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  1. Greetings. I just wanted to pop in and tell my recent exp. I had reloaded Windows 7 onto my computer ( Windows 10 was undesirable for me) and much to my disappointment Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 became unresponsive. So I went ahead and reinstalled Tiberian Sun from scratch then ran the patch "Tiberian Sun patch 2.03" and it then worked perfectly! Quick question, should I try and re install Red Alert 2 and is there a similar patch for it?
  2. I downloaded the Tiberian Sun and then unzipped it, and dl the movies ( took me 1 hour ) then when I go to play the game the menus dont pop up so I cant adjust speed, save game, exit game etc. Just a silver bar appears in the middle and no menu. Can anyone help? BTW it all works fine on my desktop, but my laptop (also Windows 7) is where the menus wont open... O_o
  3. I just wanna introduce myself as a player of Command and Conquer game for over 5 years now. I was greatly distressed when my Windows XP computer finally bit the dust, and I put my Tiberian Sun disc into a Windows 7 computer, and IT DIDNT WORK. Well after struggling with "Windows XP mode" for about 4 days I finally found this website where I downloaded Tiberian Sun in a perfectly downloadable and usable format! WAY better than even Westwoods links. I can't thank you enough for that as I am basically addicted to a few C&C games and was going to even look on Craigslist for an old Windows XP computer so I could play it again.
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