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  1. I recently downloaded "Twisted Insurrection", unzipped it, and ran it as admin. Nothing happens. I even rebooted the computer. Still nothing. Am I missing something here?
  2. Whatever happened to Red Alert (iOS)? I downloaded the demo version a couple years ago on my iPhone. Considering how small the screen was, it was difficult to play this kind of game. I thought I'd try it out again on the iPad, but the game is no longer found. Whatever happened to it?
  3. I've been playing it (on and off) since it came out in 1996. I haven't played during the last few years though as I've been playing Red Alert 2 more often.
  4. Is it possible to add more veterancy levels? For instance, Red Alert 2 has two... veteran (1 chevron) and elite (3 chevrons). Can I change it so that it's 1 chevron, 2 chevrons, 3 chevrons, 1 star, 2 stars, and 3 stars? That way, the longer I live... the mightier I become! I'm thinking secondary weapons, special abilities, teleportation, etc...
  5. How is it flawed? It ignores the value, just set it to 100% and test What would happen if I made it 200%? Two chrono vortexes would appear? Let's make it 1,000%? 10,000%? OMG... 100 chrono vortexes all over the map!!! Run for your lives! I guess it's time to quit the game and go back to watching The Philadelphia Experiment.
  6. Where do I find the INI edit for the chrono vortex? I want to experiment with it by changing the percentage from 20% to 100%. Perhaps, have multiple chrono vortexes appear and increase their range, speed, damage, etc.
  7. I know that Red Alert has the chrono vortex from overuse of the chronosphere. What about in Red Alert 2? I've played it a lot and never noticed it. When I played Red Alert, I've only noticed it once. I wondered if it was never implemented in Red Alert 2 or it was, but the percentage of it happening was much lower that it seemed like "nothing".
  8. I refuse to play that mod cause the Chinook doesnt have rotors lol. also, that vortex is not in it. No vortex? Gee...
  9. For Dawn of the Tiberium Age, what about the chrono vortex? Does that appear in the game?
  10. What makes you think it's possible? Has it been done before?
  11. Wow... thanks for the details. That explains a lot! I'll have to check those out... as well as the others you mentioned.
  12. I was looking at the top 4 mods listed on CnCNet... Mental Omega - Dawn of the Tiberium Age - C&C Reloaded - Twisted Insurrectoin. Could you tell me your opinion of these games? I read the descriptions... Mental Omega - requires RA2 & YR - instead of Yuri's Army, it's the Epsilon Army - new missions & units Is the Epsilon Army too similar to Yuri's Army or is it a whole new concept? Are the new units/missions worth it? Dawn of the Tiberium Age - no games required - RA & TD done in TS style Does this mean the game is an (almost) exact remake of TD & RA with the exception of the map grid being TS style (isometric)? Are there any removed or added to this game? Does it also include the expansion packs? What about the dinosaurs and giant ants? C&C Reloaded - RA2 & YR required - new missions, new units, new faction - NOD & GDI brought back What's the story here? Is it a whole new story or was the story written to be similar to C&C universe? Is the gameplay similar (the GDI/NOD technology/units)? Twisted Insurrectoin - no games required - TS redone with new story and new units What's the story here? Is it a whole new story or from a different point of view? Are the new units that good?
  13. That's what I was thinking. They've created special editions of FPS games out there such as zombie mode, 2-man army mode, etc. Why not a FPS version of a RTS game? I know it's been done with Renegade, but that's them trying from scratch when their main experience is making RTS games. Now that they have it all done in Battlefield, they can simply change the rules and the appearance. The rest stays the same. I wouldn't mind trying it out if the gameplay and story was good.
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