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  1. This weeks tournament winner Chem from the UK defends his Title, We had some great games thanks too




    and host of others, Next weeks tourni will be back on Monday 6 pm London England time hope to see you all there.

  2. BluySY

    "Sun Burnt"

    good tourni map I think !
  3. This weeks Tourni will be help Sunday June 3 since I gotta work Monday, I hope to see everyone 6 00 pm London England Time

  4. Tonight's blu ribbon tournament winner 

    CHEM from the UK defeats PHD 

    There was so many matches I could not keep track hopefully next week Chem will defend the title. 

    All players conducted themselves very professionally 

    1. chem



      Other results were


      Chem beats BluSY 

      PHD beats BluSY

      BluSY and Speedy Dash tie or blue won one more than speedy?

      Groefaz beats Hunipr

      Hunipr beats Mash

      LoveHandles M.I.A.

      Blusy takes his PED's increasing his build speed by 25%

      Justme lagged and glitched so much he had to be booted from the tournament by chem  but he had a good fight with speedy dash I believe he won 1-2 and speedy won 1?

      that's all I can remember, Merc did well  esp considering he is so new,


      Thanks BlueSY and excellent new map bro



    2. BluySY


      I gotta work Monday so its gonna be tomorrow 6 pm London time hope every one is there Chem will hopefully defend the title

  5. In The Westwood days all The top players played NOD, XxTheManxX was the top guy for most of the time period Grlpwer Blackasp and acxdc also had there time. I don't think they were as good as you guys are today. How ever we had to learn to play with limited resources on a very select few maps when we new every game was ranked. Chem I actually agree 100%, master one side instead of spreading yourself thin. I'm not saying he is god like anyone can be defeated if u wanna see him play u can watch us on youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD5FK0IDOOdjiwevdlslLkA
  6. Your right Ferret is a great GDI player how ever, I have played him in NOD vs NOD games and he is unstopable
  7. I think if your one of the best u should be equally good with both sides, GDI is just as much part of the game as NOD and even though they lack speed air cover and there war factory blow after only a couple hits. A high level player should be well versed in either side.
  8. xD You are so funny

  9. Every Monday night starting at 6 pm London England time I will be hosting mini tournaments, winner gets bragging rights and gets the title of being current blu ribbon champ.  This week title goes to PHD of Brazil.

    1. BluySY


      PHD Will be returning Monday night to defend his title, To answer some questions The map name will not be released until the tournament begins, I will make sure its balanced and helis and crates will be turned off. The Rule is there aint no Rules win by any means you can.



    2. chem


      Who won?

  10. Blu tourniment winner PHD 

    Defeated justme

    Defeated mercury

    Defeated Ordos U.K. 

    1. BluySY


      Note all players acted like real gentlemen.

  11. WW2 Eastern Front Battle of Kursk was the biggest tank battle in history

    (JB2) WW2 Easter Front (kursk).ini.png

  12. BluySY

    Popular Tourniment

    Do you have any way of getting a hold of Mr buggies I would like to see if he is as good as they say, some people say he is the best of all times.
  13. BluySY

    How to counter the GDI troop defence start?

    Its like we were talking about last week, if u add one or two flammers in each apc u can take out most of the infantry guarding the base
  14. BluySY

    FPVOD - Ferret vs. Chem - 1v1, Blistering Sands 2

    I was the special guest referee for that one
  15. BluySY

    Tournament map standards and variables

    Just play it all in standard maps like the WW days, the gamble at the start when u spawn is just part of the game the way it was meant to be.