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  1. Oh ur right. When he hover mouse over dis it looked like it was selected. Well I dunno cause I never did it in the past. Guess funky or someone would have to tell us if there have been any updates recently. I vote we drop this matter until honda installs XWIS from CD and uploads a video haha
  2. I never did it before but just noticed in one of troopers uploads that it used to be possible. Cam also used to do it, and unlike some others Cam is reliable and honest. Video goes to corresponding time stamp.
  3. 1. https://github.com/HumbleTS/Balance-Veteran-Patch/wiki/Balance-Veteran-Summary 2. Set a game in CNCNET, and for map selection select 'Balance/Vet Patch' drop-down-menu.
  4. yeah I remember u, u might remember me back in the day as sunblind. hope u been well
  5. No, this is just the best video I could find to express my feelings.
  6. Just a little enlightenment for your souls (If you didn't know, then now you do know, cause I done did it when I told you so. Nice one.):
  7. Hey Dave, how you been? Yeah, TRZ is definitely a really nice guy, no questions about that! Top 3 nice guys all time.
  8. Humble

    Spec Chat?

    If you put annoying people on ignore, it also ignores them in game, but allows warns to come through. Alternatively, get on Discord and communicate with your ally via Microphone, since, you know, it is... 2020, and using the mic has been meta since TS came out. Sad reality is some people don't respect other human beings, or have the ability to control themselves from spamming constant nonsense, so ignore function definitely way to go.
  9. It's foreal hard to play properly when the temps get under the 60s, especially if your fingers/toes are cold.
  10. Humble


    Tigerr is a really good player, that is for sure. He definitely could improve on maps other than Terrace, but a lot of good players have the same issue. He does whine a lot, but overall he is a top player. Do I think he is the best ever? No I don't. The issue is how few good players are actually active for long enough to properly compete. The fact that you are a NOD player and hold your own vs him as GDI says it all.
  11. Humble

    Dumb Units?

    The issue with Harvester AI is that they are programmed to avoid threats, but the programming is really buggy, and only causes issues, and doesn't actually work properly as intended. The issue with fixing Harvester AI is that it makes it too easy to control harvesters and makes it too easy to defend infantry rushes and some-what changes the game meta. As Black mentioned, previous versions of Vet. patch 'fixed' the faulty AI, but a few players were complaining that it made infantry rushes a bit overpowered and they had a point. In current version of Vet. patch, the Harvester AI does listen a little bit better than default, but it is not nearly as smooth as in previous versions. A lot of these issues should have been patched by WW, but they got bought out by EA and were forced to work on other projects. This is why they never fixed Harvester AI, finished adding veteran upgrades to units, fixed glitches like tanks/artillery not being able to deploy on tiberium or terrace edges (even though there is an option for it that doesn't work), originally harpy / orca fighters were orignally supposed to be able to shoot other aircraft down, but they didn't finish coding it. 2.03 was the last update they released, that mainly nerfed NOD, in which they would have observed the changes, saw they over-nerfed things like cybrogs (making them absolutely worthelss), and continued to balance them out. Many other examples, and if anyone talks to the original developers they will agree with all of this and more. The problem is that people got used to playing a broken game and some players are stubborn and like it that way, but regardless the concerns with harvesters being too easy to control nerfing inf rushes was valid IMO. As far as Carryall AI, that is hard coded, Xme has already released a few patches that fix issues, but no one has been able to consistently replicate certain glitches to the point where he was able to narrow down the code causing them (for example two disruptors landing and sticking next to each other with the carryall not releasing).
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