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  1. Tmay used in in A GOW he build barack on other side and eng
  2. I heared often cheating not possible. So alt scout don't work. 1 day ago a player from other side in a GOW game builded a barack in my mates base. So what cheats, glitches work here ? Mapping also ?
  3. Timmay cheater uses build anywhere Thought isn't possible anymore
  4. Thank you that it works now
  5. dieter116


    why some cant dl maps or con others ?
  6. dieter116

    Server ??

    the last days some cant connect to others and cant download maps
  7. Ist horrible annoying, always a game is open many Players come in and leave, some 5 times , to see what map or players in it. And I must do same to see map. Please set back that feature that u can see map and players in a open game from Lobby.
  8. Or Show games and players in it on Website here ? Like xwis did ?
  9. since last update I cant see map and Players when klicking on a game , when stay in Lobby Is ist possible to make, that I see games and Players when I am in a not started game and change to Lobby view ?
  10. dieter116

    Update TS 25.09.15

    After last update: When klicking in Lobby on a game You can see only host, map and other Players not shown.
  11. dieter116

    Visc Maps

    Hi Frodo (17) [07:21] * daconn Hector666 SpookyCow Rommel1l TopDoger SupaFly) [A River Runs Near It] on other Server they Play visc normally and fine tutorials from viscattck
  12. dieter116

    Visc Maps

    Hello, here a package of visc maps ! Visc_maps.zip
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