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  1. The scrolling lag was actually worse at a lower screen resolution. No screen recording software used. I definitely experienced this even for my first game onwards. No low FPS warning. I have used the same installation for a long while but I keep it updated.
  2. I have a computer bought in 2016.... no warnings about low FPS.
  3. I'm having problems with scrolling on C&CNet Red Alert 1. This is not related to scrolling speed, as adjusting the scroll speed in the menu doesn't help The scrolling generally feels like lagging, i.e. I move the mouse to the edge of the screen and it doesn't respond for like 1 second, and then the movement jerks a bit as if the computer is struggling to cope with the input, so I feel like I have to force the cursor more towards the edge of the screen. I haven't played C&CNet in a long time, I have never had this problem before until now. Please help!
  4. Hi, I'm want to set up a game with some friends. Does CncNet support Windows 8? Thanks!
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