmegaBolt

    Tiberian Dawn Construction Yard

    Nice job, looks cool.
  10. It should be launched with a proper tournament for at least one of the games, and coverage of each match.
  11. Really can't wait for this. Can't you knock the Nod EVA thing off the list?
  12. OmegaBolt

    CnC Multi-Player Mapping Comp

    If you need an extra map I could pull one off today I think.
  13. OmegaBolt

    C&C Onslaught (Campaign)

    What would you recommend me to do to make them harder? (Probably not for these missions, but later ones)
  14. C&C: Onslaught About C&C Onslaught is a campaign expansion to Tiberian Dawn, following from its GDI ending. Both GDI and Nod will recieve at least 12 new missions each. Only the first 3-4 missions shall be posted of each faction until the full release. I'd like to note that these missions are intended to follow a storyline and not just random fun missions. Onslaught has been developed on the C&C 1.06 patch by Nyerguds and using CCMap map editor. ATM all missions are playable through the "New Missions" menu, but eventually I might try and make into something bigger and replace the original missions. Storyline 1995. GDI has seemingly won the war against the worldwide organisation, the Brotherhood of Nod. Nod's European forces have crumbled to GDI and their headquarters, the Temple of Nod in Serajevo has been destroyed, along with their leader, Kane. This has lead the breakdown of Nod forces resulting in global military chaos. After the victory in Europe, GDI reassembles and pushes to attack Nod controlled Africa. With communication and leadership breakdown within Nod, the Brotherhood fails to protect itself and quickly loses large territories to the Initiative. GDI is winning the fight. Installation Guide To "install" the maps simply drag the contents of the zip files into your Tiberian Dawn directory and then choose New Missions in the main menu. There you will see the title of the missions (eg, GDI: 01 - Cleanup) which you can just select to play. GDI Campaign While playing the GDI campaign you are a Commander who served under General Shephard before his disappearance. You are receiving orders from a General Hudson; a stern General who cares little for Shephard and your past achievements. (At least that would be true if there were cutscenes ) Mission 01 - Cleanup GDI is in mid assault on Africa. In this mission your goal is to take out a small Nod base. In the rest of Africa, other GDI commanders are equally destroying Nod. Briefing Our campaign in Africa is going well, Nod has collapsed and its grip is decaying as we speak. There is a small Nod base in your area thats foolishly holding up; take it out. Our forces are spread thin so you must use what you have but it should be enough. Good luck. DOWNLOAD DEMO Mission 02 - Raise the Heat In retaliation to their heavy losses, Nod attacks that which GDI swore to protect: the Civilian population. By doing this they distract GDI's military operations against Nod installations, bidding them some time. Briefing Those bastards! Just when they're losing they swing a cheap punch. Nod is destroying civilian towns - burning and looting everything they find. There are also reports of these sick freaks taking civilian prisoners! Because of SAM support we cant send in much, but if you destroy the SAMs we can use our own fire. Teach these motherf*ckers a lesson and send them crying back to Kane. DOWNLOAD DEMO Mission 03 - Heart of Fire While most of GDI is taking care of the damaged civilians, you are assigned the task of destroying a heavy installation which must be the cause of the recent attacks. Briefing Intel has reported a large Nod installation - the cause of recent attacks on civilians. Taking out this installation is critical. Establish a base and make a full frontal assault. Beware, they are capable of building flame weaponry. DOWNLOAD DEMO Screenshot  (taken by Tore)
  15. OmegaBolt

    TS:firestorm ?

    Yeah but he never said he couldnt install the game... just not play it online. And since they use the same exe I assume XWIS checks for the TS serial number.