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  1. Cnick: I simply do not understand, what is happening. I simply cannot grasp the meaning of this... Let me ask you this... What is racism? Because I simply do not see how I was racist, or how I even harassed anyone... If there is one person who has harassed anyone in this forum, it is Spookycow and his possibly homosexual goons. I am a man of the bible, a whole hearted, American, and I believe in the values of freedom of speech. How dare you, insult me, antagonize me, and then harass me with your fascist fingers. I will therefore start a post, about this post, demonstrating why you aught to be banned, for your charges are surely worst then mine.
  2. cNick


    I simply do not understand.... This man has obviously broken the LAW.. He must be punished effectively, with the swift hand of justice. He has molested his dear player by using offensive and obscene language.
  3. cNick: Hello my friends, and dear conspirators. Some may call me “old fashioned”, crude, and even remotely unstable. These are all true. However what is not true, is the power of one word. I simply can not grasp the meaning behind the intricate pain which you all must feel, the weakness of allowing other people to get the better of yourselves. I am here to help, I am always here to help you all, get better, because you are very ill, very sick indeed. Please allow me to cast you a tale. As you look inside your fridge, before preparing your morning cup of coffee, or perhaps tea, as coffee in the morning would be too vile, you will notice that the milk bag is either not present in its container, or worse yet, doesn't have holes pocked in it (If you're an American, replace milk bag with carton. ). Anger festers within your heart, pain soaks inside of your eyes, as the very sight of what you have witnessed is diabolical in nature. You are, angry. YOU, are ANGRY. But instead of letting anger get the best of you, because you can not control the milk bag, you should come to understand that the person before you, who forgot to poke the holes, simply forgot, and did not do this to antagonize you, but merely, did not think of you. Did not think of you. Does this frighten you? To know that you are not the centre of the World? If I may, my friends, I believe you have symptoms of narcissism (A personality disorder which festers itself by the constant need of approval), and Anger Management Issues. You see, when a word is typed, it has no meaning except for the letters which are placed, and even then, the meaning is entirely subjective. So why would you allow yourself to be controlled by other peoples actions? Why would you give ME, the POWER, to control YOU? Does this seem reasonable? Does this seem rationale? Since we have discussed the effects of you distributing your power into my hands, I will now tell you of something which happens to all powerful people. They become corrupt. Your power has made ME CORRUPT, and has TURNED ME, into... A monster. If there is anyone in this room who needs to be banned for reasons of racism, it must be you, because you have corrupted me with your weakness and powerlessness. What is the point of this? In short, I am trying to explain to you how insane you all must be... For in the mist of the classic philosopher, has arisen a new form of troll, the "Anti troll". I must warn you of these disgruntled little men, for they are like goblins, and will take all of your money, steal your liberties and plague your moral values... These goblins, are devious as they are fox like, cunning in their ability to antagonize and to rip away our very nature of what is America. I must simply warn you all, of these monsters', for the in the midst of one monster, lies the wake of new beast.
  4. I simply do not, understand what it is you are going on about... I simply posted a link, to a video, which is surely irrelevant to anything about the previous post... I mean, it must be as irrelevant as the saddest song ever, a song which is composed for the violin, by a violinist. I am banned, how could I, a white male, possibly harass you? And how are these threats, which are so obviously filled with spite, going unnoticed by the administrators? So all hell breaks loose when you see the word "NIGGER", but for some reason, me being called childish, hateful and then being threatened to be "further embarrassed" is somehow acceptable? I mean, here I stand, literally threatened, being coerced into whatever fascist ideals you have, and here I stand, slandered... as you throw threats of public humiliation, and other forms of verbal abuse, and I can't even say, a humble word, which for almost fifty years has lost all direct meaning, and has lost any immediate significance. And then you offer me to join your teamspeak... Because it's the nice thing to do... And I won't lie, it's very kind, indeed sir. But you missed something... What if I don't want to be nice? What if I really, don't care at all about you? What if all I want to do, is my own thing, which is to be free to as I please? Who are you to tell me, what I can and can't do, to "guide" me into your greatness. Your holier-then-thou attitude, I have to say is looser talk. It's disgusting. Oh don't worry, I will thank anyone I please, but it'll be done on my own initiative, why? Because it's my God given right. SO you preach it, you show the awful, racist, who'se boss... You show us, how much better you are then me... Because where I stand, I stand by all previous remarks, comments, and any other previously iterated statements, including any and all verbal connotations, which might or could be taken as a racist remark. There comes a time, when someone must stand up to his bully... And yes, that's exactly what you are. A weak minded, self centered, oedipal complex lingering, titty sucker bully.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnXnWB0AZgg
