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  1. Yes it can only be changed per map (not via RULES.INI). See the thread.
  2. Iran

    Replay support

    almost there.
  3. Contact funky about the scaling and alt+f4 issue. The alt+f4 issue should be easy to fix.
  4. Get the fuck out of here you Dutch piece of shit. Your kind disgusts me.
  5. Do you have a video of the skirmish?
  6. Transport seems to come up to the shore tiles? Might be just the larger sprite. Does this version have the option to place multiple unit at once into a transport? cargo truck doesn't have a shadow. Just like how the nuke truck doesnt have one in Aftermath.
  7. about ~1100 players on CnCNet now, with ~550 on Mental Omega.
  8. Oh thought you were talking about the supply trucks. Yeah that shouldnt be the case, the heavy tanks ought to reveal shroud. It might be related to the feature that unshrouds your shroud when a teammates unit unshrouds.
  9. How is it a troll post? The video gets about 6x more bandwidth on YouTube if you double the resolution to 1440p. You can also triple the resolution to 2160p (4k) and then it willl get 12x more bandwith and if you the video you upload is lossless than at 2160p it will be visually lossless too except for yuv420 color compression and the smaller color space of rec.709. The video codec recognizes that the pixels are quadrupled and will compress the quadrupled pixels as effectively as 720p....it will just have 6x more bandwidth (12x for 4k) lol. I even tested this on my youtube channel: youtube.com/ma1kel (contains 720p original and 720p upscaled to 4k) The only issue is recording near losslessly you need obs and x264. I did it on my channel on my PC I think 3 years ago and it was a bit choppy but I have a 2009 era i5 so, should be fine on a recent PC with a SSD. And you still got that fucking gay color space/compression issue which is a issue with red colors on ra1 but I dunno about ra2. Someone should test it with x264 and OBS, set x264 to lossless mode and have it record FLAC audio. Use a ryzen or 6 core i7. You probably shouldnt be recording at anything higher than 720p anyhow because you can't see shit cause everything is too small. You should be able to record losslessly with no lag and with decent file size. Then you can use a video editor and double resolution to 1440p or triple resolution to 2160p, save it losslessly again with x264 lossless and then upload it to YouTube.
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