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  1. Hi there I finally re-downloaded and installed red dawn. is it me or the AI doesn't repair the buildings? i'm in the GDI mission where I have to go and defend the path I've cleared in a previous mission for a convoy, and well I send a few medium tanks at a time destroying the buildings in the nod base. as I sent the tanks and get trounced by the enemy, I realized that the damage I've done to the building doesn't get repaired. So, I was able to easily disable the supply of light tanks sent by the AI as soon as the weapons factory was blown. I saved the missions at theis point , but I've notciced that there was no repair icon on the building and the building has not been rebuilt also, The only building i've seen the AI fix is the Conyard. was that suppose to happen?
  2. I do not wanna play a bad omen with this , but, why is my avg detecting malware in there???
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