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  1. we are trying to let you know that we do kick, and more than we ban and if the one button kicked instead of banning it would be more useful to us. In my 15 years of playing ts i have seen way, way, way more kicks than bans most often bc someone doesn't ready up so room is made for whoever is ready first, and we start, more quickly, that way often the one kicked comes back first no bad feelings they know why kick amokk to wake << host?? he zzzz Please understand it's what we do and how we have done it for years we ask so its easier to do what we most often do, more easily whats usual for us is not what is usual for you...in this case, it seems those asking i have played with for a long time none of them are jerks about kicking and banning, we use it in an appropriate non offensive way in a useful way. We use it. we really do. we do. +1, although I'm still new here, my first day back playing I made a room and banned someone thinking it was a kick button, and didn't realize it, and my intent was to just kick him out to either let him come back in and accept or have someone else come in fill the spot. the player did kindly inform me that /kick works but I just assumed there was a button for it which would have been easier and saved remaking a game.
  2. I just rejoined today, played very competitively back in 1999-2001. I'd be happy to see who still plays this during that time frame. I usually was in Temple of Nod 2 Channel hanging out. Had a variety of names but I believe this one was my most recognized.
  3. Me! I'm glad to be back to this. Looking forward to playing this game again and having some good competition!
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