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  1. There is a tool to click-drag that creates cliffs and I remember it being super buggy. Great work on everything though bro!
  2. Great work Holland! Any hope of fixing the 'paint random cliffs' feature, or fixing the glitchy water drawing?
  3. Awesome idea... "User1 is lagging, would you like a vote to kick?"
  4. ctrl + alt is another good one to make units guard areas or buildings i think t is default for select all same type
  5. ye, hold down 'Q' key. if you click to attack a unit, or use any other command keys (like 'G' for example, the Que will reset)
  6. quickmatch system would be awesome as it would allow some automation of tournaments being hosted more regularly, and could help provide some ranking, but i'm sure everyone reading this already knows im a lover of the old clan system WOL used to have before it all went down the drain
  7. Tiberian Sun - Game Hosting School: Hello!!!!!!!! Are you a poor host? Can you never seem to manage to get a game going? Everyone always complaining in your channels? Total chaos? No clue what map to set? Always 'readying up' with odd number of players or at the wrong moments? Are you downstairs in your kitchen cooking dinner in the middle of hosting a game in your bedroom on the 3rd story floor of your house, and cannot figure out why you cant seem to get a game going? Have no fear!!!!!!! Soon we will be holding classes and will teach you how to host games properly! (lol seriously though... is it that hard)
  8. @funk right now when u join a game and have color as "???" as default, it doesn't work so host has to always remind people 'choose color' on a daily basis. (working random colors would be nice) another thing is when trying to select a color, every time someone joins or changes their color your drop-down-color-selection disappears. i know these are small things but it gets tedious after a while.
  9. agreed with timmay @funk thanks funky for the fix and fast response an your considerations. most map makers are constantly updating their maps fixing small issues and improving them, for example all mine have my vet patch in them which i sometimes update, or non-edits that are freshly made maps often require more updates as special requests come in to help the map maker fine-tune their creation... this makes it really hard to keep updating the list. maybe mapmakers could put some type of signature on maps somehow (dont know how) and people could just 'white-list all humble's maps' for example. i assume refresh button in lobby is not possible on gamesurge server? lacking refresh button is pretty rough for us old players used to having one. often hosts kick someone to make room and its so laggy several others join before the intended player can get in the game.
  10. Back in those days, the large majority of truly elite players that reconned only did so after requesting a screen shot and once one was provided they would give a free win. Lots of exceptions to this off course, but as you mentioned before EA ruining TS is what caused for the need for them to do this.
  11. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Problem is TS has very many amount of players that have their head exploid from utter shock when any other map is set, because they have not played the other maps 283,194,149,001 times yet and don't have every little tree memorized.
  12. Mecha already has a naughty map showing some ugly girl's behinds, so if you were to include some pretty girl's boobies it would at least be an improvement hahaha
  13. Well, there is certainly no reason Avan should ever be banned that I could ever imagine, so hopefully someone can help him solve this :*(
  15. Dunno what 're' is, but welcome back to TS. Yes, I special request some spankies.