  6. Hello my friends, now let's clear up the air on this matter. Number one, that game that I swear like a maniac is in fact my game, and he joined it, at various times in the night, I can have a few players vouche for this. You're basing your facts off of extremely skewed images... The first and second images are actually my game, that I hosted.. There's a story on that I will touch upon later. Now he had in fact joined my game, and he had actually said that he would "not send you guys the screenshots of me having said racial slurs....",after which he fled... Essentially he was trying to hold me hostage, by having captured some rude remarks. I ignored him, however over the course of the night he continued to join, MY games, and then would not stop bombarding us with disrespectful comments and what not. I had had enough... It's not in my makeup to allow worms to win, especially weak, child like little men who go to the authorities for every little instance of having heard something that is perhaps disrespectful. So in any event... I decided it would be best to tell him off (Notice I never kicked him?), this is because I don't believe in kicking people for no reason, and having their views different then my own is especially a false reason to act in such a nonsensical manner. So now... This is where we are... You will ban me, for a month, when this child has been harassing me all night, joined my games, and then captures a screenshot of me having sworn him (still jokingly by the way). You can't be serious. The point of having individual host buttons, IS TO ALLOW EVERYONE TO HOST THEIR OWN Games, should the event arise that you don't like someone. And as for me having harassed multiple players... No I can't say I did, because as you can see, once more, it's my game, and he's the only person who had a problem with it. No, this time I don't take anything back... I meant it, it was calculated, this guys more then what I called him. I didn't harass anyone past the level he allowed me too, so now you decide, what will make more players uncomfortable... The fact that people online can say hurtful things or the fact that just by capturing bad words gets a person banned. Will you allow this obvious troll to hold players hostage based off their actions? Do you honestly believe this guy will not do this to anyone he gets a chance to? You tell me what harms a community more, bad words, or individuals who actively seek to ruin their fellow players? I'm sorry, I lean on the freedom side myself... but maybe some children really do need a mommy at all times... Maybe some children haven't left their Oedipus stages yet?
  7. cNick: Brothers! Heed my Call! Brothers! HEED MY CALL! There lies beneath the heavens, those who would dispel and create lies! They cloak themselves in the softness of garments, They speak from beneath the broken decayed teeth of their corruption... in and again, they have spoiled our justice, rotten our virtue, and defiled our conscious'. We see the tyrannical rule of Old once more, emerge into the light of day. My dear brother here lies charged of what crime? I ask YOU! On what motive of justice have our keepers failed to uphold their oath in protecting the individuals rights to freedom? Why has yet another brother of the clan of honor been silenced, been removed, and subjugated to humiliation? A man... No less virtuous then I, who follows the Word to the letter; preserver of peace and integrity, been discharged from the realm of man? Heed to the call, follow in the path of liberty, and justice. Let no free man be taken or imprisoned except for the lawful judgment of his peers..
  8. Cnick: Why was I banned from the lobby this time? I did not usher any profanities or terrible cries against humanity, in fact, if I must say I've been something, it's complacent, modest, and gentile. I love all of Gods creatures equally, there is no hate in my heart, so then why... Why are there those who would see harm done onto me? Is it because I have a different view of the world? What could POSSIBLY, account for the monstrosity which has been done to me? What I ask you! Do you not understand the nature of speech, and freedom; and value liberty? I like all fellow Americans, do hold pride within my being, but do not allow my pride to be mistaken for arrogance. Arrogance, the killer of all ingenuity, the offspring of ignorance. No... Do not allow yourself to be fooled into this false belief, for what you see in my heart, is true pride. A pride which was passed down from father to father before me, and which finds its roots, deeply entwined with those few visionaries who left the tyrannical rule of the Old World, and who through blood and passion forged their own way, laid their own foundation, and created their own history. What you see bubbling within me is true passion! The passion of loving love, and the hatred for hate. Yet still, though I disagree with many peoples individual notions and opinions, I will defend to my last breath their right to say it! To silence the voice of a single individual is to silence the voice of the many. I, my fellow friends, have found myself to be the few. And there shall be silence. Thank you, Sincerely, Cnick
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