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  1. hheeeelllloooooooooo

    HI mate! Long time no see!
  2. GDI did 9/11

    Makes more sense now that you mention it being on CNN!
  3. GDI did 9/11

    makes more sense than the official story
  4. Shortbus

    Thanks. Sorry for posting in wrong area.
  5. Shortbus

    yoyo, why was my topic about the shortbus deleted
  6. Do you guys think that I look fat?

    With that level of high energy you should be in shape in no time!
  7. Do you guys think that I look fat?

    BTW, how are we supposed to know how you 'look' without a picture? .........
  8. Pretty decent, Some parts I like a lot and some parts I like a decent amount. Since you have the super mario world mushroom as the channel icon, I give it 4.5 stars, tho!
  9. Where are the Germans?

    -_- Katze is cool, but I miss Matze (Evil hysterical Laugh) Pretty little kitty BOO BOO!
  10. To my old TS bitches

    I live in S.W. Michigan, in the country, but am 1.5-2 hour drive from Chicago and about same to Detroit. I just figured your more likely to recognize Det./Chi. as general area. Besides, I thought maybe you visit another TS player in Chicago and I come say hello while you there P.S. Don't be scared of crime rates and since I know you don't goto church, workout a lot and get a weapon permit
  11. Where are the Germans?

    Where are the real germans at?
  12. Where are the Germans?

    LMFAO!!!!!!! I saw toprush on yesterday and he has just been busy. I forgot what he said about tigerr, but i think they both just been a bit busy with life stuffs.
  13. Do you guys think that I look fat?

    Just do p90x 10 times a day mate! Np ez! If you black out, just continue where you left of as soon as you wake up
  14. To my old TS bitches

    yo bro if u end up in michigan / chicago area feel free to hit me up anytime
  15. Halp! :-*(

    this happens a bit often, any possibility of changing the settings a bit? some of us type fast and don't mean to spam