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  1. It's a matter of opinion but give a good reason why. I can't say because I have only played TD TS RA But even though I haven't played RA 2 (which I can soon, thanks to CnCNet),out of the three out I have played- I have reasons for all of them- Tiberium Dawn-I love the story and futuristic, epic style to the game, the music it awesome too. Its also more balanced than RA in my opinion. Good story, Great Music,Fantastic Multiplayer. Whats not to love? Tiberium Sun-Although its my least favourite on this list I love the graphics,I love titans and the music is interesting and its a good fun overall but doesn't beat the original,but as I have not played as much as the others I can not praise it as much a it deserves. Red Alert-If it was down to nostalgia it would be RA that wins instantly ah,the PS1 days the screen zoomed in like a magnifying glass.But RA has great style 1950's cold war.Best music to date in the series for me.Great units.Its a very serious game.Funny cutscenes like TD and overall it just felt right,it was smooth and a solid game. But I can't decide what it my personal best,I'll edit this post and tell you my answer soon. Tell me your favourite. NOTE:Dune series is allowed.
  2. Thanks anyway guys.It doesn't really matter I was just asking if it was an option as I was used to big infantry from RA,but I don't mind small infantry anyway,I'm starting to like the small infantry in RA too,but I have one question,when I play with small infantry for RA its not as smooth as small infantry in TD is this normal? It's like RA was made for big infantry its just a bit rough on RA.
  3. So I want the men to be the size that they were in RA how though?
  4. Please I would love to know I can't get enough of Command And Conquer online its awesome, anyone got a rough idea?
  5. Ok so when I have an already made map in the editor I can only change the Theater to snow.How do I change to jungle or something?
  6. I have been playing for 8 years now and I still love it!
  7. So if I play somebody's map I get it automatically?
  8. So what motivated yourself and the CnC Net team to create such a big project based around the original C&C games like red alert and the first one? Have you been a lifelong fan?
  9. So I wanted to start off by saying thank you Westwood for all them years you made me happy scrolling down the hundreds of maps that were available on the PS1 version of C&C Red Alert (which were brought back on the cncnet RA later on).I always enjoyed Marooned II and Treasure Isle as kid,but now that I'm older I like to try new maps! As there are hundreds I'd like people to express there favourite maps and recommend me balanced out maps that are enjoyable with sea and land and plenty (or enough ore for each team) of ore. I will list some of my favourites that I play a lot on the Cncnet version of Red Alert Marooned II Treasure Isle Arena Valley Extreme Gold Coast I haven't really got into any others any good maps you know of?
  10. No hard feelings though mate, its just my opinion!
  11. Terrible maps lol. I like the original and brilliant maps the people make not all straight and neat with cheats this is just stupid.
  12. So I want to create my own RA campaign! Can someone go over the basics. I prefer it in writing please. So how do you make the teams? How do you make events,eg..: reinforcements arrive? How do you make a brief and mission time? I'd just like a general tutorial or explanation or a source that explains the basics because the editor itself is a bit hard to work out, I don't like the tutorial built in. Thank you to anyone who helps. Truxton :mammoth:
  13. I love CnC Net ,I play with family when ever I can.And relive the memories of playing Red Alert on the PS1.But there is one thing missing as much as I have been having fun playing Red alert with a mouse.(which I have no problem doing so.)I can't help but ask-Will they ever be controller support in the future? I count this as a suggestion.Just like playing it back in the day! Please tell me about what you are planning or if you have an answer.Funky Fr3sh it would be much appreciated! Truxton.
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