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  1. The youtube videos are in 1440p, if uploaded at 2160p it would look better because YouTube gives more bit rate to 2160p and 1440p and it makes a huge difference. I tried that while upscaling 720p game captures, 2x scale (1440p) looked noticably worse than 3x upscale (2160p) on YouTube.
  2. Say playing at 640x480 you need to internally use 640x400. then upscale that to 3200x2400 and then downscale that using bilinear scaling back to 640x480, apply a little bit of pixelate shader. It will never be pixel perfect but I want it to be a 1 pixel difference at most.
  3. I've unhardcoded weapons, warheads, bullets, sounds effects, eva speech sounds, infantry, buildings, vehicles, vessels, aircrafts. You can also make clones of existing units and do stuff like custom buildings foundations, adding extra fakes and adding new walls. TODO: -Superweapons -Animations -Sides/countries -MCV undeploy logic -Conyard redeoploy logic (mcv redeploy) -Refinery gets free Harvester (FreeUnit) -Crate goodies -Starting Units -Helipad gets free heli (heli depends on side, -> needs to be per country and configurable) -Owner&SpiedBuildings bitfields need to be turned into dynamic vector class Once that is done I can copy paste TD logic into RA1. Maybe look into doing custom palettes. I've also added deploy hotkey & building placement hotkey (like in RA2/YR). I added support for sidebar icon cameo sorting. Copied someone else''s fix for mission ambush not working, fixed AI not repairing [Base] buildings and not playing construction animation for them. Also made a new rules.ini key to fix the tech up bug where you can sell Tech Center and keep units like Mammoth tank. I made a fix for the Mobile Gap Gen not updating on your radar map properly if it's moving. I'm currently working on adding support for beacons. Beacon placement works but I gotta write some code for deleting beacons still. Then I gotta support for radar events so the beacon shows up in the radar map and you can (like in RA2/YR and Generals/ZH) press a key (default spacebar I guess) to jump your viewport to where that event occured. Other than that I'm also interested in adding support for tech building. I'm following a new tool used by Skyrim/Fallout modders to generate new voice samples from an existing AI voice model. I'm waiting for them to add support for generating ("training") new models so we can generate new EVA voices for events. I'm looking into doing near perfect aspect ratio conversion for CRTs without flickering shimmering. CRTs have rectangular pixels while LCDs have square pixels. The game needs to be scaled 20% higher to be at the correct CRT aspect ratio it's designed for. using bilinear scaling or nearest neighbour both present issues. Apparently the DosBox people have some code for it to correct for it and there apparently are a bunch of shaders that can do the upscaling and one that can pixelate the screen a little bit to remove minor blur, but I gotta look into it still (no one seems to care about this). What MIGHT work well for scaling is upscaling image 5x width and 6x height then downscaling back to the normal resolution via bilinear scaling and adding a little bit of the pixelate shader so compensate for minor blur added by bilinear scaling
  4. I've updated code for cameo sorting sidebar cameos, and also to 'fix' the 'bug' where you can still buy Mammoth Tanks after tech centre is destroyed. They're optional rules.ini mod keys. I added code so you can add extra theaters (tilesets) via the game via theater.ini file. And for every theater you can now add extra templates, terrain, smudges and overlays via the <theater_name>.ini file (e.g. temperat.ini). I also added some code that can read in a custom list of cells (using Ares' format) this can later be used to read in custom building foundations. I also unhardcoded the movies that can be read from a scenario file, the game will now play movies listed in scenario files as long as they're loaded in a mix file.
  5. Thanks, just spent 20 minutes fixing it. Issue is that AI can build everything in single player. I added a extra check to prevent this if base building trigger is activated or if IQ is at or higher than ProductionIQ. I also implemented the theme.ini code so you can add new songs. Allows for overwriting the hard-coded list or appending to the hard-coded list of songs.
  6. I'm the one who made that custom ra95.exe. I wrote some code to read theaters from a custom control file so you can add extra, also fixed the new construction bug. Code isn't in the main development codebase yet though. The IQ=5 bug in single player mode is interesting. Do you have a test map? I also wrote some code for, SP AI base buildings (e.g. [Base] for every ai player instead of just 1 player), right click scroll coasting like in ra2, autosave replays and replay playback (with its own menu), autosave & quicksave, high res with centering of all menus, spawner. I still need to port a few things from my custom ra95.exe patches (and things funkyfr3sh made for CnCNet patches and AlexB's ARDA patch made). I also unhardcoded waypoints so you can have more than 97, and unhardcoded the movies that can be played in a map file. Big thing that still needs to be done is unhard-coding a bunch of internal logic for stuff like infantry (so that they can be set in rules and maps ini) and adding support for adding new stuff like infantry.
  7. If you can tell me what features you want I can add them. 😀
  8. It will support ra1 mods as it's based on the original code. I'm actively adding features from the cncnet patches (including my patches and others) but those aren't done yet but I'm fully dedicated to adding support for mods, and much more features than possible before. The project is still in alpha state but we really could use testers. It's open testing so there are no secrets or drama.
  9. Looking for people to test open-source RA1, it's based on the remaster code base but intending to play like on CnCNet and not like remaster. It uses the original ("legacy") game files so you don't need to buy Remaster or anything. We're intending to support all the CnCNet patches in the future (high res, mousewheel sidebar scrolling, CnCNet) but we're not at that stage yet. If you wanna test just join the Discord chat channel: https://discord.gg/UnWK2Tw For developers, the URL is https://github.com/TheAssemblyArmada/Vanilla-Conquer
  10. Hi guys we're looking for people testing open-source C&C1. The code is based on the original game source as used by remaster (although not keeping remaster gameplay changes). The following features are done/in progress: -64 bit support -SDL2/OpenAL port -ARM -Linux/*BSD -TD skirmish -TD megamaps (128x128) Notable things missing: -Features added by CnCNet game patches and Nyerguds' game patches (intending to add these!) -CnCNet support (intending to add) -Network (in progress) You don''t have to sign up or anything. If you wanna test just join the Assembly Armada Discord. Discord invite: https://discord.gg/UnWK2Tw https://github.com/TheAssemblyArmada/Vanilla-Conquer
  11. It's now merged into the main branch! https://github.com/TheAssemblyArmada/Vanilla-Conquer You need to use the built-in map editor to make a TD megamap.
  12. Megamaps support (256x256 like in Red Alert Aftermath) has been added to C&C1 in the open-source Vanilla Conquer project (C&C remaster source adapted to stand-alone): https://github.com/TheAssemblyArmada/Vanilla-Conquer Note: I didn't work on this.
  13. Is that the original RA1 or the remastered version?
  14. It was impossible to get new units working correctly because there are too many hard-coded check on builtin unit IDs. Vessels added into the game wouldn't even render correctly because the turret offets are hard-coded for the existing vessels, in ASM it wasn't feasible unless I'd spend months reverse engineering pretty much all game logic into C++. Now that we have the source code it's very easy to do.
  15. PPM made a mistake on the news post yesterday. Imgui is the UI library used. The map editor is the internal map editor and that's the same one as the one from beta, just using a different UI to make the UI bigger. Rewriting asm functions to C will be done and the open-source SDL2 library with opengl & openal will be used so the game can run on any operating and architecture supported by SDL2 like Linux & Mac and Android and also HTML5 web (by cross compiling C++ to Javascript). And making the game as moddable as TS/YR so adding new units and modifying all the logic will also be possible. And yeah lots of other stuff I''m planning like larger maps, more waypoints, trigger actions etc. Someone already made a better path finding mod which replaces crash & turn algorithm with A* algorithm.
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