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  1. Oh Reid... lol Hope you been doing good my friend.
  2. Where do you work? Why do you still play Tiberian Sun? Are you still Canadian? [Edit] Please respond.
  3. Back in the early WOL days, games were only allowed for up to 2 vs 2. Once the 8 player patch was created we could play up to 4 vs 4 clan games (and have the WOL ladder accept the points changes). I think most people would be in agreement that support up to 4 vs 4 would be beneficial to the CLAN ladder environment. A 4 vs 4 clan battle on forest fires, now that we can (easily) choose our spots and allies before game would probably be pretty epic. Edit: When clans and ladder are released, is there going to end up being email and password validation on accounts that want to participate? I assume you have put thought into preventing people from changing their name to another persons and losing on purpose.
  4. Who is the website developer / designer on the team? While the website design could be considered somewhat minimal, it does a great job at what it needs to do and looks very nice too!
  5. FunkyFr3sh, that ladder looks great. I see it's all static HTML at the moment but very nice to at least see a visual representation of what the ladder will look like. Is it possible to tell us if the ladder is an anticipated 2015 production project? And if so, could you give us a vague idea of which quarter this year you plan to release to production if coding continues as planned?
  6. I'm not the best but I can play! If someone wants to practice let me know. I played with he Sharks guys and tsplayer and all them about a year ago. Wanted to say hi again! woo shinny server. much enjoy. meow.
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