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  1. yes .. but it didn't get rid of the compatibility settings.
  2. compatibility mode remained on C&C but i don't remember seeing any on redalert so i guess it worked on redalert but not on C&C. I'm currently trying to get C&C-TS working but the d/loads don't have the nod campaign or the expansion. I do have the registered ultimate pack, but that as you know doesn't run on win 8. so it looks like i can't get the full lot of the ultimate pack working well so far.. lol..
  3. they have it setup to run in compatibility mode so you need to go into its directory and the .exe's properties (not the launcher the C&C95.exe and remove all compatibility settings then the game runs, I have it set to run at 1600*900 stretching everything . before i realized that they'd set the compatibility mode I'd been trying to get it to work for ages( at least 3-4 hours trying everything under the sun). I hope this helps others not have to go through the torment that i went though
  4. I just re-installed the C&C pack from origin and your latest upload http://funkyfr3sh.cncnet.org/files/RA1installer.exe and everything seems to be working on windows 8.1 pro 64bit
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