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  1. The cncnet staff continue to impress, many thanks from Australia!
  2. Please explain how I am a failure, and what controversy? you ban me from every single game you are afraid too lose points, but TBH i'd be scared of me also.. but grow some balls mate. your acting like kaizen the dodge viper..
  3. LOL Learn some english first then come talk to me. Cry every time? I cry because you claim to be good to me verbally but when i join your tournament games you ban me every time? don't claim to be good if you can't back it up sir, That is all.
  4. sexpro is a god damn newb, bans good players from every tournament game... now he is banend from all my normal games... you suck sexpro grow some balls you female!
  5. carnage

    finish ladder

    No spectator option in tourneys wtf what Ever news Said that needs to wake up
  6. carnage


    Don't bite the hand that feeds you Terrance..
  7. Okay, so i've been a prick too many of ya'll but hopefully some of you can see past that and realize that all my tips and everything i say is too improve any given player and help them with weaker points and just giving tips where needed, this was too eventually create alot of potential for this new server.. but i fear that my time as a young adult is being deprived from other areas of life such as studies/work and parenting and it is interfering with some of those duties so I must hand in the towel. Props to those that gave me GG's, Trz - kapa371 and phatmouse.. hope too see you guys in the new year ill be back to rape in 2016, get some practice because ill be coming for those titles! peace guys love from aus
  8. finecigar/trz are not better than myself. haha + ra1n > spawn
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