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  1. They all used to be under one roof (BlueHell Productions) until some internet drama unfolded and a few of the developers split and started W3DHub. They are both communities with the same aims really, make C&C games into First Person Shooters. So far the games are distributed as follows: W3D Hub - Command And Conquer - Tiberian Sun Reborn (This is a full Tiberian Sun conversion to first person perspective) Command And Conquer - Tiberium (This is a full CNC 1 conversion to first person perspective. It's main aim is to capture the feel of CNC 1 that renegade did so poorly at) - Still in development Command And Conquer - Apocalypse Rising (Full RA2 conversion to First person perspective) - Still in development. There is also a Dune conversion called Battle For Dune that is still under development BlueHell Productions Command And Conquer - A Path Beyond (Full RA1 conversion to first person perspective, been around for a while now)
  2. RA1 FPS: www.bluehellproductions.com C&C 1 FPS (in development and NOT renegade) www.w3dhub.com
  3. You can lock this thread now, situation had been rectified.
  4. In game nickname: Shnappz erm yeah... no idea why i've been banned?
  5. Hello Guys, I'm at work so can't confirm this but did i see a checkbox for "Beta Ladder test" when i was playing the other night? Not sure if i dreamed it. Is this something we can view at this stage or is it just for the devs testing purposes?
  6. Hey Funky, I'm going to caveat this post by saying, I am not a cheater and i think it truly takes away from the game experience but coming from someone who has been programming for years, It wouldn't take much to figure out a way round it. Did you also do this for RA1? I'm assuming that as you're not offering it up as a download, you'll just be offering a patch? Is that correct?
  7. Can someone explain what Funky meant by saying all the cheats had been "fixed"?
  8. We aim for an easy setup here, just download and play. Port forwarding is not required on CnCNet, no one will be locked out. All cheats have been fixed too (there is no need for auto ss). I doubt it is about the money, most people just don't know how to open ports, they expect it to work out of the box, while others use 3g/4g or any kind of shared internet where it is not possible to open ports at all Yes i use 3G and i cant forward ports so the tunneling server is a godsend. "Cheats are fixed" Really? :laugh:
  9. Yeah... so for some reason the cncnet launcher is causing my pc to keep shutting off. my pc used to do it every now and again anyway but it seems to be happening very regularly when i run CnCNet launcher... it's just happened 5 times while i was trying to get a game going and now i give up 8-) I'm not blaming the launcher as it's probably more of an issue with my pc.. it just seems to happen when im just about to start a game. It VERY rarely happens when the launcher is not active.
  10. yeah i was referring to the Mega Drive version! Never had it on the PC!
  11. Heh... they're not even credited on the box. There is a "Westwood studios" logo when you load the game up though.
  12. Blade what are you talking about? ScummVM is a virtual machine that runs games made using the Scumm scripting language developed by lucasarts. It's not really the same as reverse engineering a game like c&c
  13. See, this is the problem, you think OpenRA is to RA what OpenTTD is to TTD and behave as such, but it isn't. OpenTTD reverse engineered the TTD binary and created a compilable version that pretty much matched the original and only then did they start to build upon it with mostly optional changes. It can to my knowledge still use the original data files as they are, any new formats are optional. If you had reverse engineered the original binaries and then built upon them I'm sure many of the qualms people are saying they have would not be an issue. As I've tried to explain, personally I have no problems with your project, I'm not hostile to it, I just think it is misrepresenting itself as a recreation when its really an imitation that uses the original GFX to make it seem more familiar than it really is. Also, I think you are being disingenuous suggesting this is some kind of "religious crusade" based purely on some kind of ideology like you are the victims of persecution for your strange minority beliefs. The people I see being most against the way you PORTRAY openra (and not against its existence) are the ones most versed with how the original games are actually programmed and who do have some inkling of what it would take to reverse engineer them to create something that could truly be called a recreation and the fact that isn't what the open RA team actually did. It doesn't help when your website suggests that the originals have been "improved" by "more modern RTS features" either. Blade what's the difference between imitation and re creation? You lot are seriously the most pedantic bunch I've ever seen.
  14. does anyone have problems with them getting all confused? Like when a refinery is busy they'll go miles away to another refinery, then the miner at that refinery gets confused and goes across the map to the other refinery, just slowing down your economy? I seem to get this a lot and it's doing my head in!
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