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  1. I hope that you succeed You efforts to improve C&C and help other C&C fans are worth admiring.
  2. Thanks for the advice I'll take this into account if I decide to add more units and make more jumps.
  3. Done and works flawlessly Thank you again Nyerguds. And regarding the muzzle flash offset, I found that it is related to the 'unknown 47' variable (in TibEd). I gave the mobile headquarters the mammoth tank gun weapon and changed its 'unknown 47' to the same '47' of the med. tank; 1, and in skirmish mode; mobile headquarters, the mob. hq had the muzzle flash in the same spot than the med. tank. The bad part is that changing the 'unknown 47' value makes the production buildings to build med. tanks instead, something that surely you already know, but maybe you didn't notice that the un-produced starting units keep their original form AND the new muzzle flash position. I hope this helps to solve the muzzle flash mystery xD
  4. It works! :laugh: Now I have 3 tech levels that delay the appearance of powerful units and buildings like the mammoth tank and the obelisk of light, plus one infantry-only tech building (the GDI Hospital and the Nod Bio research lab.) Thank you Nyerguds for all your help. I've learnt a lot thanks to your advice, and you even pointed out the mistakes I've made in my code, most of them typos XD Also, thanks for teaching me that other way to write the code. Every time I had to calculate the new 'eip' there was a chance of making a mistake (and I ended up making one), but this new method is much faster and safer I probably will edit the .exe again eventually, as among the changes that I plan to do next are fixing the visceroid-heavy tank muzzle-flash animation (which is cenetred now), give it a 'vehicle' voice, and, as a final tweak, make the harvester leave the last level of tiberium patch instead of harvesting it all (to represent the presence of tiberium 'roots' and make possible the recovery of tiberium fields in a long match). PS: I didn't even know that a female civilian voice existed xD Maybe I can give it some use...
  5. Thank you Nyerguds for your explanation. It was very informative And you were right, I typed that '4' two times I followed your advice, and this is the code I've made: #eip=004B6A63 ; A6E63 jmp 00680000 ; 5 bytes STNK jump nop ; 1 byte ; label indicating the jump back location jumpback1: #eip=004B6D45 ; A7145 jmp 0068000E ; 5 bytes SSML jump nop ; 1 byte ; label indicating the jump back location jumpback2: #eip=004B696E ; A6D6E jmp 0068001C ; 5 bytes VICE jump nop ; 1 byte ; label indicating the jump back location jumpback3: #eip=0044E5A4 ; 3E9A4 jmp 0068002A ; 5 bytes E4 flamethrower jump nop ; 1 byte ; label indicating the jump back location jumpback4: #eip=0044E500 ; 3E900 jmp 0068009C ; 5 bytes E2 grenadier jump nop ; 1 byte ; label indicating the jump back location jumpback5: #eip=00419965 ; 9D65 jmp 006800AA ; 5 bytes TMPL jump nop ; 1 byte ; label indicating the jump back location jumpback6: #eip=004199EB ; 9DEB jmp 006800B8 ; 5 bytes EYE jump nop ; 1 byte ; label indicating the jump back location jumpback7: #eip=00419B71 ; 9F71 jmp 006800C6 ; 5 bytes ATWR jump nop ; 1 byte ; label indicating the jump back location jumpback8: #eip=00419BF4 ; 9FF4 jmp 006800D4 ; 5 bytes OBLI jump nop ; 1 byte ; label indicating the jump back location jumpback9: #eip=00680000 ; 1C9600 push 1 ; old value for 'Unknown42' push 00400000h ; STNK new prerequisite push 6 ; value for Tech Level. jmp .jumpback1 #eip=0068000E ; 1C960E push 1 ; old value for 'Unknown42' push 00400000h ; SSML new prerequisite push 6 ; value for Tech Level. jmp .jumpback2 #eip=0068001C ; 1C961C push 0 ; old value for 'Unknown42' push 00400000h ; VICE new prerequisite push 6 ; value for Tech Level. jmp .jumpback3 #eip=0068002A ; 1C962A push 1 ; old value for 'something' push 0 ; old value for 'no idea' push 00040000h ; E4 new prerequisite jmp .jumpback4 #eip=0068009C ; 1C9638 push 1 ; old value for 'something' push 0 ; old value for 'no idea' push 00004000h ; E2 new prerequisite jmp .jumpback5 #eip=006800AA ; 1C9646 push 0 ; old value for 'Unknown40' push 00400000h ; TMPL new prerequisite push 7 ; value for Tech Level. jmp .jumpback6 #eip=006800B8 ; 1C9654 push 0 ; old value for 'Unknown40' push 00400000h ; EYE new prerequisite push 7 ; value for Tech Level. jmp .jumpback7 #eip=006800C6 ; 1C9662 push 1 ; old value for 'Unknown40' push 00400000h ; ATWR new prerequisite push 6 ; value for Tech Level. jmp .jumpback8 #eip=006800D4 ; 1C9670 push 1 ; old value for 'Unknown40' push 00400000h ; OBLI new prerequisite push 6 ; value for Tech Level. jmp .jumpback9 (The VICE is actually the 'Heavy Tank' in my 'mod') That's all the code that I need Now I have to put it in the .exe. You told me to copy the bytes and paste them in the .exe using a hex editor, but It's the first time I use a hex editor and I still don't know how to do it Should I push the 'assemble' button and then insert the text in the OpCode window in the .exe using some 'insert bytes' option in the hex editor?
  6. I've found the units, infantry and buildings section in the .exe and located the iep values that belong to each stat (prerequisite included) thanks to your ini files, a hex to decimal converter, and a bit of testing with tibed to make sure what iep belonged to the prerequisite stat. I've also found the hex values for MISS (400000), HOSP (4000) and BIO (40000) as prerequisites. Now I'm working with the ASMTool trying to do the same that Kilk did with his tear gas infantry, but in my case I'll change the stealth tank prerequisite to MISS. That's the code I've made: #eip=0044B6A65 ; A6E65h jmp 00680000 ; jump to unused space ; label indicating the jump back location jumpback1: #eip=00680000 ; 1C9600 push 00400000h ; new prerequisite jmp .jumpback1 I've guessed that the 'no operation' lines that Kilk wrote were for removing data that the game would not read (due to the jump), but I'm not sure. What do you think? This is actually the first time I'm doing something like this and it feels like being a chimp in an airliner cockpit XD
  7. I've read Kilk's topic about editing the units cost beyond the 127 limit (the solar power plant one, that btw I think it's pretty cool), and although I think I can 'understand' what I have to do, there are some things that I don't know how to do. The first; Do every unit and building have a hex address and eip value related to them? In that case, how do I know which 'part' belongs to every unit and building in order to make it jump to the new location with the new code? And the second; I've downloaded the asm tool, and I know I have to write the new code there (the jump and the new cost and hit points value), but what should I do with it then? How do I put the new code in the .exe?
  8. Just as I thought... I'll search Kilk's topic and see if that's something I can do or it's just beyond my capabilities. Thank you Nyerguds for the info
  9. Is there a way to overcome the hit point, cost and prerequisite limit that some units of Tiberian Dawn seem to have? The 'can't be bigger than 127' one.
