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  1. hj can be op vs Titans in team play and make big diff I think if stealth when stationary it would be op for defense, it is already so easy to hide them takes skill to time sub and face sub correct way to hijack stuff
  2. dkeeton for class president
  3. I suggest the ability to tie forum accounts to 'authorized map uploader' system, and then 'holland' or 'humble' can aromatically have their maps 'authorized. people like 12345 can be required to have a credit card attached to their account, and charged 100$ every time they break a rule (and shunned , and banned).
  4. So, I got banned for typing: "!seen Tigerr" "!Seen Toprush" "Bo0o0o0" Seriously, two queries and one line of normal text results in 5 minute ban? Bit ridiculous. Maybe make it so we can use !seen in private message to our-self or something then, cause It's nice to see when people are on I wanna play with ;S
  5. Thx!
  6. TS doesn't have this that I know of
  7. LMFAO! That's him! Any way we can increase the limit to what it was before, ... 'grandfathered in' rofl
  8. im not posting someone's username here, can you pm me? "...cannot receive messages."
  9. any updates? still having issues
  10. It is hard to say, because very few people manually tag their name with the clan before it, because it is pretty much pointless. Back in the day, the very large majority of Tiberian Sun players were in clans, at least 2/3 or more.
  11. Yes, someone that I messaged regularly until the update. PM me for details, please. (cannot message them from any account as of update)
  12. Me too! It was awesome to see exactly what time of day Tiberian Sun peaked, so I could play during those peaks and not waste my time waiting on games!
  13. Still not working, and says you cannot receive PMs either
  14. Since the forum updates, there are people that cannot receive private messages. Can someone look into this? Admins: PM me for details if needed, please.
  15. Indeed. I feel you said it best above: