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  1. Allow me to apologize for the late response. I will try updating my video drivers. Also, I will make sure that Tiberian Sun is running in 16-bit color mode. As for Default, it's running full screen. Windowed makes it act.... weird... (purple haze)
  2. Blarg227

    All renderers broken

    Pretty much what the title says. I have tried using every render mode on tiberian sun. All of them are broken. Default: works, but the element on the desktop keep flashing, making it difficult to play. TSddraw: Flat out wont work. Just a white screen. IEddraw: works, but game slows down when cursor is moved or scrolling. DDwrapper: same as IEddraw the new emulator renderer (I forgot it's name) does the same thing as default. as a bonus, running in windowed makes it purple and stretched. It's like smoking purple haze :^) I really want to play, but this is making it impossible. Help will be dearly appreciated. Oh yeah, I'm running windows 10 pro post-anniversary update (or as I like to call "intrusive edition")
  3. Okay, while this topic thread is still fresh, I wanted to point out that the download for the campaign version is detected as a Trojan on windows defender. Is it safe to say that it's a false negative?
  4. You know, I feel kinda dumb. I just realized that I could simply download on a different PC and use a flash drive to transfer the files to my laptop. However, if that ALSO fails, then there is something seriously wrong with the download. (but I doubt that) Either way, thanks for the help. I'll post again if that works. If not, send me a .zip with the game files and then try to figure out what might be wrong with the download.
  5. I was going to mention that... The full download does the same thing, but with the added effect of windows defender identifying it as malware... That's not good.
  6. I tried using the batch file to open it and for some reason, it won't create a log file. I couldn't even find the log file in a different directory. It simply wont create one. Could you tell me how to run the installer with the parameters? My only assumption on that is that I need to use the command line.
  7. Here is what it's called: TiberianSun_Online_Installer.exe Also, it does this immediately upon clicking on it.
  8. upon downloading TS, when attempting to open it, I get this message: [glow=red,2,300]Error: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.[/glow] If anyone can give guidance on how to solve this issue, that would be much appreciated!
  9. I must say that you all did an excellent job! I have the game installed on all my computers!... I do have an issue though- On my laptop (an HP Netbook running Windows 8.1, no clue what hardware other than processor) there seems to be an issue with the renderers- I made a post about this before, but to no avail. Essentially, if I get the full version from cncnet (with the campaign) the renderers have an issue. All of them (except ts-ddraw) cause the game speed to crawl when moving the cursor or scrolling the map. The strange one is ts-ddraw- it works perfectly... almost. If I play the campaign with it on, the game will work for like five minutes and then crash. It USED to work on this mode just fine in multiplayer and skirmish- but now it gives an error; something like "unable to set video mode" Anyway, other than that, solid work to all of you! It was so awesome the first time I played my favorite C&C title with humans! (even though I suck) Keep up the good work!
  10. I found another discussion in the forums that mention that anti virus can block it. I was trying to play it from my friend's pc, so I guess he had antivirus that wouldn't let me use it. Thanks for the help any way.
  11. The version downloaded from the tiberian sun download page (Not the full game, although if there is a USB version of that, I'll take it.) Is it because the version I have doesn't work with USB storage?
  12. I have a version of C&C tiberian sun installed to a flash drive, but when I play on a PC, it comes up with this this message. A little help would be appreciated.
  13. on TS-D Draw, it crashes the game on singleplayer, but not skirmish or multiplayer. The other renderers don't work at all I have windows 8.1 It's the full version... the one that says "beta"
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