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  1. Ah there's a good question. It was a RA1 Skirmish on one of the Mega 8-Player maps. I can't remember the exact map at present and I'm at work so I can't check yet. I have saved the game, so I can check later and get back to you. Interestingly, saving the mission and exiting the game did not fix the issues, which normally fixes any similar bugs.
  2. Yeah, I would have thought that but this was all of a few minutes into a Skirmish starting with zero units.
  3. Has anyone had an issue where you can click the side bar and EVA will kindly say 'Building' but nothing happens?
  4. Downloaded last night and working now - many thanks.
  5. Greetings all - I've been a long time guest here and am now a first time poster. This is an outstanding MOD, but I have tried to download the most recent update and get an error saying that the 'set-up files are corrupted' when attempting to run the video installer - is anyone else having problems with this? Cheers
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