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  1. Got some good games there. latest videos also with good quality. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJfyI1vPu3szw_wt3GFI_jQ
  2. voting for a boycott against a player is very childish and bully. If cheats were used -> report Admins, please close this topic ASAP. It only brings bad energy to the CnC community.
  3. I know that there is emp glitch where you can use emp w/o waiting for recharge. But here (3:48) it didn't work at all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdezOo8pm7c By the way, it also shows the importance of 1-shot , as the warf was dead even if the emp was working.
  4. ELO or ELO-like ranking system is probably the only feasible way for a ladder. It should resolve the issues that were brought up in this thread. Even if it will take long time to implement, it will be worth for the long run.
  5. kapa on a good day > kapa on avg day > kapa on bad day > other elites actually, humans can have bad day, machines cannot.
  6. black91 is becoming good. my forecast is he will be elite if he gets proper training.
  7. anyone can upload his map? will be appreciated link to recorded game on this map: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbhDUVh8cp0 PS: 11:40
  8. When in a game and you want to check for other games and you click on 'Main Channel' button, It will be nice if we can see the list of games in the lobby.
  9. I can ping all server Addresses listed here: http://cncnet.org/network-status. Does it mean that my ISP isn't the problem?
  10. The problem happens when both firewall and anti-virus are disabled. re-login sometimes solves the problem, but then it happens again... Any Idea?
  11. yes I have firewall, so what is the solution?
  12. what rules should i have in the firewall? what exceptions do i need to add to anti-virus?
  13. sometimes it happens to me that the game doesn't load on any server (regardless if i'm the host or not), but I can still ping each server though. Does someone have an idea what could be the cause?
  14. Because I want to have the possibility of random starting locations. The functionality won't be damaged, just added new possibility. On Cncnet we already have the possibility to select starting locations, so there is no reason why color should affect it.
  15. @developers: please consider to fix it, so color won't have any influence on spawning locations at any map.
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