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  1. Nice!! Is possible to put RA2 folder and how to do it?
  2. Me too, from time to time, I was looking for it by Google hoping someone is able to provide the maps by whatever means from the old RAden . Then I found an old post by Lion I think some time in 2010 saying he was transfering the maps from RADen to CNCDen because he couldn't access( perhaps as admistrator) to RADen then. So this time I went to archive of CNCDen site, click the link to RADen on that site and it sent me to the archive of RADen site!!!
  3. Everyone know that Lion has retired from the community, and his websites have some of most quailty maps in them. Most of you know that you can still d/l them the from the archive of CNCDen website but most of you do not know you can still d/l it from RADen as well!! Here the links from archive of CNCDen & RAden websites: CNCDen RADen
  4. So far so good. Let me describe some of the problems encountered before this. I was playing a SP campaign I think it was created by you "The GDI Airforce", the mission "Get'em NOW!". The problem I have after playing the mission for quite some time (i)when I clicked "ESC" to save it for later, it went into the Menu page but the cursor was stuck. I was then forced to click "ESC" to go back to the game. (ii) Ramdon crashes when when I move the cursor. Anyway, I tried the same mission again, problem(i) did not appear, but problem(ii) still persist. Perhaps the problem is due to this map. Anyway in CCconfig, I have ticked "Limit the Frame rate" and in the game control I have the Scroll Rate set to the 2nd lowest.
  5. Do you mean change this: "Renderer=opengl" to "Renderer=gdi" in ddraw.ini file?
  6. I think I have similar problem in Win10, I was running 1.06c Rev2 without problem. Then I recently patch it to Rev 3. The problem started, then I uninstall it, and d/l & installed the latest 1.06c Rev3 full version but the problem still persist. I tried the solution above with ddraw.ini, same problem.Here my ddraw.ini file Anyway, can anyone provide a link to d/l cc95v106c_r2_en, I thought of reverting back to this version which was working fine.
  7. Thanks for the info. Too bad, I thought they were some hidden easter eggs.
  8. Good!!! I hope Nyerguds could extract them as well & import them into his latest update so that we could have all the official WW maps!
  9. Hi, guys. Those who have d/l Nyerguds' 1.06 version of TD will find there are two N64 GDI Spec Ops missions & two N64 NOD Spec Ops missions extracted by Nyerguds from N64 version of TD. But I found out that there were actually more Spec Ops missions from this walkthru: GDI Spec Ops 71-74 missions & NOD Spec Ops 70 mission. http://www.ign.com/faqs/2003/command-conquer-walkthrough-387023 Is this real?
  10. I just reserved a free upgrade option for my PC to upgrade the OS from Win 7 to Win 10. So I wanted to ask is anyone here are using Win 10 to play RA1, TD etc and do you guys/gals encounter any problem when playing those games in Win 10?
  11. I tried your aftrmath.ini which enable additional units for MP and work perfectly without Chrono Tank crash. Tks BTW did you put your version of "more units aftrmath.ini" for d/l in the Download Section?
  12. I think I know the problem, I did install aftermath.ini file from here: http://ra.afraid.org/html/ra/aftermath.html#moreunit so to enable Helicarrier and the Phase Transport for MP/skirmish play. I revert it to the one from your installer and does not seem to crash any more after the Chrono Tanks appear. I think the one from "Red Alert Archive" is not anymore compatible with this latest version of RA. Sorry about all the trouble I caused. Anyway you could d/l it & analyse it and perhaps come out with a compatible version. Additional info: I just tested it with "more unit aftermath.ini" on a skirmish play, after the Chrono tank was built it, it crash when I selected it. With the original aftermath.ini, it did not crash.
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