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  1. Multiple choice would be good, maybe allow people to pick two. Cam is my all time top pick but we played together so much last year and had good chemistry. Mola obviously beast as well and very good chemistry. Both Tigerr and Top are a breeze to team up with, they adapt very well and have very solid gameplay. The others as well, just depends on who they are teamed up with, but I say Cam, Mola, Tigerr/Ray/Avan/Toprush/Sky, Energy/Sexpro/Trz for me personally in that order. NME can be very good but can be inconsistent and Black can be very good, but often has trouble 'sealing the deal' and dealing with harv bombs, etc. For example, Tight+Energy = amazingly scary team, but my style doesn't go with theirs very well a lot of the time, etc. Even though Avan barely plays, he is very easy to play with for me due to his aggressive style, if I am getting doubled I know for certain he is putting the hurt on 'em. Sky can be hard to play with when rusty, because his playstyle is pretty unique and strategic, but when he unrusts he is a force to recokon with and easy to play with. C0rps is a very good player 1v1 if he doesn't get caught off guard early-mid game, but in 2v2 he really lets his team mate take a beating while he expands, where as someone like Mola or Cam would just be absolutely pummeling them while you are taking the beating, and make it worth getting doubled. BTW Mola, it was hard not putting you first, but Cam always be my #1 booboo <3.
  2. Where's Cambria? ❤️ There's some very good team players in that list, but it also comes down to chemistry. Also, is Energy watching his baby, or not, cause he is a beast when not distracted.
  3. Really nice job bro, I bet that was a lot of work. I really appreciate these profiles you made for this cool map tool software.
  4. I added them both to the whitelisted Vet/Bal list today.
  5. once u beat it its pretty easy to do repeatedly
  6. I thought you always 1 ref?
  7. U beat it yet steel? Its just to really show which newer players have potential / are worth helping, but for you it shouod be pretty straight forward.
  8. Only time players that are good on tezz would loose to players that are not good on tezz on gso is if they have a handicap team. If it was gso 1v1 there would be no contest as its a very simple easy map. There is usually one or two people on either side of gso that couldnt inf rush to save their life. Regardless of how good someone is they can only 2v1 or 3v1 for so long. Giants is also easy and most terraces players dont play it because how boring it is.
  9. He was on two weeks ago lol
  10. TBH a lot of the players in the top lists mess around most of their games and don't take TS very serious 95% of the time. Just not enough competition and high level games. There are also a lot of players not mentioned that should have been, but not worth the effort. For us to see the real top players, we need more intense games and not just random FFG where people get teammates they don't wanna play with or cant properly communicate with. For example, trooper is an absolute beast when he not rusty. We could also take into account that some players just don't like others and rather h8 on them than give them props. I don't get along with corps for example but his 1v1 long game is very good. Also have to take into account 1v1 compared to 2v2. Myself for example I barely ever 1v1 I just dont enjoy it as much as having a team mate to communicate with, where as some players play non stop 1v1 and still struggle vs so many. Also, many players don't really play many high level intense games and tbh are just not capable of giving an accurate opinion on most players. I think the more important issue is that we have a lot of lower/mid tier players that have major potential, some of them named above and plenty of them not. In order to help them improve we honestly need less lopsided games which is hard with the small player base. If they just get wrecked in 4 minutes its hard for them to learn.
  11. I thought ender and mike pence and mecha all same person???
  12. Dan already built EPM into the info panel in game.
  13. "you take so much pleasure in arguing for the sake of arguing" and obviously have issues with reading comprehension.
  14. The topic of this thread isn't even vet, or symmetry, its one player not being able to expand and the other being able to, but a lot of you take so much pleasure in arguing for the sake of arguing that almost every one of these topics gets derailed into some stereotypical stubborn minded tangent, which is why the majority of people don't even bother posting in these threads.
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