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  1. Ah yes you're right. I'm busy playing the original CnC campaign only now (I know after all these years), so I somehow assumed it also had snow. Never thought about the indoors levels, I use to really hate those missions in RA1. But still, even looking at the GDI/ Allied medium tank and GDI/ Soviet Mammoth tank, CnC looks better than RA1. It's as if they made the graphics a little more simplistic for RA1, maybe due to shifting to Windows 95 at the time? Or anticipating bigger battles (naval warfare now included) or whatever the reasons were.
  2. Thanks, it worked! Must say, so far the campaign is quite difficult sometimes, much harder than RA1 (to compare it to the nearest game with the same game play "feel") Thanks! Great to be here!
  3. Thank you very much! I take it I just extract it to my main folder? But yes, these files seem to resemble RA1 config files, which mean it should then work fine. Thanks!
  4. Hello, I've been a Command and Conquer fan since 1998, starting with Red Alert. Since then I've played all the titles except for Renegade and Twilight. I decided maybe it's time to play the original campaign to see where it all started. I downloaded cc95v106c_r3_u4_full, the patch, music and video files. Installed it, I'm able to get into the game having compatibility mode off. If I have it on I get an error. I'm on Windows 10. However, the only problem I'm having is my mouse cursor only shows up around the edges of my screen. When I try to go to the centre, where the menu is, it disappear "or jumps" to the other side of my screen. I'm pretty sure this is a resolution problem? Attached is my config for CnC. It's pretty much identical to RA1, which works fine. I'd really appreciate it if anyone have any advice? Just to note, I tried chancing ticks, and tried different resolutions. The game seems to want to work fine except for my mouse cursor problem.
  5. Hello, Thought I would ask here, as I do not seem to find anything regarding this on the internet: I've noticed that the graphics in the original Command and Conquer always seemed to have been a little better than Red Alert, even though RA came after CnC. I'm referring to more animations on the buildings in CnC as compared to RA where all the buildings are static, except for some flags and factory door. Also, CnC had more varied landscapes (dessert), although I suspect this is because RA only plays off in Europe, thus no dessert scenery. This is not really something that can really be answered I guess? Just the way it went. It's just something I've always been curious about and thought I'd ask.
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