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  1. atenzor

    stealth tanks?

    doesn't work. at the end of the mcv unit rules, i input Invisible=yes and it doesn't work, the AI attacks the mcv..
  2. atenzor

    stealth tanks?

    How do I make certain units invisible to AI ? like the spy ability applied to tanks and dogs can't detect of course. I checked the rules.ini file but wasn't able to find how to do this, maybe I just missed it or is called something else?
  3. so basically if I understand what you are saying here is that no matter what civilian enters the heli, the heli will always take off and go exit to the right? ok, good to know, just needed some info on that. thanks
  4. I was looking at allied mission 1 where you rescue Einstein and cannot figure out how the mission accomplished triggers... I know there is a trigger that says civilians evacuated winner is Greece, but how does the helicopter that Einstein enters automatically just leave and knows where to go? I didn't see any waypoints, the heli just goes to the right of the screen. is this hardcoded? how does it work? i want to do something similar, might have to use waypoints tho, because I can't figure out without waypoints like in allied 1. any help would be appreciated. thanks
  5. Interesting information, so to recap, either I include that code OR just build any AI owned building close and they won't attack? In any case, I will test and let you know. Thanks a lot! edit: tried AI owned building and it doesn't attack walls now! tried your code and it also doesn't attack walls now! thanks a lot! <33 it works!
  6. I attached the ini file, start allied mission 1 campaign to start. It's not a complete mission, I am simply testing basic mission logic before beginning anything and this is so far stopping me.... no idea what's wrong... maybe you or someone can figure this out. Does it happen in your game also? thanks edit: btw, I am using RAED 1.26 and Red alert 3.03p-Iran beta 1V1 (as seen from the main menu of the game). I am running windows 7 ultimate 64-bit scg01ea.ini
  7. Hi, this is weird. I checked allied mission 5 where you have to rescue Tanya from the prison and then build base, etc. I noticed the overlay Chain Link Fence (CYCL) and a mammoth tank was near the walls and never attacked the overlay walls. Then, I went in the editor, created a map with same overlay walls (CYCL) and only difference is instead of mammoth tank, i have 2 light tanks for the USSR and I even copied the same settings for House, IQ, unit mission type Area Guard, etc. and the light tanks always attack the Chain walls when I start the mission. I even changed to Mammoth tank and still same. Why? Even changed to concrete walls, same... Is this a bug or am I missing something here? Can you guys replicate this situation and see if same happens to you unless you know right away what the problem is? thanks a lot i can attach my ini mission file maybe if you want to check?
  8. atenzor

    AI problem?

    1. It's not necessarily that I "want" that, it's more or less a reason of just having fun and to see what you can do, and if you can do that, it might enable some interesting things later, etc. People mod the game in all sorts of ways, so why would they want to mod them in those ways? I don't know, probably the same reason, just fun and see what happens, etc. 2. Well this would be funny a bit, why would I have to "configure" anything for the AI side? and what AI side? the side I want to "configure" is the player side, just set it to IQ=5 (just like old games) and it should work... I don't see why not... I didn't have to configure anything in the older games, just set to 5 or even 1 and AI works, even tho it works a bit funny maybe, but it works. Maybe they complicated things a bit with red alert 2 editor. I cannot find a good documentation anywhere on the net to explain couple of features of the editor, options, etc. I guess it's back to square one maybe, just change one setting at a time and see if that works, or maybe combine couple options together to see if that will trigger anything. I mean by the end of the day, it doesn't matter if I don't get it working, it's not important, just wanted to see how the AI works in this game compared to older games.
  9. atenzor

    AI problem?

