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  1. Ok, I wanted not to start a Flame War herew. Anyway, APB seem's pretty bad naw. I could write to the Guy's which made it. (They pu 1000+ Hour's of work in it) I could ask if I can host a Server for this Com. But this dedicated will cost Money. So, I will do that only if enough People are interessted. I spoke with some of them, they don't seem SJW at all.
  2. Hey dunno I've that belong's here but I didn't want to open a new Thread. I play the RA2 Campaign at 1280x720. I also set the "Strechvideo" Option in the INI File to "yes". But it didn't do the Job... How can I stretch the Vid's to the GameRes? TiA P.S. I'am Training hard after Work lately to compete with your Guy's at YR. SO, be prepared...
  3. The servs are up & fine... But my point was to ge more ppl into ABP! With more players, it would be just amazing! And I think the CNCNET Com would be the perfect target for it. Are playing RA1? Are you playing RX?`Or both? This is perfect for you! Anyway, good n8
  4. Hey my friends, I think the Renegade MP is dead. There are only Maps were you kill each other CQB. Also, many servers require that you DL maps that as big as 300-900 MB! I mean, I'am forced to download a map with 950 [email protected],5 mbps?! Would it not better to use Mappacks instead? And I know, most people that would have the same experience as in the early-2000s use RX. I played it myself a long time and I love it! But A Path Beyond and TS:Reborn suffer the same fate. Even they are more user friendly today. Just DL the w3d launcher from here, register your account and you gotta go! (I mean, TS:R can suck my dick but APB...) I mean, the most Players here play RA1. Why not try RA1 in 3D Renegade style?! Just a few concerns I wanted to share with ya fella's... Sincerely From a CnC player n lover since 1996! P.S. Yes, this is an invite to Players play more APB!
  5. Hi, I have several problems wth this game. First, I used the old 1.2 Installer. I kept the video files on my hard drive and copied them. Then, I installed cncnetv5. Tried to play, but got the menu bug. (The game freezes when I try to open a menu in the main menu. Next, I installed your patch. Same problem here. I also got a screen resolution problem when I start a multiplayer over the ts-spawn.exe. I only see the half screen in the upper corner of the monitor. This also happens with Dune 2000 Gruntmods Edition and RtCW (Except the lowest resolution!). I brought a new monitor last month (Acer XB240 with g-sync) because my old one broke... Since then, I have this problem with a lot old games in fullcreen... Tried 60 hz mode, turned g-sync off. Nothing worked! And know, the scaling is not the problem. I tried it alredy in the nvidia control panel. I uploaded an image of M&M 8 (GOG Edition with Grayface patch!) to show you guys what I mean. As I sayed, I have this problem only with ts-spawn.exe. GAME.exe runs well to the main menu... Then, menu bug! Then, there is the new installer, 1.3 Beta10. I've tried it and when I run the game, I simply get a black screen in fullcreen mode. When I run it in windowed mode, I must move the window with cursor. Then I get a normal screen. But when iam trying to hit a button in the main menu, guess what? menu bug. But it's a bit different. The menu doenst freeze in this version, the buttons turn into white squares. And I'am a little bit confused about Red Alert. You have two Installers. One is for online only and your's is for the full game. I have an old version that is called FullRA.exe. Your version includes everything whats in FullRA.exe, except The Lost (Video)Files. The file I have in that version is called "movies-tlf.mix". I want to use your version instead of my old one, but how we can integrate the TLF into your version? And I have to thank you all because your patches for C&C95 and RA are so good! This games are working perfectly on my new monitor! Iam using Win7 x64.
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