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  1. im down to do another one if there is enough interest ask me anything.... life...crypto...poker...women...ts...whatever
  2. Phenomena


    think its funny...you guys complain that the 1v1 ladder is dead, yet you want a clan ladder? Guys..its the same 5 people...
  3. CC 100% needed to be buffed to not miss shots Otherwise...some minor fixes such as map balance (ff br for example) are good things for the game as for the vets...personally they can just remove the vet system all together, it wont really matter Cute to see you guys bicker in 2019 -_-
  4. So if 5 people have 5 names in the top 25 How is it different than the same 5 people having 3 names in the now top 15?
  5. Making up for the decade of being unable to get rank 1 m8? lolol
  6. How is corps wrong? Like 5 people made up the top 30 lol Also, I quit playing because a)ill never be as good as Trz and cousin b) no interest c) apparently its a no-no to not wanna play vs nose. #Mola4eva
  7. Hi Mr Katsemoto, would you like to join my clan -FOC-
  8. Yo Sean 2003 called, it wants its dedication to a non dead game back.
  9. Nah m8, its true I swear. Ask my cousin.
  10. Nah bro...its true because I said it was.
  11. So what you seem to be saying is...that for some reason...I am purposely avoiding playing you? That seems highly preposterous and improbable, why would I ever do that? <3
  12. I have 2 screens, i trade, watch youtube etc, if I do not set my settings to "show only on 1 screen" then TS constantly minimizes and is unplayable. Normally I fix it before i click ladder, sometimes I dont, sorry?
  13. Because i cba to post unless its specifically to annoy you somehow. As much as I love talking about "whats the best bo 23 years later", id rather call you out on your BS Maybe thats my own issue....none of us are perfect. Except you obviously. But back to the topic...what do I win for completing this challenge?
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