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  1. how do that

    they be hackin of the ppz ?
  2. Not sure why there are so many Terraces 1.6, but e54051ec3179e64767d2382943e117724c8a1141 is the correct checksum. It would be nice if at some point the cncnet client could allow map makers to submit new releases of their maps to cncnet somehow. It seems people are making modifications (whatever they may be) to maps, and using the same original title (like the one Kevin mentioned that someone for some weird reason added randomly placed invisible units/buildings on).
  3. Sorry you feel that way Tomo! Some things to maybe take into consideration: 1. If a player is that much better than you that you feel they are able to take advantage of the Veteran Upgrade System so much, then you are probably better off not 1v1ing them to begin with, since there is a obviously such a huge gap in skill levels. Maybe start with some lessor skilled players and work your way up. 2. In team play games, if you focus on balancing out the teams, there should be at least one good player on each side that can utilize the vet system. 3. Maybe start practicing not wasting units, especially MK / CC. 4. There has to be more like 50 semi-active players that can easily get Veteran status units, and in games where all players are newer the playing field should be even anyways.
  4. 1.6 b does this: cyborgs and medics are a bit better (trying to make them not worthless) wolverines and buggies are a bit better stealth tanks can q and have slightly better armour / firepower (they require tech and are 1.5x cost of titans, they shouldn't suuuuuuck) obelisk has slightly better armour tick tanks do not get raped by bombers, but take damage from them as titans would (but they still have same armour vs everything else, including mk/gs rail gun) tick tanks have slightly better armour/fire power while deployed (making them sliggghtly better than titans while deployed, but still lessor than titans while not deployed) sub apc can bareeeeeeely survive a mk shot, to help people have slightly better chance of getting a star cc, which is very hard main goal for this is to get more people playing nod and minimally balance out the shortcomings of nod (99% of players play gdi these days, especially due to fast game speeds and nod requiring mass micro) i'll get around to making a complete list of all the veteran upgrades sometime soon, they are very even between nod / gdi units, and the mk / cc are the only significantly strong ones.
  5. hheeeelllloooooooooo

    HI mate! Long time no see!
  6. GDI did 9/11

    Makes more sense now that you mention it being on CNN!
  7. GDI did 9/11

    makes more sense than the official story
  8. Shortbus

    Thanks. Sorry for posting in wrong area.
  9. Shortbus

    yoyo, why was my topic about the shortbus deleted
  10. Do you guys think that I look fat?

    With that level of high energy you should be in shape in no time!
  11. Do you guys think that I look fat?

    BTW, how are we supposed to know how you 'look' without a picture? .........
  12. Pretty decent, Some parts I like a lot and some parts I like a decent amount. Since you have the super mario world mushroom as the channel icon, I give it 4.5 stars, tho!
  13. Where are the Germans?

    -_- Katze is cool, but I miss Matze (Evil hysterical Laugh) Pretty little kitty BOO BOO!
  14. To my old TS bitches

    I live in S.W. Michigan, in the country, but am 1.5-2 hour drive from Chicago and about same to Detroit. I just figured your more likely to recognize Det./Chi. as general area. Besides, I thought maybe you visit another TS player in Chicago and I come say hello while you there P.S. Don't be scared of crime rates and since I know you don't goto church, workout a lot and get a weapon permit
  15. Where are the Germans?

    Where are the real germans at?