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  1. Yup, you can change the .ini file and it is just config settings for the interface in the skirmish set up menus. It's almost like a progress tracker of sorts and doesn't hold any cheating/modding wait really. It might even be possible to change the interface slightly to add custom badges for defeating say, a team of 7 Hard AI teamed up against you on your own; although in my experience of doing that it has crashed my game due to some buggy AI coding on certain maps (Death Valley mainly). I have made my own large maps on world builder years ago and got the AI scripting doing stuff very clever. I had the easy AI playing like the hard AI and the hard Ai playing like..well, like a God. was stupid hard to even get a single unit near their base without it being spotted and you would always be attacked from an angle you didn't expect. I made the damn script and I couldn't even beat what I created lol. Effectively "learnt" what you did and didn't repeat mistakes it made either. Spent like a year making it though and I got bored a lot during making it but it made for fun games.
  2. Hey guys, Wondering if there are any map packs of decent random generated maps or hand made maps (tools available?) available. I think I've played just about every TS and FS map to date since I started playing it back in 1998/99. Even after all this time Forest Fires (original TS map) is still my favourite and was my father's favourite map too
  3. I would be willing to pitch in with audio mastering old C&C sound tracks as I have a full version of FL Studio 11 Producers Edition. Old rips from game files and game recordings can be done but you'd have to bare with me as I wouldn't want to release something half arsed and not properly done. They would be to CD/download quality afterwards or at least as close as I could possibly get them. EQing, compressing, limiting and waveshaping can only get a turd polished so much unfortunately (talking about sound quality not the actual track when I say "turd").
  4. Main reason I don't do commentary is because my voice is atrocious for it lol. I have an ulcer at the moment as well which makes voice overs a pain in the ass. As for spicing things up I would try and arrange PvP matches for some of the more popular mods if people are interested. In the distant future I would probably think about streaming the PvP matches to bring more awareness to this and increase the C&C fan base. A lot of competitive starcraft players and people that play other games would let graphics slide a bit for new game content and something fresh. Youtube is only a hobby really at the moment as is video making and creating music, in the process of joining the Navy so I am unsure on the amount of free time I would have, need a new computer too. It would be good to play PvP matches on RA 2 and Yuri's Revenge again though. If I got enough from Ad Revenue I may try and rent some servers to host the matches and keep them open during the week if possible.
  5. Nothing, it's just bragging rights pretty much. I wanted to see if changing the .ini file changed it in game one time so I changed it to something stupid like 9999999999 wins. It worked. I've beaten most maps on 1 vs Max AI player Brutal/Hard so I have all the maps with the "xxx.map_4=100" thing. You can find the map file/name of the map and effectively add in the entry in the config file and it will show up as a gold badge or silver/platinum blue badge in game for defeating the map on Hard or on Hard with max players, all AI against you.
  6. I have newer videos up on my channel for Zero Hour now as well. I'm still looking for decent unit mods or full conversion mods. C&C community seems pretty much dead if this website and forum are anything to go by however :/
  7. You realize you contradicted yourself there, right? It's not worthless to them because they keep milking it :roll: Im on about the main games. The only thing they care about is the Browser game. Even then it's there European studio that deals with that. they are more concerned with BF Hardline and other games like Fifa.
  8. If there are any Mod creators on these forums then there is nothing stopping anyone from making those campaign missions and maps. Entire campaigns or even totally new games based on the source SDK have been made from C&C. C&C 3 is often used for this since it's of higher graphical fidelity and allows a lot more options to mod creators. Either that or the community clubs together to buy the rights to C&C from EA, since they think it is worthless. All they do is milk people for money via Tiberian Alliances. And before a flame war starts I think I'll leave it at that, I don't want to mention that diabolical broken browser game anymore.
  9. Anyone got any mod's they would like to suggest? I am uploading videos to youtube and would like to spice things up a bit from the norm. http://youtu.be/1l3nhMNlSfs Was my most recent one but it's just the vanilla Air Force General vs Tank general. I have tried the following: Contra v7, Cold War Crisis v1.5, Rise of the Reds v1.5, Destructive Forces v1.0 (the one with the realistic sized nuke in it) There are a few others but I have either had issues with them or not really played them much. I play C&C 3 as well and I have got the Mideast Crisis 2 mod v2.0 with the UN, Guardians and the IDF installed and I also have Tiberium Essence which is a mod that brings back those awesome Tiberium Sun units like the Banshee and Devil's Tongue and even the Mammoth Mk2. I just want/need something to keep C&C ZH and C&C 3 alive for me. I've not booted up RA 2 or Yuri's Revenge in a while but if someone knows of any mods or anything for those games then I would be willing to take a look. Shame that this franchie has devolved to the point of a P2W browser game these days with no hope of any future release. If you enjoy watching people play C&C then feel free to come to my Youtube channel too. I don't bother with commentary so you can just listen and watch the gameplay. C&C Generals ZH is only thing up at present and will probably upload C&C 3 gameplay soon but yea. Would be nice to investigate some different mods.
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