    I take a random allied mission (allied 3 for example) and open it in Final Alert 2 YR 1.02. Unlike red alert 95, setting IQ to 5 for the player does not seem to work, since the AI doesn't build anything in terms of units, I provided him with barracks and war factory, enough power plants and credits. At least the chrono miner works... -_- I even changed the setting for production% to 100 and still nothing.. I changed player control to No even and still doesn't work... What else might be the issue here? how do I enable AI to build for me (player)? thanks
  10. Wait... what is AutoCrush ? is that basically that when unit is built, it will go and hunt for other houses? or just crush as in crush infantry with a vehicle? and what happens if you put everything to max 5? what happens if you put MaxIQLevels=6 or more? does it even work? because assuming you can set the IQ within each mission, why would they give you an INI value for you to change the MaxIQLevels? if it was locked to 5, there is no need to put that in INI, unless you can increase it and then increase the other values accordingly?
  11. A singleplayer IQ=5 house has a strange behavior. I had this too. Also, a IQ=5 enemy build vehicles from both houses and even before the prerequisite building is constructed (including ants when their techlevel isn't -1 ). I recommend to not set the IQ to 5 for the player house. You can set another house to 5 and PlayerControl=yes, for what reason else... haha yes that is something else I forgot to mention, AI builds units from both houses... So maybe put IQ=4 ? or just give AI barracks/war factory and he will do the rest?
  12. Im trying to make it so that the AI builds a base by himself instead of the player. Here is what I usually do: 1) take any single player mission, ex: mission 2 from allies 2) allow player control of country Greece, but put AI level to max (5) 3) start mission, move MCV to location (manually) and deploy 4) AI starts to build base? NOPE! Some people say it's because the AI doesn't have a lot of space to build... but how much space do you need and what kind of space? do I remove terrain? units? nearby ore? what is the radius of the space? Also.... is there any way to change this weird behavior of needing space to build? why not build like a human would do and sometimes you need to build close in tight spaces? I tried to also remove all teamtypes and triggers from the mission and it still doesn't work... Also.... two other weird things I noticed... 1) if AI set to 5 (but maybe other levels too) and you have player control over it, it starts to build a structure (power plant for example, or I am assuming it is building power plant cause I don't see what is currently building by the AI, but logical assumption to make at the start of construction yard), but it never builds it...(space problem?) and cash keeps going down (build) but then... goes back up????? and repeats... 2) Sometimes.... the AI somehow builds a Kennel and an Ore Refinery even before having a power plant? the hell? don't tell me this is why AI in skirmish is hard to beat.... LOL skips tier progression... I don't know, but those are the current annoying problems I am having. I am using the default settings from the installer from http://funkyfr3sh.cncnet.org/ Let me know how to fix/bypass one or all of those problems and thanks a lot guys!
  13. something weird is going on.... I don't see the new topic button on any forum now... is my account restricted, am I only one with this problem? How do I create a new topic? Thanks
  14. Interesting... how do you do that exactly, if not a secret?
  15. Can you elaborate a little bit more about this heli troopers and what code did you use and how did you implement that. You have the files so I can download and test some things? thanks
  16. I like the concept of the rocketeer unit from Red Alert 2 and was wondering if it is possible to mod and add that sort of unit into Red Alert 1? Would be very awesome!! Thanks and let me know.
  17. I don't know how to thank you enough, this is awesome!!! it actually works!!! Now I can finally experiment couple of things with this method. Thanks a lot again! Problem solved
  18. I guess I should rephrase what I am looking for exactly: AI has already a barracks After a certain time passes (looped time, ex: every 10 minutes), AI builds 5 infantry from the barracks automatically and sends them to attack my base. And every 10 minutes, this process repeats all automatically. Is there a way to do this? I can achieve all the things you guys suggested, but somehow not exactly like this at the same time. Let me know if it is possible or remotely possible and thanks. edit: maybe a combination of triggers, cell triggers, teamtypes and additional AI tags in the mission ini?
  19. OK nice, but now from the moment the team is created, how to send that team to attack right away the enemy base?
  20. Seems basic, yet we can't figure out how to do it with RAED
  21. Yes the ra1 engine is based on the tiberian dawn engine, however I will do more research into this, I am pretty sure there is a way to do this. It is not of course done with one button/command, but I am sure with a combination of tricks, there is a way to do this, just find out how.
  22. Hi guys, first of all, this looks like an amazing community and fantastic website, I am very happy to be here. I have the latest version of the scenario editor for red alert 1 and pretty much understand how most if not all things work, but couple of things I tried and can't figure out. So here I am asking for your help. What I want to achieve is simple, but not sure how to do it exactly with triggers/teamtypes. I want the AI in single player after a timed period, to start building infantry/vehicles and create a small team everytime 5 of them are built and send them to a certain waypoint and once there, to attack enemy base. Basically I want the AI to create and send enemy troops to my base. Thanks!
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