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  1. In the rules.ini, find [Easy], [Normal] or [Hard] and edit the Cost string go 0 for free building. Also you can change BuildSpeed to 0 for instant build, however the AI also gets this effect. Alternatively you can just edit the single units for the faction you're playing as stated above.
  2. I have a problem with a co-op map I made. Every time I play online with someone, it goes out of sync after a few seconds (at the same point every time). I have "IsCoopMode=yes" inserted under [basic] I have made one before without this issue and I have no clue what I have done wrong with it this time around. Any help appreciated, thanks.
  3. Ok, thanks I was trying to copy paste from mix file in C&C95 (with no result) but it's far more complicated than i thought haha. Thanks for the help, I will try the Red Dawn approach.
  4. Hi. Loving CnCNet 5, and been a huge fan of C&C since it kicked off when I was 6! . I hope that I'm not repeating a suggestion, but, I have one. Would it be possible at all to have a 1v1 'Quick Match'? Because I think a lot of players would gain from it; learn new tactics and so on. Also, if you can have some sort of ranked number system like they had on RA2 back when the servers were running, that would be pretty brilliant too. Anyway, keep up the awesome work guys!
  5. Hi, this is probably uber noob question, but how can I replace a building in RA1 with the advanced guard tower? Allies have such weak defense.
  6. Same just happened to me. I thought it was something on my part until now. Hopefully this is fixed soon then.
  7. Loving the mods. The GDI and Nod ones are brilliant. Keep up the good work man!
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