  10. Do you need someone to test it? Your mod looks great and I would gladly play it in a multiplayer match. Edit: What worries me about the heavy tank and the medium tank is the 'role overlapping'; two units belonging to the same faction with too similar roles that, in terms of gameplay, are the same unit. The heavy tank reminds me to the scrin's devourer tank of C&C3; stronger than the GDI predator tank (the tank of reference or 'medium tank') and more expensive, but still no match for a high tier unit like the Nod avatar or the mammoth tank. But in C&C3 the devourer tank and the predator tank belong to two different factions. The anti-armor vehicle that goes before the Devourer tank is the seeker, a mix between the GDI's pitbull and the Nod's light tank, that is no-match for predtors. Actually, if you put in order each anti-armor vehicle in terms of strenght, you get this: Bike (600$) < Pitbull (700$) < Seeker (800$) < Scorpion (900$) < Predator (1100$) < Devourer (1600$) < Avatar (2200$) < Mammoth Tank (2500$) < Tripod (3000$) The difference between each unit and the one following it is too small to make one a hard counter to the other (using the same amount of funds), but if you take two units of the same faction you'll find that mammoth tanks beat predators using the same amount of funds, and predators beat pitbulls. Also those three units, while being anti-armor vehicles, each of them have a different role that goes beyond their hit points or firepower. But, in Civil Warfare we have this: Light Tank < Medium Tank < Heavy Tank < Mammoth Tank And don't get me wrong; I love the idea of one faction having both the light tank and the mammoth tank, and the other having the medium tank and the heavy tank. The only problem is that, while the Royal Black Hole Army have two units with different roles that allow them to adapt and reply to more situations, the Allied People's Army can find itself in a situation where making med. tanks would be a bad idea, and there would be a good chance that making heavy tanks would be a bad idea too, just because they share capabilities and, what's more important, weaknesses, due to their similarity. You can bypass it altering the heavy tank role; making it a tier 2 unit, making it significantly slower than the med. tank giving it some kind of mobile defence role (although the APA already has the turret), give it a secondary anti-air weapon like the mammoth tank making it able to defend itself against anti-vehicle aircraft that counter med. tanks, or whatever you can come up with that makes the heavy tank a different unit than the med. tank, not just a 'better' med. tank that erases the original one from existence once you hit tier 3, sending them to a one-way travel to the service depot.
  11. Hey Jacko, I like your mod. Sounds really interesting. I've seen that you've made a tech chain similar to the one that C&C3 has, which I find dynamic and refreshing. I have a question regarding the gameplay: Does the difference between the Heavy Tank and the Medium Tank justify that tech investment? RA Heavy tank is very similar to the medium tank both in terms of damage output and hit points, and the graphic appearance. I suppose you have altered the Heavy Tank stats already, but have you given it a different appearance changing its .shp? Changing the chassis would be enough. In case you don't want to change the Heavy Tank appearance, maybe switching late tanks between factions could solve the problem; Light Tank > Heavy Tank Vs Med. Tank > Mammoth Tank. Either way, good job!
  12. Thanks Kilkakon I'll post more things once I finish them.
  13. Oh, I see... The first time I read it I was too new to understand anything, but reading it again after getting some experience with palettes and the MIX editors I can finally comprehend it. Those palettes will come handy once I start modding Red Alert and OpenRA. Thanks Nyerguds for everything
  14. I'm using the Open Source SHP Builder 3.38 Beta 6. The unit's SHPs edited with it work fine. On one occasion the XCC Mixer crashed while trying to visualize them but worked in-game. Now I can see them in the Mixer too without crashing (for no apparent reason). It corrupts cameos though, and I have to save them as .shp (ts) and begin the converting process. In order to avoid using the 'clear-black' and the 'animated blue' in cameos I replace them using the "replace colour" button before saving them. With units' SHPs I work manually and I just avoid that colours. Concerning the turreted flame tank... I want to keep it's distinctive form (the turret) while at the same giving it a visible tank chassis (just like the one in Renegade) but I don't know how to make it look natural. I though about shortening the body even more and making it flatter, but that will take a lot of work and I wanted to ask you your opinion before starting, because you have much more experience. What do you think? How would you make it look better without changing the turret too much?
  15. Thanks for the purple pals, White, although I still don't understand what's their purpose XD I think that one time I used them to convert the Heavy Tank cameo from red alert to C&C95, but I've never worked with them in the SHP builder. And regarding the type of file I am saving as, it depends on what I plan to do. With units SHPs I don't have any problems with the Open SHP editor and I can save them directly as .shp (td). Cameos are a different story, though... I save them as .shp (ts) and then convert them to .shp (td) with the XCC Mixer. But with the last three cameos I've made (tech center, hospital and bio research lab.) I saved them to .pcx directly from Paint Shop Pro and then converted them to .shp (td).
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